Thursday, June 3, 2010

What's good for me may not be good for you

It’s been a while since I’ve updated the blog. It’s been a very busy year, thanks to the Geng in the stem of the year. :-) Make hay while the sun shines. But since today’s a Monkey day (where GENG is most prominent), and just got a token donation from a reader, I’m ‘contributing’ another case to the blog. It is interesting to see, how an element that is so vital for me, can be so disastrous for others.

Late last year I was doing a quick analysis for my friend, who was born in the year of the Monkey. In fact, he had 2 monkeys (month and year, too) in his chart. I had cautioned him that 2010 would be a year that he could accident prone. Come February, he had crashed his car into the divider (probably fell asleep on the wheel) and totaled his car. He had a nasty cut on his forehead and was unconscious when pulled out of the car. He asked me later on whether there would be more accidents this year, and my respond was ‘possible.’ Feb was technically the peak as the core element of the Tiger is Wood, and accidents are usually represented by ‘monkey chop wood.’ There are still tiger days. Anyway he just bought a new BMW M3 and gave me a ride in it yesterday, and if you ask me, the probability of an accident has just gone up since he drives like a maniac anyway! Human effort does play a role, too.

A few weeks ago I had read that Gary Coleman had passed away, caused by an accident. Got a little curious and plotted his chart. He’s born in the year as well as the day of the Monkey. Let’s take a look at some of the key events in his life and see if they match my analysis.

From wikipedia we all know that he had suffered from a congenital kidney disease since the childhood, thus resulting in his small stature. He had gone through 2 kidney transplant in 1973 and 1984. Kidney in the chart is represented by the GUI water on in the RAT. You’ll notice that the GUI water is missing from the chart, and the chart is terribly dry, although water in the form on the REN water is present in the monkey. But the REN water does not provide resource to his strong JIA wood located in the month pillar.

Interesting enough, another Bazi enthusiast had written about someone who had died from kidney failure and the day pillar has resemblance to Gary’s day pillar as well.

1973 was a GUI CHOU year, and 1984 was a JIA ZI year where the GUI is the key element in the ZI or RAT.

From a health perspective, I usually take the branch where the resource element is located. In this case (because we don’t know the hour), we see a secondary resource in the YIN (TIGER) branch. The tiger is surrounded (clash) by two monkeys, which tells us that he’s health would be an issue throughout his life. GUI water is also the key source of life for the JIA wood found in the Yin. You can further extrapolate that it was during 1973 and 1984 that he was given another chance to live through the kidney transplant.

Gary was known for his role in Different Strokes. That show aired from 1978 till 1986. Gary was in his Yi Mao and Bing Chen luck pillar. The Rabbit and Dragon does not conflict with any of his 3 known pillars thus resulting in good overall support for his career.

You could also see that post 1996, things started to go on a downhill trend for Gary. He was charged with assault in 1998, filled for bankruptcy in 1999. He continued to have a series of domestic issues 2006 onwards during the WU WU luck pillar. Again the key element of the horse is the ding fire, which weakens the already threatened JIA wood.

Come 2010, the GENG in the stem just makes the GENG in the 2 monkeys stronger. There’s a theory that says that when the same element appears in the stem, and it’s already rooted in the branch, the effects will be 3x as strong. The JIA wood can also resemble the head.

Gary fell and hit his head and suffered serious brain hemorrhage on 26th May, a BING ZI day and was removed from his life support on 28th May, a WU YIN day.