Saturday, April 24, 2010

Seizing the Moment

Firstly I must apologize to my readers of this blog for the lack of updates. I’ve never been busier with business matters. Strangely, I felt compelled to write this message this morning based on some of the key messages I’ve tried to put forth in this blog.

If you have followed my articles, you will note that I have identified GENG (Yang Metal) as the most important element that balances my chart – also sometimes known as the Favorite element. 2010 is a Geng Yin (Metal Tiger) year. This month is a Geng Chen (Metal Dragon). One may argue that if it appears on top (stem), the effect is not as great as appearing in the branches (in my case it would be in the monkey), however, if you like it, you like it. Something is better than none! It has been a good month and not to mentioned a year with lots of opportunities so far. Much of the effort that has been initiated has been progressing quite nicely. New accounts, new business, new funding, new product, new market etc. So, what do you do, if you know, that you have a supporting or favorite element coming up? It’s like saying you know that whatever you bet on is going to pay. Ante up! In my case, ante means work harder.
In fact, if I remember right, in the year 2000, Geng Chen (metal dragon), I raised quite a fair bit of money and that was the year when we finally could really grow my company.

In my case, unfortunately (or fortunately) I am not a gambling man. Gambling is fire, and I already have too much fire in my chart. I did however try to ‘test’ my theory in the casino, but I guess, those guys have gurus optimizing their environment support (superb fengshui). So, the next most important thing, is understanding the type of activity that your chart supports. In my case, it’s always metal and water related. It’s about strong finance (metal), support (water), and wisdom (water). Mapping the right elements to the activities I feel is equally important for optimizing your potential.

The next point to note is intensity. If you have the 10 year luck pillar supporting you, you almost cannot go wrong. But if you have the right year, that is great. Look for the right month and target the right day to rip your harvest. I had mentioned this before, if you don’t have a good enough support structure (10 years or even the year), look for smaller harvests, and projects that you can ‘collect’ the rewards faster (months or days).

I have been talking to some friends who understand bazi and obviously agree that environment (fengshui) is another critical aspect of ensuring success. I however want to take it a step further. Sometimes, you can look at a market as the environment. I have never travelled so much in the last year. That had open up a lot of opportunities and ideas. Remember, nobody’s luck is forever bad or good. Each time, we have ‘luck’ behind us, we need to ‘seize the moment’ but if the market is sluggish (takes too long to close a deal because of whatever reasons) and non supportive, I say MOVE. I’m setting up an office in Silicon Valley and believe it’s now or never! I know a lot of readers have asked me this question…should I move and where. I’m moving North West. North represents water, and west metal.

Will I succeed? Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Hello Chris, excellent news from you, good luck in everything!!!
please one question, you are moving NW in search of favourable elements, but what about when NW sector is not favourable according feng shui flying stars??? Thanks!

Kelvin from SG said...

All the best Chris!

Lai said...

Greetings from downunder.
All the best to your new endeavour.


Anonymous said...

Hi Chris

Did you really mean 'Seizing the Moment' instead of 'Ceasing...'? cos' seizing means grabbing or clinching but ceasing means to stop doing something..

From your blog it sounds more like your seizing the good timing/opportunity.. please clarify if I'm wrong.


Chris Chan said...

thank you thank you thank you. As far as NW is concern, I guess there is a difference when you are talking abt 'sectors' vs general movement. I'm no expert here.

Cheers everyone.


Anonymous said...

Hello again, Chris, in terms of movement as you refer in your last comment, what movement direction could be represented by Gui Si pillar?

Chris Chan said...

Movement is not based on the Gui Si pillar but based on the fav elements for my chart, whihc is water and metal.

It's just something that I had picked up in class. North represents water, south fire, west metal, and east wood. Quite basic stuff, really.

I'm also looking at the time zones to determine when the best hours can be utilized, and how to minimize the hours that are negative to my chart.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for your kind reply, yes, Chris, apparently it´s easy stuff, but what if you need to "produce" pillar GUI SI to balance one given chart, what could this person do? Travelling north searching for water, right, but what about if the hidden elements in earthly branch SI, represent also south (main Qi Bing fire),(minor Qi earth Wu, metal Geng)?

Josephine said...

Hi Chris,

Long time have not hear from you. From your post, I believe all is well. Congrat! For bring your business to Silicon Valley. It shows your business is moving ahead and also upgraded in status.


sharmony said...

Hi Chris

Jy/s "Pure Feng Shui" said to not mixed Feng Shui with Bazi!
So I guess IMHO, MOVE(to LOCATION) according your kua # ONLY (Does Bazi has Element LOCATION Value?).What do you think?

It's just my very basic two cent opinion...New in CM..on and off since Sep 2008..from books/internet..ha..ha..ha.
I like your Blog!

What can I do for you to help your Silicon Valley project?
I've been living here in LA almost 20 years but no IT please..ha..ha..ha.

Anonymous said...

Good work Chris Chan. All the best to you!

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