Thursday, January 21, 2010

When Destiny gets in the way

I got up early this morning to say a little prayer for a friend that is undergoing a major surgery to remove a brain tumor later today. He’s gone through this before several years back (I believe in 2006) but the tumor has come back, and it has to be removed.

I guess what’s bothering me is not the fact that he is going through the surgery at probably the worst time of his life, but probably on the worst day of the year and month. For those who have a tong shu, today is not only ‘destruction day’, it is a monthly and yearly breaker. This month is also an OX month and you’ll see later why the OX isn’t exactly his favorite animal, too. I’m also not crazy about the ‘Xin Wei’ Jia Zi as it was the same type of MONTH that my partner had left us 6 months ago. Just imagine a picture of Xin metal on top of a heap of earth and you know why I don’t like this Jia Zi.

He just entered his 50 luck pillar of Ren Xu (Water Dog) in 2009. If you look at his chart, the DOG, forms a destruction formation with the GOAT, and is also a CLASH with the DRAGON. In 2009, the year of the OX, the HORSE forms a a HARM formation with the OX and clashes with the GOAT. The OX and DRAGON also forms a DESTRUCTION formation. The only line of defense left is the PIG. How not to be concerned? As far as I can track (he’s my neighbor at work) every time something happens to the PIG, something happens to him. Whether it is clients’ issues, accidents, cash flow etc. you name it. Obviously the year of the OX was a lousy year for him. For a person who is quite a successful entrepreneur with a string of achievements, this was horrible year. My only answer I could give was ‘wait for the TIGER year. ‘ Quietly, I knew he had to actually get past the TIGER year, too, as the TIGER and PIG also forms a DESTRUCTION formation. Too many destructions for my liking, and he had to do his surgery on a ‘destruction’ day! He does have one of the best doctors in the world that money can buy, but it also means trying to change the operation date is almost impossible.

I guess knowing all this is one thing. What is really bothering me is that I did try to get him to change the operation dates as subtlety as possible. Problem was religion. He’s a muslim man and Islam doesn’t encourage people tampering with ‘destiny’ and trying to understand ‘luck’ can be interpreted as tampering with ‘destiny.’ A lot of problems in the world today is a result of exerting ones’ belief system on to others and then trying to factually back it up. I practice bazi and fengshui because I believe and I see the results. But I’m not too sure it is right to get other’s to believe, even though it is not a religion in any sense!

Anyway, I know his will power to live is extremely strong as there’s a million other things he wants to accomplish in life and he’s gotten through it once before. I hope you join me in saying a little prayer for him.


Anonymous said...

Does the Tiger and Pig still form a destruction? I thought it would form wood since his season of birth is Spring. Clarify? Thanks!

怡保老世 said...

May Allah see him through to continue his dreams and undertakings. Xin day does denote surgery. At least a favourable EG protrudes. The full bullying punishment is worrying.

Chris Chan said...

Hi Anonymous,

Yes, you can assume that the Tiger and Pig combines and forms Wood, especially in Spring. But to say the punishment formation doesn't exist is impossible.

Bazi formulas are not set in stone. A+B=C. There are so many possible possibilities, I usually assume the WORSE possible scenario and analyze from there. E.g. So, if a combination takes place, and forms wood, is wood good for this type of chart? Wood fuels fire, which technically a strong earth chart doesn't need anymore. That's why it's almost impossible to make Bazi an exact science.

The last update was he is out of surgery. It happen early this morning and I believe once I adjust the time zones, he had the lucky stars of the days with him.

Hope he recovers well.


怡保老世 said...

I hope me using the word A---h on your site doesn't get you in trouble but it is in reference to your muslim friend's Almighty.

I agree that Tiger and Wood is always combination then destruction. Such active branches surely bring more than 1 effect.

怡保老世 said...

Oops, I meant Tiger and Pig. And great to hear that the surgery is successful. Soon you will have him back at your work place.

Chris Chan said...

Hahahah......It's so sad that Malaysia has gotten to this state. I came back 14 years ago to a dream of the next Silicon Valley in the East.

My friend is a Muslim so his God is Allah.

Ren Water said...


May we learn of the outcome of the operation?

May he be well - against the Qi of the day.

Fangyi said...

There are some things in this world that operate the same regardless of whether we believe in them or not. Like gravity, death, and taxes haha. And perhaps, bazi and fengshui.

Maybe destruction day could be good coz we want to be destroying the wood 'growth' in his head thru the xin surgery.

Hope your friend has a speedy recovery there..

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris,

I am strong wood. My day pillar is Jia Shen, fanyin with Metal Tiger. Do you think it is wise to schedule for an operation this year (what is the best / worst month for this procedure in 2010) or 2011? It's a benign tumour. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear about your friend. I hope that all is going well... God bless.

Chris Chan said...

Dear Strong Wood,

There's always a good day. Just find it. Fu Yin and Fan Yin will happen in our lives. Maybe the fact that you found out abt the tumor is already THAT. If you have a health problem, don't wait. Don't make bazi an excuse not to solve the problem.

My friend is recovering very well. It seems it was less serious than the 2006 operations but still took 3 plus hours. Tumor was removed via the nose.

One interesting observation. The good stars for that day was between 3am and 7 am. Technically because of time difference, the surgery commenced at 4am.

So, he may very well had his lucky stars on his side after all!

Anonymous said...

Dear Chris

Greetings and a very good morning. Good to hear that your friend is recovering very well. God bless. Personally very new to bazi but have been following your posts am not good enough to participate in any comments as yet, hopefully one day will be able to. Slowly picking up. A very interesting subject indeed bazi is. Sigh! How long will it take to be able to participate in your forums. May you friend have a speedy recovery.

Anonymous said...

There is 1001 possibilities in actual happening in a bazi. I sometimes wonder if not knowing is better. Knowing alittle could be knowing nothing much. This creates unnecessary anxieties and worries. You know, I totally abandoned Bazi for 2 years sometime back. And those two years were the 'care free years'. I go where the wind blows. It feel good. And I saved tons of money from taking classes and buying books. I don't know why I am starting to dabble into it again. Not that whatever it predicts come true. Curiousity, I guess.

Anonymous said...

My late grandma loved fortune telling and was predicted to die at early age. As each year passed by, the stakes are higher that it may happen. She put all her loved ones on high alert of the possibilities. Her children remembered crying at the thought of this throughout their childhood and teenage years. When she passed in her sleep, the old lady was in her 80s. High anxieties created over nothing. At the end of the day, each one of us has to die once. So, let not bazi predictions takeover our lives.

怡保老世 said...

Dear Anonymous,

Sounds like your grandma should have gotten a second opinion. Treat Bazi like a visit to the doc. The second doctor may be better than the first you saw. This is my 2 cts.

Anonymous said...

My late grandma was a Chinese astrology enthusiast. She went to any known fortuneteller in town, year in year out all her life!I think she had gotten more 2nd opinions than any of us. But she was a wonderful soul and prayed alot. Maybe, God was kind to her because of that and prolonged her life.

Anonymous said...

He got problem also you said, now no
problem already also you said giving lots of excuse for your prediction.
In fact you got problem with your bazi studies.

Anonymous said...

Dear anonymous,

You need to read properly before you blast people. He mentioned that its a bad day, but not necessarily 100% a goner. There are stars that are favorable to his friend during the surgery. Read properly my friend. i am sorry to hear about your grandma's situation, but as everything goes, you need to understand that not all are bad or good. You need to open your mind and eyes and not be so stereotypist to every from a certain industry. You can't grow within that format that you are currently in.

Anonymous said...

Dear All,

I am the anonymous who wrote about my grandma. I only wrote twice - about grandma only. Nothing more. I did not write on Jan 24 9.51am. It's another anonymous. The style of writing is already very evident, don't you agree? This is just to put the record straight.