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Is Splits on the Cards for Angelina and Brad

Recently, there’s been so much in the online press, on one of Hollywood’s most celebrated couple possible split. Then there’s the news on reconciliation and claims rubbishing the high profile divorce. Let’s take another perspective on their relationship and see if the split is on the cards.

Here are both Angelina’s and Brad’s Bazi charts.

You could see almost immediately why the two couples are attracted together. In Angelina’s chart, you will see her prominent Xin Metal and Bing Fire element. She’s like this gold bar shinning in the bright sunshine. While in Brad’s chart, you see he’s a Yi Wood, lacking fire, and missing metal.

For Angelina, a hot chart requires water. Water for her can mean several things. It is her eating god. This reflects the importance of that element, which represents her creativity in the arts. It’s present in the hour stem, also indicating that she is passionate in this area. You will see metal all over her chart, generally depicting fans and support from people who may want something from her. Metal is also a resource to water, therefore supporting the development here in this career aspect.

From her bio, she did not seem to have a great early childhood and does not have good relationship with her father. Her first luck pillar is Ren Wu (Water Horse). In the horse there’s the ding fire. For a chart that hot, it doesn’t need any more fire. Furthermore, more as a Xin Metal day master, it does not need any more forging. Fine jewelry will go out of shape when fire is present. Also, in her chart, her father is presented by the Jia Wood. Can you imagine a pen knife trying to cut down a tree? Not very effective isn’t it. She probably would do a better job with scrubs or vines (Yi Wood), the exact daymaster of Brad Pitt.

Reading her wiki, you’ll also see certain dark periods of her life. There was a mentioned about a period when she was 14 till 16 where she dreamt about been a funeral director, was constantly dressed in black and was into self mutilation. That was 1989 (Ji Si/Earth Snake), 1990 (Geng Wu/Fire Horse) and 1991 (Xin Wei/Metal Goat). Looking at the prominent elements in those years, you’ll see that they are NOT Angelina’s favorite element. I had mentioned in previous articles that Xin Metal doesn’t like Ji Earth. Xin metal loves to shine and earth covers it up! The Snake, Horse and Goat belong to the summer season. Therefore the chart is hot. For a hot chart, you do not want to see anymore heat. Also, because gui water is so important to Angelina, and earth contaminate water, obviously, thinking was affected. This wasn’t a nice period for her.

It’s important even though we are looking how compatibility factors to actually look at the individual charts separately because you need to determine the ‘effects’ of the element on the individual. Again, I understand and fully support that elements can’t jump from one individual to another, but it doesn’t mean we do not seek those who have those elements. Isn’t that ‘attraction’?

Let’s look at Brad’s chart next. There are 3 Peach Blossom starts (2 Rabbits and 1 Rat). One attractive fellow. He’s a Yi Wood person, born on strong indirect resource, in the presence of Jia wood. The chart is not missing fire, but it is a very minor element found in the spouse palace. The all important fire is again represents the eating God, therefore indicating his creative output as an important activity to seek ‘balance’.

With this type of chart, and the presence of so many attractive stars, how not to be Brad Pitt? However, all you need is the rat (or another peach Blossom star) to appear in time, and trouble will erupt. If you look at Brad’s past, you can read that Brad’s relationship with Angelina started during the filming of Mr. and Mrs Smith. That happened in 2005. 2005 was a Yi You (Wood Rooster) year. The rooster (also a peach blossom star) clashes with the Rabbit and very soon, Brad had divorced with Jennifer Aniston, his wife of 5 years, and 'officiated' his relationship with Angelina.

So, knowing what we already know. Can we predict that a split is eminent? Let’s look what the Metal Tiger and see what it means to both Brad and Angelina.

For Angelina, the Jia wood generally means her Indirect Wealth in her charts gets the support it needs. This possibly means more money. (doesn’t mean she needs it, just that she will have more). Could it also indicate a divorce settlement, as the geng metal in the stem also represents robwealth. I look at lawyers as people who want, and will take something from you but assist you in getting in. The Tiger and Snake form a harm relationship. The Snake is present in the children, spouse, and parents or sibling palace. She is also currently in the the ROSSTER luck pillar which clashes with the Rabbit. The Rooster and Rabbit clash is a peach blossom clash, usually means divorce is in the air. Doesn’t look like good news. By the way, the Bing Fire in Angelina’s chart can also indicate husband, and there are 3. This could mean that she probably will have multiple husbands! Brad is technically (he is characterized as her domestic partner) her 3rd husband. And there is a ‘harm’ to her husband during the metal tiger year.

As for Brad’s chart, you can see the Geng Metal appear in the tiger year. Thetre’s also the Bing Fire in found in the Tiger. This indicates that a ‘reduction’ of ‘attraction’ to Angelina's metal elements as now it appears during the period. Also, in 2011, the stem of the Rabbit Year (another peach blossom year) is Xin Metal. The Geng Metal also means direct officer, which could generally mean possible some legal litigation activities. This Metal (legal) will try to ‘chop’ the important Jia wood. The Jia wood represents the robwealth, which the Yi Wood depends on to reach the sun. Could this mean legal custody for his children?

There seem to be more questions than answers at this juncture. But there’s definitely trouble brewing. Looking ahead, we know that fire periods are not so great for Angelina. If they manage to pull through these difficult times, the next ‘challenging’ period will be 2013, at least for Angelina.

No matter how perfect life seems to be, there will other imperfections that balances 'life' up. God is fair.

NOTE: Was emailed a correction on Angelina's time of birth. The HOUR PILLAR is actually REN CHEN (Water Dragon) because of Daylight Savings Time. The REN represents the HURTING OFFICER, which is a star usually associated to 'actors'.


怡保老世 said...

I am surprised Brad's chart has no metal. How does he 'communicate' and 'connect' with so many people. The Zi-Wei harm in spouse palace is confirmation his matrimonial relationships won't be of the stable kind.

Charlie @ Discovering Mandarin said...

I have linked to your blog on mine at Understanding the Four Pillars of Destiny

I found your page on BaZi very informative.


Anonymous said...

you said; "You could see almost immediately why the two couples are attracted together. In Angelina’s chart, you will see her prominent Xin Metal and Bing Fire element. She’s like this gold bar shinning in the bright sunshine. While in Brad’s chart, you see he’s a Yi Wood, lacking fire, and missing metal."

does this mean that he needs her more than she needs him? she already has wood in her chart.

but xin dm also clash with yi dm, right?

but your above comment gives me hope that my own relationship will be a good one as me and partner both are "missing" the element of each others DM's

Lina said...

What is Water from the Canal in Jolie 's chart? How do you determine that?

怡保老世 said...


That is Na Yin, a tune/song/rhythm from the heavens or "receiving news". You have to take an Advanced Bazi course to be acquainted with it.

Anonymous said...

Hello Chris

I love your blog.
But can I request the background color change to white with black font, rather than the current black background with white font.
My eyes are very painful after reading one article.
I am sorry if this feedback is not acceptable.
Thank you for your postings. Really good.

Mei said...


i really enjoy your blog and hope to see a new post from you soon!

cheers! =)

Anonymous said...

Hey, can you post more about day light savings time and the birth hour? I am so confused by that. Because of day light savings time, my hour might not be correct. I want to make sure I have my correct birth hour.


Cheong Soon Haur said...

both Bazi charts are special formation. Cannot analyse just as we analyse for standard Bazi chart.

For Anglina, hers Bazi is a "extreme weak" special formation whereas Brad's Bazi is a "extreme strong" special formation. Just like this example here:

Hence we cannot analyse theirs Bazi chart using the standard method of analysis.
Thank you!

Cheong Soon Haur @

Cheong Soon Haur said...

5 Major Mistakes Feng Shui Experts Frequently Made In Bazi Analysis

Wojciech Jach said...

Hi, I think these would be right calculations given by bazi calculator for brat Pitt and Angelina Jolie :-) In my opinion they are both extreme charts. Cheers!

Joey Yap said...

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Anonymous said...

This video is great! Checkout HERE