Monday, January 25, 2010

Cameron Douglas - Does Wealth Corrupt?

I’m on the road again…but this time I in Bandung and Jakarta for several meetings. Got a ‘not so nice’ comment on my last article but decided not to waste my time responding to it. But it did bring out one question, was all this time, money, curiosity, research, analysis about Bazi and Destiny actually worth it. Some of my friends don’t want to know, and some are curious like hell. Really, I only have more questions than answers at this juncture.

I am entrepreneur at heart; I work hard and everything I do, even trying to understand Bazi, is aimed towards being a better entrepreneur. What if you were already born to a wealthy family, and money is not one of your focus in life. Would it make a person ‘directionless’ in life? I stumbled across an article about Cameron Douglas, Michael Douglas son who was arrested last year for drugs possession. The title of the article, Cameron Douglas and the Mystery of Why Wealth Corrupts talks about why people who has so much,still goes out and do silly things and get themselves into lots of trouble.

From a Bazi perspective, I think the person is ‘destined’ to a particular situation, irregardless of whether he or she is born rich or poor. There is some subjectivity involved but generally, from the day you are born, a path is technically set, and you follow it.

Lets look at Cameron’s chart.

There’s very little written on Cameron on wiki other than he is an actor, appeared in 3 films (1997, 2003,and 2005). He was also arrested on 2007 on drug charges, and more recently on 28 July 2009. The last arrest could put him in jail for 10 years if found guilty.

Even from his chart, without the hour pillar, you can already sense trouble. The Rat and Rooster forms a peach blossom destruction, and the Rat and Horse is a clash. All 3 of the known animals are peach blossom charts. All you are waiting for is something to hit from the outside and disaster will strike.

He’s born in the Rat month that represents Indirect Wealth, so money comes easy to him, and probably from his parents. You also see he is sitting on an Rooster which main element is a Xin metal representing the eating god. This usually depicts a person’s love for the performing arts as creativity is represented by the EG and the ‘show off’ part is very Xin Metal.

All the movies came out during his 18 luck pillar Bing Yin (Fire Tiger). The TIGER does not form any conflict with any of the known animals in the year, month or day pillar. We do not know his time of birth. Also, as a weak Ying Earth, both the fire of the SUN, Gui Water (present in the month of birth), promotes growth of wood (which is prominent during this luck pillar). This tells us, when the 10 years luck is supportive, things move very smoothly. I’m sure there were years where he had issues and challenges, but you could almost ensure the outcome was postive when the elements are supportive.

However, things changed when he entered his 28 luck pillar of Ding Mao (Fire Rabbit). This RABBIT, conflicts with the Horse, Rat, and Rooster. Immediately, you know these 10 years are trouble years. Why? The Rabbit and Horse is a desctruction, Rabbit and RAT is an uncivillised punishment, and Rabbit and Rooster is a clashed.

Lets the most recent incident on 28 July 2009. Ji Chou (earth, OX) year, (Xin Wei, Metal Goat) month, ( Jia Xu, Wood Dog) day. Looking at his natal chart, you’ll ntoice the Jia Wood of Direct Officer sitting on top of the RAT. This direct officer can represent authority or the law. So, when the RAT is conflicted, chances are the law is broken. The RAT, gets HARMED with GOAT month. The OX (year) and Horse is a HARM. Also if you read what actually happened, it was the girlfriend who had delivered the drugs to him. The Gui water in the rat, which represents Indirect wealth is the girl friend. However you may choose to read it, this is going to be a tough period.


Apple said...

Hi Chris,

When one has too much time on hand with nothing much to aim for, one will be restless and many a time get into mischief.

In Bazi, I prefer to see charts of being born a little poor at an early age. As nothing is permanent, often time, fortune will favour these people later in life.

To work for money is not a bad thing afterall - it keeps us occupied, purposeful and able to be more appreciative of blessings in life (after having gone through bad times early on).

Anonymous said...

"This is nothing noble or virtuous about poverty. Yes, wealth can corrupt but the real problem is what people misunderstood about what Cameron's dad said in his film 'Wall Street', praising greed. Desiring wealth at all costs is bound to lead to corruption, be you rich or poor. Creating wealth is another thing, and what prosocial entrepreneur's do, meeting the needs of others. Antisocial entrepreneur's prey on people's weaknesses and addictions."


Mr. E said...

Based on my school of bazi, I estimated that Cameron Douglas is borned in the shen hour (3-4.59pm), which is a ren-shen hour.

The 10yr cycle Ding-Mao year - Ding combine with Ren to form 'wood'. As a weak day master, wood is unfavourable element and as wood is a officer star, it also represents legal issues. Now if u look at the natal chart, the upper natal part now consists of earth and wood elements. The wood elements are strongly supported by Zi water (zi also combine with shen to form half-combination water) and 10yr cycle Mao wood. This already shows that in this 10yr period he will face legal problems and he will be 'punished' as earth is not strong enough to withstand against wood.