Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Elton John - The Piano man

I feel terribly guilty for not updating my blog but there’s so much work and work challenges during these few months. I even had a few friends who had called me to find out if anything was amiss! Does not mean I haven’t been doing any consults just that I generally have request to keep the consults a little more private.

I’ve a little bit of time before my flight to Bangkok so I guess I’ll just write another case up. Actually have a few more I want to do in my case file but I saw a news report recently about Elton John cancelling one of his concerts because he was unwell. Looking at his chart a little closer you’ll find another eating god in action. Elton is one of my favorite artists because of his piano playing abilities and the fact that he writes his own songs. The other thing you realize is that one doesn’t have to focus on money to become extremely wealthy. Wealth could be a natural output of ‘output’ (Hurting officer or Eating God) so long as it is present in the charts. This is important as sometimes the way to make money is NOT to focus on making money. Focus should be on something that is prominent in the charts, and basically this is the Eating God in Elton John’s case.

This is Elton’s chart. I took his birth time from Astrotheme.

If you want to be an artist you have to make sure you have fans! And Elton’s chart does show that very clearly. There’s other Gui Water in the charts. Born in Rabbit month, representing an Eating God you already know that this person is highly creative. Infact his has another Rabbit in the day pillar. I usually look at BOTH the day and month stem to determine the profile of the person. It’s also nice when the Eating God is complimented by the intelligent or study hall star. This usually means his aptitude for formal education in the creative field is enhanced. From Wikipedia, you’ll note that he started playing the piano at an early age of 3 and had formal lessons from 7 onwards. He had studies at the Royal Academy of Music and had persisted to refine his ability at the Piano.

As Elton is Gui Water born in Rabbit, he has weak daymaster. A weak daymaster means that Resource (Metal) is important, as well as more Water. In this case, friends and fans enhance him and in his Year Pillar you’ll see the robwealth brining the indirect wealth.

From Wikipedia, you also note that Elton started making money very early on in life. In fact from the age of 15 he was already playing gigs at pubs and earning a steady income. AT 15, Elton was in his Xin Chou 10 years luck pillar. With Xin metal on top, you’ll was ‘attractive/showy’ and metal enhance the daymaster further further.

Elton John’s band came together in 1972 and released their first number 1 album. 1972 mark the first year of John’s Geng Zi (Metal Rat) luck pillar. More resource and more fans! How not to succeed. Between 1972 and 1975, Elton produced 7 number 1 albums. If you look at those years, there were all water and wood.

This is a perfect example of how someone can focus on the strengths in the chart and generate wealth at the same time, even though wealth in his chart is not rooted and not exactly prominent. Unfortunately, this also results in him having a problem with spending. Guess it’s ok, as long as you can continue making it!

Friday, November 13, 2009

The Hurting Officer again….

So, can you tell if an employee is about to resign?

I have had quite a few people leave me this quarter, for that matter this year. Some of them have been with me for nearly 10 years. There were many reasons given, but mostly for career advancement and monetary reasons. I guess that is a good sign that the market is returning to normal. The bad news is I have to struggle to find replacements and it takes time for them to get into the flow of things.

It’s also been a while since I’ve updated bazidiary, and I apologise for that, too. I have been travelling in the last 2 months. Infact, in the last 4 days, I was in Bandung and Jakarta meeting people, hiring, solicitating for business, and braving the crazy Indonesian traffic.

So, did I see it coming that a certain person would leave the company. The answer is YES, if I was looking or tracking at his or her chart. I have close to 100 persons working here, and there’s no way I can remember everyone’s chart, but there are a few that I track. Not that I want to invade their privacy, but it’s important that I understand the possible issues that they may be going through during a particular time period or if they would affect me in anyway.

Usually, my first hint that something is amiss is when someone takes leave, let’s say in the middle of the week for very weak reasons, like ‘personal or family’ reasons. Don’t need any Chinese metaphysics knowledge to suspect that person may be going for an interview.

I usually check the day's ‘Jia Zi’. If there’s a hurting officer is in the day, that basically is a first sign. (Remember, the Hurting Officer hurts the Direct Officer, which represents the boss). You could technically extrapolate to also indicate that a wife is hurting the husband, but we need to keep in mind that this is NOT an exact sign. There are many representations, and talking to many bazi practitioners, I see one common mistake. They don’t investigate. The sign may be there, but the meaning or context does not apply.

My next step is usually to look at the following month. If the hurting officer is again very prominent, you know you are in trouble. I had 3 senior people who had this pattern in their chart before they had left, all this year! The last one, handed me the resignation letter on the 2nd day of the month. I didn’t even bother to ‘save’ this case! There’s also another aspect that you have to consider, the boss’ chart. 2009 isn’t a great year for me as the OX clashes with the Goat, my first line of defense, and harm my month which is also my wealth and parents pillar. Dad had to go through a major surgery but thankfully he is recovering, just a whole pile of unlucky events.

The 3rd thing to consider is the employees' ‘luck’ element. Lets say if the following year they are in Direct Wealth luck, or the useful element appears and they have a strong wealth structure, then these would be the folks that probably find new ‘wealth.’ Infact, I got word just 2 days ago, that a Xin Metal project manager is planning to leave us end of the year. Sheeshhh….tough times!

My friend also asked me if I understood about ‘noblemen’ or Qui Ren. These are ‘helpers’ and when do they appear. I’m also very fortunate that when the ‘S**T hits the ceiling fan’ there’s always a friend that helps me sort things out and keep me going. I guess, I am blessed with that luck, so even though the year had been a tough one, I’m still doing ok. Next year will be better.

I’ve also been following another ‘type’ of hurting the officer, which the animal is ‘punished or harmed’ and the boss element is represented in the stem of the corresponding animal. This one is definitely more severe, and requires ‘Sun Tzu – The Art of War’ to counter. Have that ebook in my iphone but just don’t have the time to read it! Infact, my wife tells me, what good is to know that a certain negative event is about to occur, and we cannot do anything about it? I would rather know so I can be prepared than be in the blind.

I will get a few more articles out this month after I sought out all this mess. Guess, that's what I'm paid to do! Good thing the year is coming to an end.