Saturday, August 8, 2009

George Sodini - Another Mental Metal Case

We already know that metal folks have it bad this year. Coupled that strong metal with internal self punishments, peach blossom stars, muddied water, a lack of fire and a hurting officer in the stem coming up, you get George Sodini, the LA Gym shooter.

This is his chart.

Plenty of Xin Metal around him – you would think that he has plenty of friends but you must realized that the rooster and rooster forms a self punishment, while the Rat and Rooster forms a peach blossom destruction! 3 peach blossom stars (who knows about the hour, since we do not know the time of birth!) He doesn’t look like a Serial Killer or someone crazy from his face, in fact, he had mentioned in his blog, that ‘you wouldn’t think I’m crazy…..’ But his chart shows it all…..

So why this year? Look at his actions or output. Element is Gui water. What does earth do to water? Contamination of thoughts. When did he actually commit the crime? Goat month (the peak of the Ji Chou year). The OX year further combines with the RAT to create more EARTH.

Aug 4, the day of the crime, was a Xin Si (Metal Snake) day – Metal and Fire equals gun fire usually. 8:15pm, the time of the crime was the hour of the DOG. The DOG harms the ROOSTER – indicating Bodily harm! The SNAKE also combines with all the Xin metal to create more water, thus the drive (output) to carry out the crime.

Come Aug 8, Hurting Officer appears in the stem of the month. Recognition, unfortunately for the wrong reason.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Money Back Guarantee – your future is guaranteed

….and I will be the next Bill Gates!

Had an anonymous commenter asking if he gets his money back if the reading is not accurate. I doubt there is a bazi or fengshui master out there that is 100% accurate. In fact there were so many instances that only AFTER an event had happen, the association between your Bazi charts and that particular event becomes obvious. An example of this was the passing of my partner just a couple of weeks ago. I remember in 2008, we used his house plans for one my fengshui class exercise. Because of certain missing sectors (and other factors that I cannot recall now), we came to the conclusion, that his wife will leave him in the future…quite an irony isn’t it. Another incident that I recall reading was David of Yi Fengshui sitting for one his examinations. He had used Iching and had predicted that he would not past, but in reality the exam was cancelled.

It is very important to realized that what we are trying to do is get a map of life integrated with a dimension of time. Unfortunately the destiny map is not your Google Map or Mapquest where it can get you from one specific point to another , with estimated travel time and even fuel costs! Look at it as a guide where and when certain prominent characteristic in life is shining bright. That can give you the confidence to pursue it a little more aggressively (or hold back), knowing that there is some support from luck. It also helps you manage expectations better, knowing WHEN we should do certain things.

I was just told yesterday (a Ren Wu day – hate those horses) that a US$1.5M dollar Brunei government contract of mine is put on hold because of internal investigations. Was I surprised or taken aback. Yes, I must say I am disappointed, but strangely, I kinda realized (maybe the effect of the REN in that day) that his year of the OX may full of surprises when it comes to business/wealth opportunities related issues. While the earth balances my strong fire representing wealth in my chart. The OX clashes with the Goat (where the direct wealth resides in the stem) as well as harm the Horse, my direct wealth branch with a indirect wealth sitting on top. So, at the beginning of the year, I already knew that I cannot go crazy in terms in gearing up just because the opportunities are there. This is how, one can use a Bazi analysis to guide you through the year. Thank goodness, we the summer months are almost over. With strong fire in my chart, more fire means spending money like water! It’s been a terrible summer, especially in an OX year.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Open for business - can't do this for free anymore, sorry.

Dear Friends of Bazidiary,

It’s been almost a year since I started Bazidiary and I have received countless requests for readings. I must say I have also met many of my blog readers and even developed some into business partnerships (not Chinese metaphysics related, I’m into IT). Bazi has not only helped me in my analysis of people and their characteristic but in determining the all important luck factor, as I believe WHEN to start or execute something will also determine whether luck is supporting it.

As I want to be able to only get request from people who are serious about understanding their bazi profiles, as well as applying Bazi to specifically their careers (I’m not too good in health related analysis), I have decided to put a fee for this service. I’m asking a small donation of US$38 per request. I would ask you to email me at with your birthdate/time and your specific questions first. Only upon accepting your request, would I ask for that fee to be deposited in my Paypal account.

Thank you for your understanding.