Monday, July 27, 2009

The Fire of Life - Don't wait to live life to the fullest

I’m in San Francisco airport after my flight from Seattle waiting to catch the next flight to Taipei and then to Malaysia. It was only barely 24 hours ago when I was awaken by the buzzing of my ‘silent’ mobile at 4am this morning. Checking the missed calls, it was from my wife. 3 missed calls. With a mild panic, I struggled with the light and called home, my wife gave me the sad and shocking news; my partner of 13 years had died of a heart attack at the age of 42.

Oh my God, how could that have happen. Like me, he just turned 42 not too long ago. He was at the peak of his career and at the prime of life, and had only better times in life to look forward to. He had a good life, and was always the friend to everyone, a father to 3 lovely daughters and a providing husband. I’ve known Kevin for more than 13 years, but for my wife, he was her child hood friend, they grew up in high school, and went to the same university together. She had introduced him to me, and we became partners. He followed us back from the US and started up our entrepreneur adventure. I still cannot believe that he is gone. (BTW There was a FuYin in my wife’s chart – but I didn’t expect that it would meant losing a dear friend)

He had always been lucky. Any property he bought, would automatically appreciate. He had so many people who looked after him, my wife, his brother, his sister, his friends. And he lived life to the fullest, and anyone would attest to it. His passion was life itself!
His wake will be held on Monday at his home and I really hope that I can make it back in time for the funeral.

Our fengshui master had commented a couple of years ago, that she has never seen anyone as lucky as my partner. Her exact description was ‘he was seated on a lotus flower…’ However, she had cautioned that this year, he would face some serious accident or even death. If he survived, he would have the best of luck for the rest of his life. But I guess he didn’t.

This is my partner's chart.

A special chart for a special person. Problem was in every light, there is that spot of darkness. Navigating away from it, may not be easy, especially if you do not believe anything was wrong in the first place! No one’s luck last forever.

I guess the OX clashed the Goats and the Ox harmed the Horse, his Bing fire, representing the fire of life. He died on a goat month. The goat combined with the horse creating more fire, not something a strong fire person likes.

I hope this serves to remind us that life is ever so fragile and don’t wait to enjoy life with the ones that you love, because no matter how good life may seem, it can be taken away from you. May his soul rest in peace. I’ll miss you my friend.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Phantom of the Opera – Andrew Lloyds’ greatest work

Yesterday was a great evening out. I went to The Venetian in Las Vegas and watched Phantom of the Opera, probably for the tenth time. It was an incredible show and gave me the inspiration to understand the people behind great musicals. Behind the Phantom is Andrew Lloyd Webber, one of the greatest English composer of Musical Theater. Let’s take a look at his Bazi chart and see what made him who he is today.

Digging through an astrology website, I managed to find his birth time. This is Andrew’s chart.

Wikipedia does a great job listing down his work and giving us a short background on his work and his life. But you have to dig a little further and see whether a specific work was successful or when a particular work became successful.

There is one interesting thing to note. You would think he is naturally born an ‘Eating God’ structure and this 10 God relationship is usually associated to creative people. That is not the case, although he does have a protruding EG in the YEAR stem as well as a secondary EG in the hour pillar. Timing had a lot to do with his creative endeavors. The other thing is the Indirect Resource. You usually associate the Indirect Resource to people with lots of ideas. Again, this is not the case with Andrew. He has a Direct Resource structure. In fact, you can see a lot of his ideas were not his own. It was through the people that he had working relationships with that have given him some of the ideas for his greatest work.

Digging further, I found out that Phantom was not even created by Andrew! There was another composer by the name of Ken Hill that had popularized Phantom before Andrew. And even more shocking, that Ken was not even the original creator of Phantom. It was created by the French author by the name of Gaston Leroux! Wow, RobWealth in action, if you ask me!

Before I going deeper into his works, another interesting point to note is Andrew’s natal chart has got 3 peach blossom stars. This guy also married 3 times, the first time in the year of the RAT (1972), the second time 12 years later, 1984 (also in the year of the RAT), and the 3rd time in Feb 1991. 1990 is the year of the HORSE, another peach blossom star, just like the RAT, Rabbit, and Rooster. Very ‘attractive’ person!

Andrew is a Bing Fire daymaster. When he shines, he shines bright! He is born in the season of resource, and resource penetrates to the heavens. Underneath his daymaster is the ding fire representing robwealth. In the hour pillar, you’ll see the Bing (fire) Shen (Monkey representing indirect wealth). As we all know, the Geng Metal depends on ding fire to forge it, therefore, it is through working with other people that he makes his money. In the hour pillar, you can also form the picture of his fans (friends) providing Andrew the wealth he has today!

Andrew started writing (composing) at an early age. It was reported that he published his first work at the age of 9. And he had an Aunt by the name of Viola that had provided Andrew the opportunity to see many musical productions at a very early age as she was an actress at the theatre. Andrew’s first luck pillar was Bing (fire) Shen (metal – eating god). You can see how important this luck pillar was to Andrew. Again it was his supporters (or Friends) that had helped developed his creative talents (Eating God). These were the early years where he had build his foundation and interest for a great future, and this talent will and had bring about great wealth in the future. Andrew Lloyd is reported to be the 87th richest Briton in 2006.

For a strong fire person, you also would assumed that more fire isn’t great. I guess there are exceptions. In Andrew’s case, he is a Bing fire daymaster. Bing fire CANNOT forge Geng metal (indirect wealth), therefore he is very dependent on the Ding Fire to provide that task. If you read his bio a little more, you could see that he had dropped out from school (Oxford) together with his friends like Tim Rice (another famous lyricist) to write music! And the greater part of this luck pillar, he was not successful. His first success came in 1968 when he wrote ‘Joseph and his Amazing Technicolor Dreamboat’ (I’ve not even heard of it myself!) 1968 was a Wu Shen year (Earth Monkey). Earth is the Eating God, weakens fire, and Monkey’s key element is Metal, a very important element to Andrew. The next hit was Jesus Christ Superstar in 1971, when he had moved to his NEW luck pillar of Wu Wu (Earth Horse) (EG, RW). This would be one of Andrew’s most creative periods and mark the beginning of Andrew’s success in the musical theatre. You can see how the Ding Fire in the horse is another important element for Andrew, as Ding fire is required to forge Geng Metal. The rest is history.

Just by looking at his 10 years luck pillar you can see Andrew’s life unfolding before our eyes. His 23rd luck pillar was the period that saw his rise. His 33th luck pillar Andrew obtained plenty of fame and started building his fortune. He was also knighted during this period. And by the time he arrived at his 43rd luck pillar, he was already extremely wealthy.

The lesson to learn here is to do the right thing very early on in life. With the right type of chart, you can magnify the talents. In reality, time is required in the development of most careers. There are very few people that have just gone from zero to hero (from a wealth perspective) in a short period. Andrew’s work took a life time, and the royalties from his work will definitely last more than one generation (as in Michael Jackson’s case, too)

Maybe, Josephine of Bazichic will do a face reading of Andrew!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Good Morning Las Vegas

Woke up this morning thinking maybe I should hit the black jack table. I’m in Las Vegas today and just about over my jet lag. Checked the days’ Jia Zi, and it was Bing Yin (fire wood). Oh oh, means it’s money out day, not in. Turned on my phone, and there’s a sms from my wife telling me my pet dog needs surgery and it’s not going to be cheap. Don’t even think I’ll waste my time on the table this trip! It’s actually the day I plan to hit the outlet mall, so I’ll naturally spend money…oh well, it’s destined!

Watching CNN, just heard another plane (fighter jet) had crashed in the middle east. I think it was yesterday or two days ago, a helicopter had crashed, and before that another jet fighter. My god what’s going on. Just a week ago, a 737 plummet into a field, and quite recently an airbus met the same fate. Must be a terrible year for metal, and I remember david of Yifengshui telling me about the ‘peak’ of the Ji Chou month was WHEN the Ji earth emerges, which is this month of wei (goat)! The earth weakens the ding fire which is critical to make metal useful and covers metal (when it is in the stem).

Now I know why I have so many new hires that are metal daymasters, and my project management team (mostly metal people) is a little ‘blur’! This year pretty bad for them and I naturally attract metal folks (and water) folks. Anyway, have to look on the bright side, next year is Metal Tiger year, and in the tiger is wood. Wood is the wealth element for metal folks…does that mean they will be making money FROM me or FOR me? Hopefully both.

Let’s see if I can interprete what David wrote about luck? The view of the Vegas mountains that is surrounding my hotel suite is giving me good fengshui vibes! Maybe I can ask David to divinate a bit and see if I can make his architecture fees from the lucky stars!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Luck changes with Time

I remember when I started learning Bazi about a year and a half ago, there was a skeptical part of me that constantly reminded me of my ‘believe system’ before diving into this particular science. As I learn and experience more over time, I’m wondering whether ‘knowing too much’ will eventually become a problem! I have always been an obsessive learner, from my younger days in the competitive music scene to been an entrepreneur, I believe in going the extra mile so that we have an advantage in life. Bazi seems to give me a view into a future event, but my fear now is been able to do something (positive) about it.

Yesterday was a Metal Monkey day. Metal is one of my most important element in my natal chart, so I expect to receive some money. I did. I received a small donation from a reader, as well as notice of a check (that was long outstanding) from a client was ready. I expected that. Unfortunately my bazi revealed a little more.

At the office, I have been having a series of issues with quality of work produced. I just had enough if it yesterday, after another of my client had complained. (The OX is good and bad for me, and I’m beginning to understand why!) For the longest of time, I’ve been fighting myself in banning ‘casual surfing’ in the office. Instead of researching on the net, some of this idiots are chatting with their friends, updating their facebook accounts, watching YouTube etc. All unproductive work during company time. I’ve decided to ban it all. Incidentally, the MONKEY clashed with the TIGER in my chart representing my Eating God. Eating God also represents my output or employees.

The monkey also harms the pig. The pig resides in my hour pillar, representing my child. I was at an ENT specialist yesterday and was told that he has a problem with one side of his ear. There was fluid in his ear, and a tissue (called the adenoid) was obstructing the passage way between his middle ear (behind his ear drum). This was preventing the fluid from draining and the doctor had recommended a minor surgical procedure to remove the adenoid. We are seeking a second opinion but it is very likely we will have no choice because failing to do anything can result in deafness to one side of the ear.

I’ve never really looked at health related matters when it comes to Bazi so when my wife asked me, I had to do a little research to determine exactly what element does the human ear represent. Found out that WATER represented the EAR. In my son’s chart the only water was in the year stem sitting on top of the GOAT. This year is the year of the OX, the OX clashes with the GOAT. It was his LEFT ear that was affected, too. Elements that get affected on the month or year pillar usually represent the left side of the body.

The one thing I can gather from all these experience is life is not so straight forward. When a bazi consultant tells you that this could be a good and bad period at the same time, remember that we can experience multiple things at the same time. It’s the same with feelings. You could technically be happy and sad. It shows in the charts but interpretation may not be so straight forward.

I have a few bazi consultant friends that are extremely analytical. Not that I do not believe in their methods, I believe when you ‘overly’ look for something, you’ll be sure to find them hidden in the chart somewhere. However, when it’s on the surface, the likely hood of the ‘event’ turning up is extremely high.

As far as knowing what to do about a positive or negative event, my only advise is human effort is the key to minimizing or enhancing a particular ‘luck.’ If you know that a period is great for you, put more effort in, and the returns would be greater. If a period is not so great, take less risk. The last thing you want to be is the gambler that continues to believe that the next roll of the dice will be his lucky turn.

Luck changes with time.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Can we alter DESTINY?

I woke up this morning thinking about some events had taken place in the last few days. Once in a while, I get shaken up by observations or comments made by other people, but my non confrontational nature in me, prevents me from going head on, especially with people I do not know. This article was also sparked by an email request, asking me for remedies to alter ‘destiny.’ Maybe I could be like the famous or should I say infamous fengshui master in Hong Kong asking her billionaire client/lover to dig holes all over the garden ( send me a bunch of money! Hahaha….fat hopes of that happening. I did get an invite to Romania!

There was also a comment in the last article that mentioned that “ …EVERYTHING IS IN ORDER, GOD CONTROLS ALL OF US, GOD IS OUR BIRTH CHART, IT IS THE PROGRAM OF OUR LIFE…” You would not believe a simple statement like this can set the mind to work overtime, thinking about IF everything were solely determined by God’s will, then why do I endure this path of Bazi studies? And if I cannot do something about it, from a human or environment perspective, then why ‘know’ in the first place? I’ve always been very determined in life. Whether it was in my younger days where I participated in competitive music competitions, or doing well in public examinations at school till running my own business. Was this all determined by God or was there an element of self as well as environment that assisted me in getting my goals and objectives in life? Don’t we have longer life spans today because of better medical advancement? Didn’t this happen because human beings decided to understand the human body better? Are we to a certain extend trying to alter ‘destiny’?

I wouldn’t go as far as say I can alter destiny, but you sure can make a difference as far as knowing WHEN certain ‘luck’ characteristics are prominent. Think of it like using a magnifying glass to make fire. No matter how hard you try, if there’s no sun or there are clouds covering the sun, there’s no way you can produce fire (unless you use something else!). Obviously, when the sun is shining bright and you don’t bother to use the magnifying glass, starting a fire is also not that easy. I always thought of life path as a road that is filled with bumps, pot holes, and traffic lights. Sometimes you speed up, sometimes you slow down, and sometimes you come to a complete stop. But eventually the lights turn green and you move on. Ok, enough of the pictorial philosophies.

There have been instances where I realized I have a ‘craving’ to do certain things, like travelling. I travel quite a fair bit, especially during the summer periods. It helps, if you have the ability. But it is mere coincidental that the same time last year, I was in Australia, and in about two weeks’ time, I’ll be in the US. I wonder why? Could it possibly be that during the fire months, I am a little more restless, because fire ‘unbalances’ me thus the body seeks ‘water’ related activities to balance it. The other thing I did very aggressively last year was start on learning Bazi, again through self studies early in the year, peaking during the fire months. I was taking courses in Malaysia and Singapore. Isn’t ‘studying’ associated to water or resource which is again important to ‘weak’ water person like me?

I have wondered whether it is possible to self ‘prophecise’ and there’s a possibility all of this is merely a random event that is taking place in a moment of time.

It is one thing to look at your own charts and map events, it really is very mind boggling to see how people you know go through different luck cycles, especially when you know their charts! I have yet to see a born in ‘horse year’ person that did not have a relatively bad year in 2008 or a GUI water person who I can get them to focus on one specific activity or a strong Ren Xu (day pillar) person who is not ‘in your face’ , demanding or determined. You could create so much tension in the work environment when you put geng metal people to work with Jia wood personalities. Don’t you think wood people are a tad selfish or Geng metal people are a little ‘unbending.’ I could go on and on.

Knowing what you know, don’t you think that designing a specific activity can help ‘balance’ a person thus in some way ‘altering’ destiny? Again, let me stress this is merely an idea and not a claim that I can do it. (I’m not a Ren Xu person, if you wondering whether this persistency is a product of my chart. I am Ren Yin, an Eating God (creative)personality). I’ve tried working at night, in the day, but the best time is early in the morning, during the wood hours. Again, it is merely coincidental?

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Another day another element

I woke up this morning feeling extremely contemplative probably due to a series of events at the work place. It’ll be good to pen my thoughts down just anyone would in a dairy and maybe reflect on it later. Obviously, the way I look at things today is filtered by my understandings and studies in ‘bazi’ but it does bring about some resolution on why certain people behave the way they do, and why certain events take place during a particular period in time. Maybe this article could have been influenced by the fact I was watching National Geography and stumbled across a documentary that was talking about Nostradamus and his predictions!

It was at a ‘not so regular’ managers meeting that I asked for reasons why productivity is so low and generally the pace of people is extremely sluggish. It’s not that we have nothing to do; we have never had a better year in terms of opportunities but I can’t seem to get impart the sense of urgency in their work. Just a little background, I run a small software company (well, not so small when you consider I currently have a workforce of close to 100 people) and we are extremely dependent on people (and unfortunately the mood or luck they are in) to make a living.

One answer that I got from a senior manager was ‘they are not motivated.’ I was thinking to myself at that moment, that we had just announced a half yearly performance bonus, coupled with an increment at this beginning of the year to ensure that people don’t leave, but hello, do they know what’s going on in the world today or are they living in ‘neverland’ (no pun intended to MJ) and don’t even realize that so many people in the world is struggling today to make ends meet, and here, I get the response of ‘…not motivated.’ Sheesh….you can imagine what goes through my mind at that very moment. I should tell them I’m not motivated to pay your salaries this month, or I ‘feel’ like getting my new ‘S’ class today….I’m sure you can feel my pain. Or maybe, I’m just the biggest sucker, or as one of my previous readers commented on an article, I’m just too ‘weak’ and everyone is taking advantage of me.

The other respond I got was ‘vision not clear’ followed by a series of examples of other organizations vision of providing exemplary customer services as well as developing world class products. I tell you, at that point of time, I could have gotten a heart attack. Mind you, we have been doing this vision and mission thing for many many years as we were ‘growing up’ that one can imagine, I don’t even have to articulate WHY we exist today and what it is that drives us forward. Or maybe, it is other external factors that if governing ‘how’ people feel that can be explain in more ‘woo hoo’ fashion.

Anyway, that got me started, and I’ve just completed a day of interviews in Indonesia looking for skilled talents to compliment the team. During the interview process, you also get to meet different personalities that you wonder will give you the same very heart ache that SOME of the current team members are giving you. While the technical team is evaluating their technical competencies, I’m quietly sitting by the side looking at their bazi. It’s really quite amazing how ‘elemental relationships’ and their meaning start to stand out when you can COMPARE or put some context to things. I guess this is KEY to learning. Words sometimes don’t do a good job describing a particular characteristic.

I’m now wondering, I’m sure people’s behavior is also governed by the ‘effects’ of the periodic elements. Let’s take this June/July period in 2009. I can tell you almost 99% of the time, a strong horse or snake day is a miserable day for me, even more now during a horse month! My chart doesn’t like fire, and I have a goat and horse representing my wealth elements. My wife tells me it is self prophecy but a lot of the issues that I faced during those days were not cause directly by my personal actions. Infact, knowing what I know, I’m trying to understand how to mitigate the effect doing something else (e.g. water represent movement , travelling, or learning). When I’ve discovered the answer to this, I would have truly discovered the power of bazi. I guess the first step is knowing. This point is interesting as another reader of this blog had commented about MJ changing the features of his face thus shortening his life span!

Let’s look at the ‘image’ the year represents. Pure earth year, a little damp (because of the OX), in the scorching heat (now we are in summer months). If you know any strong water or metal people, observe them. They probably look like they are on top of the world now. Not entirely certain about metal people, as the effects of strong ying earth can be negative (earth covers metal, or weakens fire so metal cannot be forged) – this is observed from some of my project managers (mostly Geng metal people) that is making not so great decisions!

What about people that you associate yourself, too. Do the primary periodical elements have anything to do with this? It’s really very strange when you find yourself wanting to associate to certain types of people (in my case, any metal, gui water, and strangely JIA wood). I can understand metal and water, those are the elements that balances me, but why wood? Wood would fuel my fire and that’s something I want to avoid. I think it’s probably the dirty earth year that is trying to contaminate my Ren water self. Wood holds earth together so suddenly it becomes a very prominent element in my life. Again, let me stress that I know and understand an element cannot jump from person to another, because the human being is a container, but you can still be attracted to a person based on elements that you are ‘attracted’ too. This is a great way to evaluate partnerships. One misconception here, it is not always about the daymaster alone. I know that my closer friends and people around me, seek the fire in my chart rather than my weak water daymaster.

Oh well, another day another element!