Saturday, June 27, 2009

Michael Jackson - The King of the Eating God

I’m sure the whole world is writing and talking about Michael Jackson’s passing, the king of pop. Just like many I was a fan, and I’ve even been to one of his concerts. One of the things that stand out with Michael is he is a such an attention grabber, with his antics and all the scandals that has, for better or worse, brought the world’s attention, fame, as well as misfortune to him.

What does his Bazi reveal?

Michael’s a Yang Earth person – lots of untold secrets, and the world hasn’t stop trying to pry it out from him. With an Eating God structure, penetrating to the stems, you bet his creative talents are boundless, and it’s for the world to see. The one thing I respect about Michael is that is writes his own music, and has been able to reinvent himself generation after generation and that why so many people know him, even the younger ones today. This is one of the core differences I have noticed between a person who has an eating god structure and a hurting officer structure. Eating God structure people also tend to be eccentric and Michael does fit the bill when it comes to eccentricity.

He obviously has plenty of fans – look at all the yang earth around him! 5 out of the 7 other pillars contain yang earth. So, I would characterize Michael as a STRONG Yang earth person, even though he was born in autumn. Strong earth likes to be weaken by metal, so metal becomes an important element for Michael. This further strengthens his creative talents.

The eating god element is Geng Metal for a Yang Earth person. Geng metal needs to be forge by fire. We also know, that Fire is a resource to Yang Earth, and when resource is harmed, generally health is affected, too.

His career started early. The one element that is present but weak (in his natal chart) is water, representing his wealth. That element appears significantly in the 10 years luck pillar when he turned 12. Michael started his career in show business as part of the Jackson 5 when he was 11! He had 30 years (3 ten years luck pillar to accumulate his wealth) which I’m certain he did.

In 1993 (Gui You)(water rooster) and 2005 (Yi You)(wood roster) he was charged with child sexual abuse, tried, and acquitted. Interesting both 1993 and 2005 were the year of the rooster. The rooster combines with the snake in his hour pillar and pushes out the chou, which significant element is Ji Earth representing robwealth. For strong earth folks, you do not want to see anymore earth, especially the robwealth, which essentially represents other people that want something from you! The rooster also harms the dog which would affect the support from his fans.

Michael died at about 2:50PM, on 25th June, 2009. A Geng Wu (metal horse) month, on a Xin Chou (metal Ox) day, and a Goat hour. He was in his Yi Chou luck pillar (Wood Ox), and 2009 is a Ji Chou (earth ox) year. From a simple straight forward analysis, you’ll quickly note the Ying Earth is the primary element that is significant during this period. Earth naturally weakens fire, and fire is an important resource to Michael. The media also mentioned that he died from a heart attack. Fire also represents the heart. If something significant happens to someone, it usually takes place the year before or on the year of the new luck pillar. In 2010, Michael would have moved to a new luck pillar.

May the King of Pop rest in peace.

Friday, June 19, 2009

The Office Actor

I’ve written several times about the effects of the Hurting Officer. In the studies of the 10 Gods relationships, the Hurting Officer hurts the Direct Officer. So, if you are female and married, the presence or strengthening of the Hurting Officer will hurt the husband. In the case of employee, there is a strong possibility of him or her hurting the boss. Let me highlight another characteristic of the hurting officer that all employers/bosses should be aware of – the office actor.

The last thing anyone needs in an office is office politics. Imagine, you have an actor in the office that believes the office is one a big stage, the employees are actors, and he’s the star! You can imagine if the clients or bosses are cast as villains and the theme of the show is about a hero that doesn’t get the recognition he deserves!

You’ll not only find that dealing with this character difficult, but you suddenly realize that the rest of the staff thinks you are bad guy, as he drums of dramatic support from the others. This is one dangerous fellow, because he truly believes that he is the hero and goes all out to seek that ‘acknowledgment.’

Isn’t that the characteristic of the hurting officer. It is an output element that seeks recognition from work he/she produces. When the hurting officer is a structure (in the branch of the month pillar) and either a Jia Wood (creative) or a Xin Metal (show off), I truly believe you’ll find the office actor!

How do you prevent an encore from happening? Either ensure that the job truly requires an actor, or he/she be in a role that requires them to drum up people support in some sort of a campaign.


It’s time to use a ‘remove day’ and Geng Metal day or hour to stage the final chapter, and pray there’s no sequel to the show.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Arbitrating the Elements – Relationships between People

We have heard of people applying ‘fengshui (environmental) cures’ to folks that have got issues with their bazi. My interest lies in inter relationships between people as I see relationships as a critical to success of doing business. So, does a bazi of a person affect another person’s bazi?

I’ve been reminded and told countless times, that the elements of a person cannot jump out from one into another. I believe that. We ‘contained’ our own elements, so to speak. However, the changing elements of the luck pillars, years, months, days and even hour pillars will affect how we feel, perform, and luck characteristic. So, can working with different individuals with different elemental characteristics ‘affect’ the way we work?

In my organization, I have now close to 100 people. I can tell you regardless of whether they are contributors, parasites, smart, stupid, useless or whatever, there are people I love to work with and there are people that just drive me up the wall. We even published our employees birthdays (by month) on our Intranet portal so you can right away tell that whether you like people is born in that month or not!

A lot of my key project managers are all ‘geng ‘metal personalities. I guess if you are looking for someone to execute a project well, these folks with this characteristic will get the job done. Recently, I won a job where the partner organization consisting of mostly wood people, and strong wood decided that they would be the go in between the end client and us. You can imagine them having lots of opportunities this year as earth years are wood wealth stars! Another key characteristic of Jia wood people where it comes to wealth is they guard their ‘earth’ very well. Don’t expect them to share-share very willingly! Hahahah….

Even at the beginning of the project, the relationships between my Geng project managers and the Jia wood partners appear extremely antagonistic. The Jia wood folks stood firm and tall on their ideologies, even though they were clueless (and had zero experience) on how to develop software solutions, while the Geng metal tried to control every aspect of the developmental process to ensure a timely delivery. From the emails flying around, you could see a relationship disaster developing very quickly.

I had told this concerned to the account manager, and told him he’d better do something or the team will implode and we can kiss good bye to this client. To cut a long story short, he seemed to be able to ‘arbitrate’ between the two parties and minimize the antagonistic feeling during project meetings. On examining my account manager’s bazi chart, I realized he was weak ding fire. Weak ding fire people feeds off Jia wood (resource). Strong Jia wood people like to be weakened by ding fire. Perfect. They seem to be working well. My Geng metal project manager folks need to be forged by fire. They make metal ‘soft’ and you can mold them to be useful. The ding’s fire ‘lead and show the way’ approach also seem to bring some level of comfort to the project managers. Things seem to be working out so far.

Unbelievable but true!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

David Carradine and his Peach Blossom stars

David Carradine’s death in Bangkok and his usual circumstances surrounding how he died got the best of my curiosity. So I decided to plot his chart based on his birth date and the published birth time from other astrology websites. I also decided to write this article after seeing a chart for someone else that has some similar characteristics – he probably will see this article and can assess on the necessarily course of action.

Here’s the chart.

For those Bazi scholars out there, the first thing that jumps right at you is the fact that he has peach blossom stars in all his four pillars, and in his year, month, and day branch it is all RATs! His auxiliary stars contain the salty pool as well as red chamber in the hour pillar. I tend to ignore the auxiliary stars but in this situation the numerous times it appears tell me it has a lot of significance to this actor’s life.

David was married five times and even had a ‘domestic partner’ where they had a child together. Obviously from his officially biography, he appears as a person that has very strong sexual libido.

Water constitutes resource for this Jia wood person, making him a strong wood daymaster. Strong wood likes to be weakened – fire and metal would do it! Metal represents his aggressive nature, and fire the hurting officer and eating god, an element usually associated to creative output as well as recognition for output! Think of what type of shows made him famous – Kung Fu! Martial arts is also associated to the fire element and that brought his rise to fame. Water can also represent lust when in the negative form, and obviously a strong wood, doesn’t need anymore wood or water!

The key thing to look for, when ‘luck’ things bad is usually clashes, harms, punishment etc. that affects the branches as well as the stem. Let’s look at this theory and see if it holds water.

For a person that only has a horse and rats in the chart, you can bet when luck is not on his side, it’ll definitely play a major effect on him. Further more, the horse clashes with the rats in his chart. Could possibly mean that his children has very little affinity to the spouse(s) and his family, which if you think about the number of wives David has, this situation would appear quite normal. I’m sure he’s also left a fortune behind. I can imagine all his former spouses and children staking a claim to his fortune.

He died while in his ding wei (fire goat) luck pillar and a Ji Chou (earth ox) year. The goat harms the rats and combines with the horse. The ox combines with the rat and harms the horse. Even before analyzing the affects of the combines, clashes or harms, you already suspect something will happen this year.

I also suspect Ji earth has a major influence here, as you’ll note that the day, month, year, luck pillar ALL had Ji earth, which combines with the Jia wood.

This is probably the few times where I can find time to do an analysis during the day outside the tiger hour! Looking forward to more analysis from folks like YiFengshui and Bazichic which I’m sure is looking to understand what other secrets or personality profiles a person like David Carrington holds.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Tony Fernandes - the man behind AirAsia's success

Woke up early again this morning. Seems I am returning to my routine, which is good. So many ideas in my head in the morning, the last thing I need is to sleep! So, to my friends, who cannot understand why I don’t usually do late nights, now you know why. The early bird catches the worm!

I want to do a famous local celebrity entrepreneur next. It’s not very easy NOT to follow his progress, as his always in the headlines and probably an icon to every budding entrepreneur out there, even more so now, as he is on twitter! He is none other than AirAsia’s Tony Fernandes.

Checking with a few friends, I think I have Tony’s birth date, and obviously not his time of birth. Plotted his chart and this is what it looks like.

Right away, you can see a strong Ji Earth person, thinker, with plenty of RobWealth’s in his chart. This guy life is built on relationships! More so, it is about relationships with money and power. Just look at the other elements present in the entire pillar and well as the secondary QI elements where the RW appears.

We know about his talents and musical background – this is indicated by the Eating God element represented by the Xin Metal in the day branch pillar. As a favorable element (as Metal weakens strong earth), you’ll see that this characteristic positively influences Tony. He is eloquent, gets the attention he needs, and executes well, all metal characteristics! His background as an accountant further confirms metal as an important element to him. Further this is one sharp guy, and by sharp I mean very intelligent. This is usually the characteristic of a ‘Ji You’ (Earth Rooster) day pillar. Ji earth daymaster folks that have got the ‘you’ (Rooster) are usually very intelligent. (My son has got 2! – no wonder he is always manipulating his mother!)

The chart lacks the fire element, which could be possibly present in the hour pillar. But he definitely makes it up with the color of AirAsia and his AirAsia cap!

Strong Earth wants to control water – his wealth element. I wonder if that’s why he has black leather seats on board! Hahahahah….passengers bring him wealth!

Let’s look at timing next. He started AirAsia after September 11, 2001 – the worst day in aviation history. He had met Tun Mahathir in October and had taken over DrbHicom’s heavily indebted subsidiary for RM1. 2001 was a snake year, fire warms his chart. Tony was in his 31 luck pillar of Ren Shen or Water Monkey – both his ideal elements! And the October was a month of pure Robwealth – again indicating ‘relationships’ who want something from him.

There’s also another interesting ‘event.’ October is a DOG month. As we know, the DOG clashes big time with the DRAGON, and in many cases before we saw a negative outcome from this clash. In this case look at what came out from the clash – look at the 10 gods representation of all the secondary/hidden elements from the branches of the dog and dragon. It’s all about wealth, new ideas and metal presenting his ability to execute (also can represent planes!)
The rest is history as they say – AirAsia’s success in the aviation industry brought Tony and fame and fortune he deserves.

2004 was another historic milestone in AirAsia’s long line of achievement. Tony had formed joint venture partnerships with Thailand and Indonesia. That year was the last year of his 31 luck pillar of Ren Shen (water monkey) and 2004 was Jia Shen (wood monkey) year. Jia (Yang wood) can represent new ‘power’ )(or shareholders) and the monkey or key element of Geng Metal (also a fav element), represents the hurting officer or ‘acknowledgement’ for his work. Hmmmm….not too sure when Tony got his datoship? Usually the hurting officer could represent that, too.

November 2004 was also the year that AirAsia when public. November is PIG month – representing direct wealth for Tony. This is a great achievement for him in relatively a very short period of time.

At 41, Tony entered his luck pillar if Gui You (water rooster) – again his favorite element of water and metal seems to bring him to new heights, atleast until he is 51.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Bazi - A Reason for Everything

When in an argument, one of my wife's common line is I have a reason for everything, and then she goes into what I call 'silent mode.' Nope, this article is not about an argument with my wife.

I've been wondering why my productivity is incredibly low this month. And I'm not just talking about researching into new articles but just in general (work, holiday etc). My health has been just as bad. I can't seem to shake this flu bug even though I seem to have recovered from it, after a short period of rest, before falling ill again.

Even my holiday plans don't seem to materialize. I had bought cheap tickets during a travel fare to Japan and because of the swine flu bug, I decided to postpone that trip. Just as well, with the condition I am in, I probably come back with the swine flu!

So, no matter what you try to do, when the timing is bad, things just don't turn out the one you want it to be, no matter how much you try to alter destiny. Usually, if you have the 10 year luck or annual luck supporting year, the affects are not so bad.

From a Bazi perspective, this month is the Si (snake) month. (I actually just thought of it last night, so I better try and complete this article during the wood hours, before I loose the initiative!)

The snake harms the Tiger. The tiger is actually the eating god in my day pillar. The day pillar technically represents me, and the palace represents my wife. In this case, I think the effects is towards me. As we all know by know, the eating god, is an output star. In my case, it is a Jia wood, which can also represent documents or creative endeavors. So, you see, when you are not your usually productive self, chances there's also a reason for that.

What about my health. Health is usually represented by resource. When resource or self is affected, then health is generally affected. Lets see, the snake month also clashes with the Pig. I have a pig in my chart. It is in my your pillar. The main element in the pig is ren water represent self, and sitting on top of the pig is xin metal, my resource! (My ONLY resource, and that makes it even worst).

Ofcourse, my wife thinks it's the lack of exercise, and bad eating habits etc., but I'm sure the my Bazi reasoning holds water, too.

Finally, some output from me!