Friday, December 11, 2009

Who's going to make money in 2010?

Will I make money in 2010? Let me rephrase that question to “How do you know the elements of the Metal Tiger year is supportive for wealth generating activities.”

I know the Geng metal in the stem is very important for me (I’m weak REN water with a wealth structure). It’s also a Metal Tiger day, and Geng is in the Stem.

So, I hate to do this but I have to. I’m going to start thinking about recovering some of the investments I have made from learning Bazi. So far, much of the contributions that I have received have gone to WorldVisions as I contribute on a monthly basis. It’s important to help the less fortunate, especially children. It also makes you realize that your ‘bad luck’ may not be as bad after all!

I’ve decided that the token contribution should be US$88 from this article onwards. (Still far from the US$500 I paid for Joey yap for that ½ hour consult. Heehee….yup he charges this much)

Ok, back to the topic. The first more obvious (not necessary accurate) way is to see the day master. Metal people had it bad in 2009. Think of it, GENG METAL needs to be forged by fire to be make useful. Xin metal wants to shine. The Ji Chou year of PURE earth weakens fire (also Ox harms the Horse where the ding fire is strongest) as really covers the Xin metal. Someone once asked me to describe this in a simple way. It’s like having a Porsche stuck in mud, the tyres keeps spinning and mud is going all over the place and on to the car. Doesn’t look like a pretty picture, right!

But in 2010, METAL wants to chop wood and wood is the wealth element. So, generally most metal folks are going to be making money, and I already know some of my metal daymaster friends who have new jobs (most that left me late this year; last year was the wood folks), projects and see the opportunities coming their way. On a side note, I have a Geng Metal architect friend who told me that he will go for a vacation every month in 2010, but he seems to have so many projects on hand (or at least coming his way), I’m not certain if he can be as laid back as he wants to be. But remember, you have 2 years to make your pile as the Rabbit is also a wood year. Still money, right! Take your vacation later!

The other element is Metal. Fire’s daymaster wealth element is metal. So fire people going to be able to see wealth coming their way, too. Will they have the ability to hold on to it depends pretty much on their chart. If the metal is rooted or even appear as a secondary element (in the branch somewhere in their natal chart), then the effect is greater.

The 3rd group of people that will benefit is the folks that need Metal or Wood as a useful element. I fall into that category. But there is a condition. You must have wealth in your chart. If you do not have, then what you need to do is ‘timed’ certain opportunities to happen in wealth periods, as in the months etc.

How much wealth? How much do you want to make is entirely up to your own efforts and capability. So, start your engines….


Anonymous said...

Jolly Good!

Will just need to top it up to USD88. Hope the metal tiger has the tooth to bring in more moolah!


Anonymous said...

Just out of curiousity, So was Joey worth every penny u paid for?? =)

For Bing Fire daymaster who doesnt have wealth element, what will there be much effect?

Nice to know that you are doing contributions to your articles =)

Chris Chan said...

Dear Anonymous,

What amount you spend on a bazi consult is relative. I wanted to help my kid speak (he was a late speaker). Do you think that is too much? Eventually, I took all the courses on Bazi and picked it up myself. I know it was worth every cent. :-)

As for the bing fire master, I consider TIME (period) to even more critical when the wealth element is missing. Some folks say that because it is missing, you have no affinity.

But talking to people, I realised that ANY wealth generated during the time is significant irregardless whether you can keep it, the quantum is small etc.

Test it your self with the metal days or months. Watch out for the clashes, harms and the conflict formations. The reverse can happen.


Anonymous said...

hi chris, thanks for responding. Love for ur child is not measurable by any amount of money.

I was jus curious. ive only been reading the 2 bazi books from joey and he isnt running any bazi classes in perth. Your blog has been very informative so thanks for sharing.

Chris Chan said...

Hey you are in Perth. Send me a private email at Got a lot to talk abt. Cheers.


Anonymous said...

Really cool post.
When you speak of fire dm wealth next year, what if you don't have metal rooted, nor is it in the branch, only in the month heavenlystem?

Anonymous said...

Hi chris,
I want to know if i'm a very strong fire...but have wealth element rooted in the hour pillar (yin fire snake), whereby my wealth element in it is secondary...will i still be able to make money?

Chris Chan said...

Dear anonymous. Would help with birthdate. :-) or you can write to me privately at