Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Tiger Wood Wood Woes

How can anyone studying Bazi resist looking at Tiger Wood’s Bazi especially when he is in the lime light for the wrong reason.

Tiger Wood is a phenomenal golfer but his chart tells us an important story. That any skills established during the right period of his life, will give him the edge in life. In Tiger’s case, it was golf. He started playing as early as 2 and had established himself professionally in his early part of life.

How can you see this from the charts? This is his Bazi chart. I’ve taken the birth time from a astrology chart on the web but this birth time data cannot be verified.

You can see that he is Geng Metal born in the heart of winter and his chart is extremely cold, therefore you can assume that he is a weak Geng Metal person. Tiger is born in the year of Rabbit with the Yi wood sticking up in the stem. Direct Wealth is prominent in his chart, which tells us there should not be any issues looking for wealth in his life stem as it is quite prominent. Geng metal needs to be forge to be made useful. This is extremely important point. Ding fire is the fire that forges metal. So where’s the fire? In is chart, you’ll see this fire as a secondary element in the Dog branch and this is right under him. But unless, it is pulled out by another fire, and fueled by resource, I seriously doubt the usefulness of the fire. If you look at the first luck pillar, you’ll the ever important ding fire in the stem.

What about his current ‘infidelity’ problems that he is facing? The last count there were 14 mistresses that surfaced. I’m sure some of these people are there to ‘robwealth’ the tiger. But even in the chart, you’ll see this problem in the branches of the year and month pillar.

The Rat and Rabbit is known as the uncivilized punishment. Remember, the Rat and Rabbit are peach blossom stars and the Direct Wealth represents the wife. This straight forward formation already spells trouble. Take into consideration the current luck pillar of the Yi You (direct wealth/rooster), this problem is further enhanced. Rooster is also a peach blossom star. The rooster and rabbit clashes and when 2 peach blossom star clashes, you can guess what happens! The rooster also harms the dog which incidentally in the spouse palace. On top of the rooster again the wife is represented by the direct wealth.

The part that I am still trying to understand is WHEN all this started becoming main stream news. The day of the accident was a Bing Zi day (Fire Rat) and a Yi Hai (wood Pig) month. At first glance, I thought it was a drinking related accident. All my metal (especially Geng) friends that have the infamous rat somewhere in the charts can drink (or swim). Rat and Ox combo is earth, and earth is not what a cold chart needs at this point. Remember I mentioned the ding fire is an important element for Geng Fire. It is really very very cold in his chart right now. (The Pig month, the Ox year, and his Rat (month branch) forms a solid winter frame.
To test this, I found this from Tiger’s Wikipedia entry.

“While expectations for Woods were high, his form faded in the second half of 1997, and in 1998 he only won one PGA Tour event.”

This is the year of the Ox moving into the year of the Tiger. This was Tiger’s low period 12 years ago. History repeats itself.

In these cases I usually look at the month following the incident to see how things will pan out in the short term, and the year ahead for a little longer perspective. The month of December is Bing Zi (Fire Rat). Just by recognizing that the next month is the same type of ‘Jia Zi’ as the day of his accident tells us more trouble will come! Infact, the month when the accident happened (Yi Hai)(Wood Pig), the wife appears again on top of the PIG. PIG and PIG (in the hour pillar) forms another self punishment formation, but if you look inside the pig, you see the Jia wood (or Yang Wood) and for Tiger this represents his girlfriends! (Indirect Wealth)

Extrapolating further, you can see that the Yi wood (wife) see the light (bing fire) when the Jia wood (big tree or girl friends) appear. That’s Tiger woe’s for you!


Anonymous said...

Hey Chris,
I just discovered about bazi not too long ago. This whole time I simply thought I was an earth snake until I realized I was a yin strong fire snake.. (I think.)
anyways I was just wondering what do you all write about in your consultation. I know I'm currently in a bad luck 10 yr stage until 33 so I'm more interested in my good days, months, 6 months etc.. I read most of your newer posts and wanted to know if you go more in depth with your analysis and "dumb" it down for me. Lol.
Thanks - Anthony (

Anonymous said...

HI Chris
If you notice Tiger's chart, it is a Cai Guan Yin structure..
What makes it detrimental , is that, currently, he is under the influence of RW qi, YI YOU, and the wife element in the year pillar gets all the blues..

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris,

I enjoyed reading your article. I had a curious question...what about his wife's chart? Would it also reflect this current situation?

And to Anthony...I'm sorry to hear about your BL until 33. There's always some loopholes (years/months) where its not bad. =P I should know, I just got out of mines and it was a doozy.

Chris Chan said...

You can also see it in Tiger Wood's wife chart. Just a little lazy to post. Just got back from the US yesterday, and trying to catch up with work. Cheers and Happy New Year.