Saturday, December 12, 2009

The man with the Golden Tiger

Yesterday was a great day, pity it’s so short!

This is what I mean when you have a good day, make sure what you want to accomplish can be done in a day. Not only was it a Geng Yin (Metal Tiger) day, the same type of day that we will experience in 2010 year, it was a ‘FULL’ type day! It was an extremely productive morning for me. Did one BAZI analysis, and wrote an article. Had a meeting with a former minister then checked in for a night out with my wife in KL. She wanted to do some Christmas shopping and my kid is with his grandparents in Penang. I had also a few phone calls with possible project opportunities. Hopefully my 2010 is going to be like that!

While reading the news, one thing that caught my attention is an entrepreneur friend of mine is acquiring a US major player in the social networking space! Wow a Malaysian acquiring a US company. Really cool! Hmmm, he’s my friend on Facebook, I wonder if he has his birth date there. It was and, it fits perfectly into scenario 2 of my last article.

This is his chart (minus the birth time).

You can see he is weak Ding Fire with a direct wealth structure. When Geng Yin year comes along, the Yin (wood) provides resource to his weak fire, and the geng metal in his month branch protrudes with the year STEM. Geng is his wealth element. He went private earlier this year, I wonder if he is planning to go public again.

Whatever his strategy is, this guy will be rocking next year.

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