Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Tiger Wood Wood Woes

How can anyone studying Bazi resist looking at Tiger Wood’s Bazi especially when he is in the lime light for the wrong reason.

Tiger Wood is a phenomenal golfer but his chart tells us an important story. That any skills established during the right period of his life, will give him the edge in life. In Tiger’s case, it was golf. He started playing as early as 2 and had established himself professionally in his early part of life.

How can you see this from the charts? This is his Bazi chart. I’ve taken the birth time from a astrology chart on the web but this birth time data cannot be verified.

You can see that he is Geng Metal born in the heart of winter and his chart is extremely cold, therefore you can assume that he is a weak Geng Metal person. Tiger is born in the year of Rabbit with the Yi wood sticking up in the stem. Direct Wealth is prominent in his chart, which tells us there should not be any issues looking for wealth in his life stem as it is quite prominent. Geng metal needs to be forge to be made useful. This is extremely important point. Ding fire is the fire that forges metal. So where’s the fire? In is chart, you’ll see this fire as a secondary element in the Dog branch and this is right under him. But unless, it is pulled out by another fire, and fueled by resource, I seriously doubt the usefulness of the fire. If you look at the first luck pillar, you’ll the ever important ding fire in the stem.

What about his current ‘infidelity’ problems that he is facing? The last count there were 14 mistresses that surfaced. I’m sure some of these people are there to ‘robwealth’ the tiger. But even in the chart, you’ll see this problem in the branches of the year and month pillar.

The Rat and Rabbit is known as the uncivilized punishment. Remember, the Rat and Rabbit are peach blossom stars and the Direct Wealth represents the wife. This straight forward formation already spells trouble. Take into consideration the current luck pillar of the Yi You (direct wealth/rooster), this problem is further enhanced. Rooster is also a peach blossom star. The rooster and rabbit clashes and when 2 peach blossom star clashes, you can guess what happens! The rooster also harms the dog which incidentally in the spouse palace. On top of the rooster again the wife is represented by the direct wealth.

The part that I am still trying to understand is WHEN all this started becoming main stream news. The day of the accident was a Bing Zi day (Fire Rat) and a Yi Hai (wood Pig) month. At first glance, I thought it was a drinking related accident. All my metal (especially Geng) friends that have the infamous rat somewhere in the charts can drink (or swim). Rat and Ox combo is earth, and earth is not what a cold chart needs at this point. Remember I mentioned the ding fire is an important element for Geng Fire. It is really very very cold in his chart right now. (The Pig month, the Ox year, and his Rat (month branch) forms a solid winter frame.
To test this, I found this from Tiger’s Wikipedia entry.

“While expectations for Woods were high, his form faded in the second half of 1997, and in 1998 he only won one PGA Tour event.”

This is the year of the Ox moving into the year of the Tiger. This was Tiger’s low period 12 years ago. History repeats itself.

In these cases I usually look at the month following the incident to see how things will pan out in the short term, and the year ahead for a little longer perspective. The month of December is Bing Zi (Fire Rat). Just by recognizing that the next month is the same type of ‘Jia Zi’ as the day of his accident tells us more trouble will come! Infact, the month when the accident happened (Yi Hai)(Wood Pig), the wife appears again on top of the PIG. PIG and PIG (in the hour pillar) forms another self punishment formation, but if you look inside the pig, you see the Jia wood (or Yang Wood) and for Tiger this represents his girlfriends! (Indirect Wealth)

Extrapolating further, you can see that the Yi wood (wife) see the light (bing fire) when the Jia wood (big tree or girl friends) appear. That’s Tiger woe’s for you!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

The man with the Golden Tiger

Yesterday was a great day, pity it’s so short!

This is what I mean when you have a good day, make sure what you want to accomplish can be done in a day. Not only was it a Geng Yin (Metal Tiger) day, the same type of day that we will experience in 2010 year, it was a ‘FULL’ type day! It was an extremely productive morning for me. Did one BAZI analysis, and wrote an article. Had a meeting with a former minister then checked in for a night out with my wife in KL. She wanted to do some Christmas shopping and my kid is with his grandparents in Penang. I had also a few phone calls with possible project opportunities. Hopefully my 2010 is going to be like that!

While reading the news, one thing that caught my attention is an entrepreneur friend of mine is acquiring a US major player in the social networking space! Wow a Malaysian acquiring a US company. Really cool! Hmmm, he’s my friend on Facebook, I wonder if he has his birth date there. It was and, it fits perfectly into scenario 2 of my last article.

This is his chart (minus the birth time).

You can see he is weak Ding Fire with a direct wealth structure. When Geng Yin year comes along, the Yin (wood) provides resource to his weak fire, and the geng metal in his month branch protrudes with the year STEM. Geng is his wealth element. He went private earlier this year, I wonder if he is planning to go public again.

Whatever his strategy is, this guy will be rocking next year.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Who's going to make money in 2010?

Will I make money in 2010? Let me rephrase that question to “How do you know the elements of the Metal Tiger year is supportive for wealth generating activities.”

I know the Geng metal in the stem is very important for me (I’m weak REN water with a wealth structure). It’s also a Metal Tiger day, and Geng is in the Stem.

So, I hate to do this but I have to. I’m going to start thinking about recovering some of the investments I have made from learning Bazi. So far, much of the contributions that I have received have gone to WorldVisions as I contribute on a monthly basis. It’s important to help the less fortunate, especially children. It also makes you realize that your ‘bad luck’ may not be as bad after all!

I’ve decided that the token contribution should be US$88 from this article onwards. (Still far from the US$500 I paid for Joey yap for that ½ hour consult. Heehee….yup he charges this much)

Ok, back to the topic. The first more obvious (not necessary accurate) way is to see the day master. Metal people had it bad in 2009. Think of it, GENG METAL needs to be forged by fire to be make useful. Xin metal wants to shine. The Ji Chou year of PURE earth weakens fire (also Ox harms the Horse where the ding fire is strongest) as really covers the Xin metal. Someone once asked me to describe this in a simple way. It’s like having a Porsche stuck in mud, the tyres keeps spinning and mud is going all over the place and on to the car. Doesn’t look like a pretty picture, right!

But in 2010, METAL wants to chop wood and wood is the wealth element. So, generally most metal folks are going to be making money, and I already know some of my metal daymaster friends who have new jobs (most that left me late this year; last year was the wood folks), projects and see the opportunities coming their way. On a side note, I have a Geng Metal architect friend who told me that he will go for a vacation every month in 2010, but he seems to have so many projects on hand (or at least coming his way), I’m not certain if he can be as laid back as he wants to be. But remember, you have 2 years to make your pile as the Rabbit is also a wood year. Still money, right! Take your vacation later!

The other element is Metal. Fire’s daymaster wealth element is metal. So fire people going to be able to see wealth coming their way, too. Will they have the ability to hold on to it depends pretty much on their chart. If the metal is rooted or even appear as a secondary element (in the branch somewhere in their natal chart), then the effect is greater.

The 3rd group of people that will benefit is the folks that need Metal or Wood as a useful element. I fall into that category. But there is a condition. You must have wealth in your chart. If you do not have, then what you need to do is ‘timed’ certain opportunities to happen in wealth periods, as in the months etc.

How much wealth? How much do you want to make is entirely up to your own efforts and capability. So, start your engines….

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Theory of Relativity

Have you ever woken up one day and had the feeling that everything that you are doing is meaningless, hopeless or unappreciated, and then the very next day, you feel like you could conquer the world. People have written to me when they are at dead ends with relationships, their careers, or even at cross roads about their life choices. My response to them is always the same, timing is everything. If we know that a certain period is not supportive of our own bazi charts, lay low, expect to feel horrible, or just watch TV or sleep it off! Tomorrow is another day.

I’ve seen people go through mood swings, behave erratically, and worse of all, feel that there’s no longer any future. Believe me, no one likes a cranky pessimistic friend nagging at them about how unfair life is. Remember, there’s a time for everything, and understanding your own bazi is the first step in optimizing destiny.

I don’t believe you can change destiny per say, but I remember what I was told in Bazi class. If you don’t have a favorable 10 years luck pillar, look for good years, and if the years don’t support you, look for good months, and if that also doesn’t work, look for good months or days. There are 60 Jia Zi or different combination of stem and branch in appears in a bazi ‘pillar.’ So we know that this will repeat every 60 cycles. Which means, every 60 years, or months, or days, you’ll come back to the same starting point again. So, do more during great days, lay low, during unsupportive days.

I’ve been tracking my own personal chart for about 2 years now. The first year was pretty much just learning, understanding, and practicing bazi by doing online consults and writing my analysis on bazidiary. Obviously, you cannot possibly remember everyone’s chart, so I have a software on my laptop and iphone to quicky plot a chart when needed, too. Seldom a day go by without me having to read someone’s chart or me looking at a chart for more insights to a situation. Probably one of the best investments I have done so far. It did take money and lots of time!

The other thing I tell everyone is each element or space in your chart can represent MULTIPLE things, events, or relationships. It is almost impossible to be definite about an analysis. But by layering different ‘schools of thoughts’ the reading becomes more accurate. That is one reason why I always do my analysis (online consults) via a questions and answers approach. Someone actually coined a term that I quite like; ‘Sherlock Holmes style….’ Hahahahah maybe because I’m just not good enough or have not seen enough charts yet to give an accurate prediction. Bazi is not a definitive science. A lot will depend on the experience of the bazi consultant as well as his ‘instinct’ at the time of reading. I’ve realized that I find early mornings for me work well. That’s my ‘eating god’ hour! I go through periods where I just don't find any motivation to write. By looking closer at your chart, the reasons become very obvious.

Another thing I learn is ‘continuity and cycles.’ I like early starts and it gives me more time to ‘learn’ (direct resource person). Again, I believe each will use a different approach to get ahead of life based on your bazi profile. Mine is a long term approach to things. A person who has supportive indirect resource that is favourable probably get results faster via instinct or gut feelings.

In reality, we work in an ecosystem surrounded by all sorts of people. And whether we like it or not, we are always affected by other people. So by understanding some else’s bazi, and knowing what is it that you like about that person, you can also ‘optimise’ that relationship. Sounds terriblely manupilative, but it works both ways. Have to caution you on one point. He or she is also affected by the bazi of the period. There would be times, where the affinity (kam cheng) is there and other times it may not exist. Strange but true.