Tuesday, September 8, 2009

When the Snake, Monkey, Pig and Tiger is in conflict

I stumbled across this birth date of a prominent political leader whose party is going through some form of siege where some of the internal members are seeking to remove him from office. He is also accused to have benefited directed from a government project involving millions of dollars.

Looking forward (2010) at his chart, assuming the birth date is right, you would noticed all the 3 branches (year, month and day – we don’t have the hour) is in some form of conflict with the annual luck pillar and the year pillar. The Snake, Monkey, Pig and Tiger are known as your stability stars. When there are clashes, harms, punishment occurring in all of them, it’ll tell you that this person will be going through a very challenging ‘unstable’ year. Looking at the 10 gods relationships will paint you the picture of the issues the person will go through.

In the Snake (day) there’s the wealth element. The Tiger ‘harms’ the Snake. Wealth or money is at stake. We know from all the news reports that the allegation involves a large ‘donation’ that was made by the accusers.

The PIG (month) clashes with the SNAKE (in the annual luck pillar). The PIG represents relationships or partners. Could this be the people who are out to ‘punish’ him? Again from the news reports, it would seem that there have been a ‘relationship’ in the past before the scandal was exposed. In a clash situation problems with relationships and partners will appear. In the stem of the PIG is Ji Earth representing the 7 Killings. The 7 Killings is a star of aggression, and power.

The first line of defense is always the year branch. But the Monkey clashes with the Tiger. Metal is associated to finance and project management, where the hurting officer is associated to ‘acknowledgement.’ The publicity of this scandal has been largely accredited to the leader’s will power to promote transparency and accountability.

Looks like there's more to come next year.


Anonymous said...

but what about mihail hodorkovsky THE KING OF MONEY?

Arctic_Ocean said...

why do u not sometimes reveal the identity of some of the VIPs whose bazis u read?

Anonymous said...

It's quite important to maintain some level of privacy. These people are powerful, and in some countries, the power is respected and feared as well.

Again, the purpose is education. Never to highlight an individual's luck (or bad luck)at one moment of time.

Anonymous said...

It's beginning....