Monday, September 7, 2009

My short experience with fame

Some of you may have noticed that I had posted an earlier article and taken it offline. Here’s the rewrite.

Originally it was about my short experience with fame and people in that business. I had noticed people who work in this broadcast industry had certain type of hurting officer prominence. It turned out I may have offended someone with an observation and I do apologize if it felt that it had infringed on the person’s privacy. There’s just some clarification and comments that I want to make objectively so that anyone that has their chart analyze realizes.

It’s not always about YOUR chart. It’s a chart associated to a birth date and time, and millions of people share the same elements and relationships. We all live in different environment, are brought up differently and put in different efforts in cultivation our careers and life, therefore, we live very unique individual lives. The chart is the framework for things to happen. If we understand that context we can then optimize and shape to harness its strengths and minimize its weakness. I cannot emphasize that only you know yourself best. Even the bazi consultant is influenced by the questions he asks and the type of responses he gets by being with the person. Each element, relationship, palace (space where the element appears) can mean multiple things!

I had a friend that is a very strong water natal chart, that was missing fire, it’s the wealth element. Does this mean he’ll never see wealth? No, there’s still fire hours, days, months, years and 10 years luck pillars. Once we know WHEN wealth is ‘season’ any activity that is done to accumulate wealth becomes fruitful. However, it’s very easy to ‘waste’ a good period because of frivolous activities. In his case, he was winning a lot of mobile competitions and winning hand phones during that period. Imagine if he had spend the SAME time and period investing in the stock market, the returns would have been obviously better than entering SMS competitions!

When a lady sees strong hurting officer, does it mean she will unlikely get married? No, I have another friend that got married not once but twice, but all ended up in divorce. She’s still in love the third time over, and we have even talked about the issues with her chart. I don’t think any amount of understanding what her charts mean is going to keep her from marrying the third time. But the good thing, is she now conscious of her actions and what may constitute as ‘hurting the officer.’ This is an important point as destiny is only one third the equation. The other third is environment and last third is human effort.

As a leader of any organization it is important for you to understand the capabilities of your employees, very much the same way a conductor understand the individual musicians and instruments in an orchestra. (He doesn’t necessarily need to know how to play the instrument) The piece that’s been played is the action that we choose to do. The hall that you play in is the environment during the performance. How ultimately the music pans out will depend on all factors combined. Hope this clarifies things.

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Xi Luo said...

Ok, so tell me about that type of Hurting Officer to fame. I want to know if I have what it takes to fame and fortunes.