Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Patrick Swayze - the King of Dance

I have been a little overwhelmed having to deal with office matters as well as family emergencies over the last month or so. This year has been a mixed a good starts but mostly tough or bad ends for me. Guest I know now what it means when the Goat and Ox clashed! The one thing that pushes me ahead in knowing that with time, things will change, and being a REN water person, looking forward positively is not difficult for me to do.

With the Internet today, it’s so easy to be in-tuned with world events. I was following the Annie Le murder news and probably was looking to do an analysis on it. I’ll do this later when more information emerges. Yesterday, I saw on CNN that Patrick Swayze had passed on from pancreatic cancer at the age of 57. I recalled that Steve Jobs too had pancreatic cancer and had recovered from it.

Did a Google search and found his birth date and time. I’m certain the birthdate is pretty accurate because there’s some resemblances to Steve’s Job’s chart. Patrick was diagnosed with cancer last January but he was a fighter. Saw the interview between him and Barbara Walters and you could see the fire and fighter in him. If you had watch ‘Dirty Dancing’ and some his other movies, you know that this person’s chart has strong ‘Eating God’ artistic and creative characteristic, much like Michael Jackson’s chart, too. Patrick studies dancing formally and big break came in 1987 when he was featured in Dirty Dancing followed by great movies like Ghost!

This is Swayze’s chart.

You can already see immediately that 2009 was catastrophic year for him. His 10 years luck pillar of TIGER clashed with his day and month branch of MONKEY. The characteristic of this clash is ‘growth cut by metal’ usually can be depicted in accidents or surgery. The hour and year DRAGON branches forms a ‘graveyard’ destruction with the OX. Immediately, you can see ALL the four pillars affected by the 10 year and annual year pillar. He died on September 14, A water DOG day. The DOG and DRAGON forms a clashed formation. It was very difficult to escape this period.

Infact looking back, reading his biography on Wikipedia, you can see that he was seriously injured in 1998 (Earth TIGER year) – He broke legs because he fell from a horse. Again, represented by the TIGER and METAL clashed.

The other incidents reported was Patrick started drinking heavily when his father died in 1982 and his sister committed suicide in 1994. Both of these years were DOG years, and the DOG clashed with the DRAGON (his hour as well as year pillar).

These were already evidence pointing to a time in the where when all the pillars are in conflict, it would represent a life threatening event.

May Patrick Swayze rest in peace.


Anonymous said...

With Monkey & Tiger Clash, if the Tiger is an unfavourable element while Monkey is a favourable element, will that produce a different outcome?

thanks =)

Chris Chan said...

I'll let you know next year because Im going to go through exactly that in one of my pillars! hahahah :-)

Theoretically, every time you go through a clash, harm, or any kinds of conflicts, it's going to result in 'stress.' However, if you think about Monkey, Tiger clash, the book says Monkey will win, and therefore 'luck' will be on your side.

I'm really not certain I would interpret it as that entirely. I rather look at WHAT the tiger represent in your NATAL chart etc. So, if it is your eating god, that 'work' or output maybe disrupted etc.

Anonymous said...

What does it mean to have fan yin of yang wood yang metal? Instead of clashing, doesn't it also make possible generic pairings of yang wood stem Tiger branch, yang metal stem Monkey branch? Wood and Metal rooted are strong and clashes negated as well? Or could it mean road accident and an operation if it's located in Day Pillar? My sister has that. Do you think a fu yin month will make a better month to undergo an op?

Anonymous said...

In what forms dog-dragon clashes normally represent in person's life?