Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Phantom of the Opera – Andrew Lloyds’ greatest work

Yesterday was a great evening out. I went to The Venetian in Las Vegas and watched Phantom of the Opera, probably for the tenth time. It was an incredible show and gave me the inspiration to understand the people behind great musicals. Behind the Phantom is Andrew Lloyd Webber, one of the greatest English composer of Musical Theater. Let’s take a look at his Bazi chart and see what made him who he is today.

Digging through an astrology website, I managed to find his birth time. This is Andrew’s chart.

Wikipedia does a great job listing down his work and giving us a short background on his work and his life. But you have to dig a little further and see whether a specific work was successful or when a particular work became successful.

There is one interesting thing to note. You would think he is naturally born an ‘Eating God’ structure and this 10 God relationship is usually associated to creative people. That is not the case, although he does have a protruding EG in the YEAR stem as well as a secondary EG in the hour pillar. Timing had a lot to do with his creative endeavors. The other thing is the Indirect Resource. You usually associate the Indirect Resource to people with lots of ideas. Again, this is not the case with Andrew. He has a Direct Resource structure. In fact, you can see a lot of his ideas were not his own. It was through the people that he had working relationships with that have given him some of the ideas for his greatest work.

Digging further, I found out that Phantom was not even created by Andrew! There was another composer by the name of Ken Hill that had popularized Phantom before Andrew. And even more shocking, that Ken was not even the original creator of Phantom. It was created by the French author by the name of Gaston Leroux! Wow, RobWealth in action, if you ask me!

Before I going deeper into his works, another interesting point to note is Andrew’s natal chart has got 3 peach blossom stars. This guy also married 3 times, the first time in the year of the RAT (1972), the second time 12 years later, 1984 (also in the year of the RAT), and the 3rd time in Feb 1991. 1990 is the year of the HORSE, another peach blossom star, just like the RAT, Rabbit, and Rooster. Very ‘attractive’ person!

Andrew is a Bing Fire daymaster. When he shines, he shines bright! He is born in the season of resource, and resource penetrates to the heavens. Underneath his daymaster is the ding fire representing robwealth. In the hour pillar, you’ll see the Bing (fire) Shen (Monkey representing indirect wealth). As we all know, the Geng Metal depends on ding fire to forge it, therefore, it is through working with other people that he makes his money. In the hour pillar, you can also form the picture of his fans (friends) providing Andrew the wealth he has today!

Andrew started writing (composing) at an early age. It was reported that he published his first work at the age of 9. And he had an Aunt by the name of Viola that had provided Andrew the opportunity to see many musical productions at a very early age as she was an actress at the theatre. Andrew’s first luck pillar was Bing (fire) Shen (metal – eating god). You can see how important this luck pillar was to Andrew. Again it was his supporters (or Friends) that had helped developed his creative talents (Eating God). These were the early years where he had build his foundation and interest for a great future, and this talent will and had bring about great wealth in the future. Andrew Lloyd is reported to be the 87th richest Briton in 2006.

For a strong fire person, you also would assumed that more fire isn’t great. I guess there are exceptions. In Andrew’s case, he is a Bing fire daymaster. Bing fire CANNOT forge Geng metal (indirect wealth), therefore he is very dependent on the Ding Fire to provide that task. If you read his bio a little more, you could see that he had dropped out from school (Oxford) together with his friends like Tim Rice (another famous lyricist) to write music! And the greater part of this luck pillar, he was not successful. His first success came in 1968 when he wrote ‘Joseph and his Amazing Technicolor Dreamboat’ (I’ve not even heard of it myself!) 1968 was a Wu Shen year (Earth Monkey). Earth is the Eating God, weakens fire, and Monkey’s key element is Metal, a very important element to Andrew. The next hit was Jesus Christ Superstar in 1971, when he had moved to his NEW luck pillar of Wu Wu (Earth Horse) (EG, RW). This would be one of Andrew’s most creative periods and mark the beginning of Andrew’s success in the musical theatre. You can see how the Ding Fire in the horse is another important element for Andrew, as Ding fire is required to forge Geng Metal. The rest is history.

Just by looking at his 10 years luck pillar you can see Andrew’s life unfolding before our eyes. His 23rd luck pillar was the period that saw his rise. His 33th luck pillar Andrew obtained plenty of fame and started building his fortune. He was also knighted during this period. And by the time he arrived at his 43rd luck pillar, he was already extremely wealthy.

The lesson to learn here is to do the right thing very early on in life. With the right type of chart, you can magnify the talents. In reality, time is required in the development of most careers. There are very few people that have just gone from zero to hero (from a wealth perspective) in a short period. Andrew’s work took a life time, and the royalties from his work will definitely last more than one generation (as in Michael Jackson’s case, too)

Maybe, Josephine of Bazichic will do a face reading of Andrew!


Josephine said...

Sure! Sure! Will try to read it with the knowledge that I have. :-)

The most noticeable features in his face are the high forehead, the high position of the ear above the eyebrow and the thick eyebrow.

The high forehead and the high ear position show a highly analytical and intelligent person. Since his forehead is higher than the other two divisions of his features compare to the start and end of the nose, and the mouth area, an indication that is likely achieve success before his 30s.

The thick eyebrow showed an altruistic character. Friendship is very important to him as well.

The obvious double chin also indicated a good life in old age as well as support from all around. Good hired help is also indicated.


Anonymous said...

hey Master how are you?this person was diagonstic with cancer today on 25 oct 2009