Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Luck changes with Time

I remember when I started learning Bazi about a year and a half ago, there was a skeptical part of me that constantly reminded me of my ‘believe system’ before diving into this particular science. As I learn and experience more over time, I’m wondering whether ‘knowing too much’ will eventually become a problem! I have always been an obsessive learner, from my younger days in the competitive music scene to been an entrepreneur, I believe in going the extra mile so that we have an advantage in life. Bazi seems to give me a view into a future event, but my fear now is been able to do something (positive) about it.

Yesterday was a Metal Monkey day. Metal is one of my most important element in my natal chart, so I expect to receive some money. I did. I received a small donation from a reader, as well as notice of a check (that was long outstanding) from a client was ready. I expected that. Unfortunately my bazi revealed a little more.

At the office, I have been having a series of issues with quality of work produced. I just had enough if it yesterday, after another of my client had complained. (The OX is good and bad for me, and I’m beginning to understand why!) For the longest of time, I’ve been fighting myself in banning ‘casual surfing’ in the office. Instead of researching on the net, some of this idiots are chatting with their friends, updating their facebook accounts, watching YouTube etc. All unproductive work during company time. I’ve decided to ban it all. Incidentally, the MONKEY clashed with the TIGER in my chart representing my Eating God. Eating God also represents my output or employees.

The monkey also harms the pig. The pig resides in my hour pillar, representing my child. I was at an ENT specialist yesterday and was told that he has a problem with one side of his ear. There was fluid in his ear, and a tissue (called the adenoid) was obstructing the passage way between his middle ear (behind his ear drum). This was preventing the fluid from draining and the doctor had recommended a minor surgical procedure to remove the adenoid. We are seeking a second opinion but it is very likely we will have no choice because failing to do anything can result in deafness to one side of the ear.

I’ve never really looked at health related matters when it comes to Bazi so when my wife asked me, I had to do a little research to determine exactly what element does the human ear represent. Found out that WATER represented the EAR. In my son’s chart the only water was in the year stem sitting on top of the GOAT. This year is the year of the OX, the OX clashes with the GOAT. It was his LEFT ear that was affected, too. Elements that get affected on the month or year pillar usually represent the left side of the body.

The one thing I can gather from all these experience is life is not so straight forward. When a bazi consultant tells you that this could be a good and bad period at the same time, remember that we can experience multiple things at the same time. It’s the same with feelings. You could technically be happy and sad. It shows in the charts but interpretation may not be so straight forward.

I have a few bazi consultant friends that are extremely analytical. Not that I do not believe in their methods, I believe when you ‘overly’ look for something, you’ll be sure to find them hidden in the chart somewhere. However, when it’s on the surface, the likely hood of the ‘event’ turning up is extremely high.

As far as knowing what to do about a positive or negative event, my only advise is human effort is the key to minimizing or enhancing a particular ‘luck.’ If you know that a period is great for you, put more effort in, and the returns would be greater. If a period is not so great, take less risk. The last thing you want to be is the gambler that continues to believe that the next roll of the dice will be his lucky turn.

Luck changes with time.


Shi Xiang said...

Hi Chris,

Ren Shen month is not far away. Do you have enough earth in your chart to control these water? :D

Chris Chan said...

I become an ego maniac when REN SHEN comes along! It is as if magically I become super confident!

Cheers from Taipei.