Monday, July 20, 2009

Good Morning Las Vegas

Woke up this morning thinking maybe I should hit the black jack table. I’m in Las Vegas today and just about over my jet lag. Checked the days’ Jia Zi, and it was Bing Yin (fire wood). Oh oh, means it’s money out day, not in. Turned on my phone, and there’s a sms from my wife telling me my pet dog needs surgery and it’s not going to be cheap. Don’t even think I’ll waste my time on the table this trip! It’s actually the day I plan to hit the outlet mall, so I’ll naturally spend money…oh well, it’s destined!

Watching CNN, just heard another plane (fighter jet) had crashed in the middle east. I think it was yesterday or two days ago, a helicopter had crashed, and before that another jet fighter. My god what’s going on. Just a week ago, a 737 plummet into a field, and quite recently an airbus met the same fate. Must be a terrible year for metal, and I remember david of Yifengshui telling me about the ‘peak’ of the Ji Chou month was WHEN the Ji earth emerges, which is this month of wei (goat)! The earth weakens the ding fire which is critical to make metal useful and covers metal (when it is in the stem).

Now I know why I have so many new hires that are metal daymasters, and my project management team (mostly metal people) is a little ‘blur’! This year pretty bad for them and I naturally attract metal folks (and water) folks. Anyway, have to look on the bright side, next year is Metal Tiger year, and in the tiger is wood. Wood is the wealth element for metal folks…does that mean they will be making money FROM me or FOR me? Hopefully both.

Let’s see if I can interprete what David wrote about luck? The view of the Vegas mountains that is surrounding my hotel suite is giving me good fengshui vibes! Maybe I can ask David to divinate a bit and see if I can make his architecture fees from the lucky stars!

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