Monday, July 27, 2009

The Fire of Life - Don't wait to live life to the fullest

I’m in San Francisco airport after my flight from Seattle waiting to catch the next flight to Taipei and then to Malaysia. It was only barely 24 hours ago when I was awaken by the buzzing of my ‘silent’ mobile at 4am this morning. Checking the missed calls, it was from my wife. 3 missed calls. With a mild panic, I struggled with the light and called home, my wife gave me the sad and shocking news; my partner of 13 years had died of a heart attack at the age of 42.

Oh my God, how could that have happen. Like me, he just turned 42 not too long ago. He was at the peak of his career and at the prime of life, and had only better times in life to look forward to. He had a good life, and was always the friend to everyone, a father to 3 lovely daughters and a providing husband. I’ve known Kevin for more than 13 years, but for my wife, he was her child hood friend, they grew up in high school, and went to the same university together. She had introduced him to me, and we became partners. He followed us back from the US and started up our entrepreneur adventure. I still cannot believe that he is gone. (BTW There was a FuYin in my wife’s chart – but I didn’t expect that it would meant losing a dear friend)

He had always been lucky. Any property he bought, would automatically appreciate. He had so many people who looked after him, my wife, his brother, his sister, his friends. And he lived life to the fullest, and anyone would attest to it. His passion was life itself!
His wake will be held on Monday at his home and I really hope that I can make it back in time for the funeral.

Our fengshui master had commented a couple of years ago, that she has never seen anyone as lucky as my partner. Her exact description was ‘he was seated on a lotus flower…’ However, she had cautioned that this year, he would face some serious accident or even death. If he survived, he would have the best of luck for the rest of his life. But I guess he didn’t.

This is my partner's chart.

A special chart for a special person. Problem was in every light, there is that spot of darkness. Navigating away from it, may not be easy, especially if you do not believe anything was wrong in the first place! No one’s luck last forever.

I guess the OX clashed the Goats and the Ox harmed the Horse, his Bing fire, representing the fire of life. He died on a goat month. The goat combined with the horse creating more fire, not something a strong fire person likes.

I hope this serves to remind us that life is ever so fragile and don’t wait to enjoy life with the ones that you love, because no matter how good life may seem, it can be taken away from you. May his soul rest in peace. I’ll miss you my friend.


Josephine said...

I am sorry to hear the sad news of your best friend & business partner. His chart is truely special.

Anonymous said...

I can understand your sentiment of a lost friend. Sorry to hear about it.

Indeed, output becomes important for an overly strong fire person. When these outputs has been clashed in, especially an earth clashing into another one, the tendency is this fire person will go into the graves. See

Take care.


P said...

Dear Chris

So sorry you had to learn the unfortunate passing of your soul mate while overseas.

I'm glad for Kevin that he'd lived a passionate life to the hilt and had inspired many.

Perhaps you could think of it this way, Heaven has loftier and more important missions for your buddy to carry out...

Thanks for sharing his chart...

I'm lousy in bazi reading ... but unfavorable fire = heart attack, especially for high stress- achievers.

For a chart showing fu yin with both yp (1st line of defence) and career/children coupled with major clash LP + clash year (+ xin wei month; sat - xinwei day = year-breaker; sun- ren shen day; mon - gui you day), it was extremely difficult to overcome his destined timing.

Running across the row of hidden stems, one gets a flash picture of a cascading mountain of ji earth snuffing out the air that keeps ding candles burning, and gui water in ox turning ji to mud seal

Thanks for the stern reminder to me that there are possibly fatal obstacles in the second half of my major "guan" year.

Like yr pal, all four pillars are under assault this year by major enemy chou - bullying punishment and harm.

I share the same three columns but bing wu is my yp while mp is wu xu.

Perhaps the key diff is that in 2007 I moved into gui si LP and am due for ji chou LP from 82 years old.

Career and money already impacted... I'd better not put off that colonscopy for intestinal cancer...

Chris, take your time to grieve but remember to exercise care - yourself and especially your wife!

Mona (ref Bazi course)

roz chua said...

dear chris
my condolences to you on the loss of your dear sounds like you have many happy memories though, which is something special.
warm wishes

Chris Chan said...

I just attended the wake last night, and the funeral service is today. From the postmortem medical report, he had died from a stroke. But he had vomitted blood and had a history of high blood pressure.

Would the YI wood be considered something associated to the arteries that had been clashed?

Comments please. Thanks.