Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Can we alter DESTINY?

I woke up this morning thinking about some events had taken place in the last few days. Once in a while, I get shaken up by observations or comments made by other people, but my non confrontational nature in me, prevents me from going head on, especially with people I do not know. This article was also sparked by an email request, asking me for remedies to alter ‘destiny.’ Maybe I could be like the famous or should I say infamous fengshui master in Hong Kong asking her billionaire client/lover to dig holes all over the garden (http://yifengshui.blogspot.com/2009/07/angel-and-demon-of-fengshui.html)or send me a bunch of money! Hahaha….fat hopes of that happening. I did get an invite to Romania!

There was also a comment in the last article that mentioned that “ …EVERYTHING IS IN ORDER, GOD CONTROLS ALL OF US, GOD IS OUR BIRTH CHART, IT IS THE PROGRAM OF OUR LIFE…” You would not believe a simple statement like this can set the mind to work overtime, thinking about IF everything were solely determined by God’s will, then why do I endure this path of Bazi studies? And if I cannot do something about it, from a human or environment perspective, then why ‘know’ in the first place? I’ve always been very determined in life. Whether it was in my younger days where I participated in competitive music competitions, or doing well in public examinations at school till running my own business. Was this all determined by God or was there an element of self as well as environment that assisted me in getting my goals and objectives in life? Don’t we have longer life spans today because of better medical advancement? Didn’t this happen because human beings decided to understand the human body better? Are we to a certain extend trying to alter ‘destiny’?

I wouldn’t go as far as say I can alter destiny, but you sure can make a difference as far as knowing WHEN certain ‘luck’ characteristics are prominent. Think of it like using a magnifying glass to make fire. No matter how hard you try, if there’s no sun or there are clouds covering the sun, there’s no way you can produce fire (unless you use something else!). Obviously, when the sun is shining bright and you don’t bother to use the magnifying glass, starting a fire is also not that easy. I always thought of life path as a road that is filled with bumps, pot holes, and traffic lights. Sometimes you speed up, sometimes you slow down, and sometimes you come to a complete stop. But eventually the lights turn green and you move on. Ok, enough of the pictorial philosophies.

There have been instances where I realized I have a ‘craving’ to do certain things, like travelling. I travel quite a fair bit, especially during the summer periods. It helps, if you have the ability. But it is mere coincidental that the same time last year, I was in Australia, and in about two weeks’ time, I’ll be in the US. I wonder why? Could it possibly be that during the fire months, I am a little more restless, because fire ‘unbalances’ me thus the body seeks ‘water’ related activities to balance it. The other thing I did very aggressively last year was start on learning Bazi, again through self studies early in the year, peaking during the fire months. I was taking courses in Malaysia and Singapore. Isn’t ‘studying’ associated to water or resource which is again important to ‘weak’ water person like me?

I have wondered whether it is possible to self ‘prophecise’ and there’s a possibility all of this is merely a random event that is taking place in a moment of time.

It is one thing to look at your own charts and map events, it really is very mind boggling to see how people you know go through different luck cycles, especially when you know their charts! I have yet to see a born in ‘horse year’ person that did not have a relatively bad year in 2008 or a GUI water person who I can get them to focus on one specific activity or a strong Ren Xu (day pillar) person who is not ‘in your face’ , demanding or determined. You could create so much tension in the work environment when you put geng metal people to work with Jia wood personalities. Don’t you think wood people are a tad selfish or Geng metal people are a little ‘unbending.’ I could go on and on.

Knowing what you know, don’t you think that designing a specific activity can help ‘balance’ a person thus in some way ‘altering’ destiny? Again, let me stress this is merely an idea and not a claim that I can do it. (I’m not a Ren Xu person, if you wondering whether this persistency is a product of my chart. I am Ren Yin, an Eating God (creative)personality). I’ve tried working at night, in the day, but the best time is early in the morning, during the wood hours. Again, it is merely coincidental?


John Bastille said...

I would like to consider that the answer to whether we can change destiny is both a YES and NO.

We can't change our DNA nor has anyone cheated death (permanently). Neither can we change our 4 pillars. Similar to our DNA, our bodies were build with the necessary height to become a basketball player, the necessary "lung capacity and voice" to become a singer and the intelligence and health to do greater things in many other areas.

Luck pillars determine the Qi that is coming to your way. Making use of it is like setting sail on a boat and enjoy the ride. If you don't I guess, you still have to 'go with the flow'. But ain't it fun to sail along?

Anonymous said...

I guess you can. Perhaps you may permit to put up a chart and deliberate?


J said...

It's very interesting how you say that, because of the time when my last accident happened to be.

It was a Ox year, Snake month, Dog day, and Dragon Hour. Myself having only ox in my pillars, I realized (after the accident), that I was in a "punishment". Thank goodness that it wasn't a sheep month; otherwise, I may have ended up dead rather than alive.

As a weak Ding DM, I've always had no problem working late into the night when metal and water elements were prevalent, but now that you mention it, whenever I do an all-nighter for a paper, I always end up doing bulk of the work in the early morning when wood element is the strongest (I also have EG structure, but as I have virtually no resource except for the Yi wood in year pillar, resources are very important to me).

I guess I'll have to become an early bird rather than a night owl if I want to get anything done. :)

]s$t[ said...

Hi Chris,
I thought about all you wrote in the blog before. I questioned the originality of lifeover and over again, as soon as I found out about Bazi, ZWDS and other divination method.

The negative side of the coin is that there's a force out there that's already thinking of our next move, it's like someone's actually watching us. Like scientiest with their rats, but in a much complicated method.

They deliberately spread divination method to fool them further, for those who are not satisfied with simply moving on, for those who are extremely gullible and stubborn, who believe that there is something beyond the everyday reality, who never stop questioning...

We're following a cycle, creating things we thought matter. But each single thing we thought is important, actually has no meaning at all. Maybe it's because people who want to know more are trying to act God, they wanna be the "force", and so nothing can satisfy them.
But how do we know which one is better, to know or not to know?

Does any of it make any sense to you?

Chris Chan said...

In many ways I see what I call the 'God Syndrome' as a disease that infects those who start try and understand Bazi. So, it's terribly important to remember we are mere mortals.

It's strange that you mentioned something about divination, because Ive been contemplating that study as my next area. There are many 'signs' that tell me things, pretty much in the way you described.

Maybe, I'm not in agreement of this whole 'experience' as an experiment, because don't we all try and make life better in everyday life anyway?

I do agree, at times, infact most of the time, you cannot control the bad events that happens, or at least, you don't exactly WHAT type of event happens, but know that it's not going to be a 'nice' event!

Anonymous said...

Heaven Earth and Man has something in common. They share the same origin that is Nothingness WuJi. By giving name to existance, it is the mother of the myriad things, TaiJi. Our lives are not sequential but an overlaps of many events into very one existance called conciousness. With conciousness, we tend to forget about the unconcious side of things and we begin to question the very notion of existence. We try to understand why we exist and by looking at the very nature existance, the name, we see the other side of things which is the unamed. Do we call this divination?

Past present and future are nothing but one. It is these continuos stream of events that brings us closer to what we are and not what we should be. Only to those who waywards are in the tendency to play God.

Think about it, with every shadow, there must be a light source. It is always one that decide which direction to follow. Same with the art of metaphysics notably divination.


None said...

I used to believe that with hard work, humans can change destiny. I have gone through worse and worst situations, just to change my destiny.

I am an Indian, and I very well know vedic astrology. I very well know my future and Its no good. But, Still somewhere I fight for it. That It is my LIFE and only I should control it. No book should have the power to tell me that what is going to happen.

And one or the other day, I, Myself going to find out, and then I will control my life.

If I find the ones who has written my destiny, I am not going to spare them.