Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Tony Fernandes - the man behind AirAsia's success

Woke up early again this morning. Seems I am returning to my routine, which is good. So many ideas in my head in the morning, the last thing I need is to sleep! So, to my friends, who cannot understand why I don’t usually do late nights, now you know why. The early bird catches the worm!

I want to do a famous local celebrity entrepreneur next. It’s not very easy NOT to follow his progress, as his always in the headlines and probably an icon to every budding entrepreneur out there, even more so now, as he is on twitter! He is none other than AirAsia’s Tony Fernandes.

Checking with a few friends, I think I have Tony’s birth date, and obviously not his time of birth. Plotted his chart and this is what it looks like.

Right away, you can see a strong Ji Earth person, thinker, with plenty of RobWealth’s in his chart. This guy life is built on relationships! More so, it is about relationships with money and power. Just look at the other elements present in the entire pillar and well as the secondary QI elements where the RW appears.

We know about his talents and musical background – this is indicated by the Eating God element represented by the Xin Metal in the day branch pillar. As a favorable element (as Metal weakens strong earth), you’ll see that this characteristic positively influences Tony. He is eloquent, gets the attention he needs, and executes well, all metal characteristics! His background as an accountant further confirms metal as an important element to him. Further this is one sharp guy, and by sharp I mean very intelligent. This is usually the characteristic of a ‘Ji You’ (Earth Rooster) day pillar. Ji earth daymaster folks that have got the ‘you’ (Rooster) are usually very intelligent. (My son has got 2! – no wonder he is always manipulating his mother!)

The chart lacks the fire element, which could be possibly present in the hour pillar. But he definitely makes it up with the color of AirAsia and his AirAsia cap!

Strong Earth wants to control water – his wealth element. I wonder if that’s why he has black leather seats on board! Hahahahah….passengers bring him wealth!

Let’s look at timing next. He started AirAsia after September 11, 2001 – the worst day in aviation history. He had met Tun Mahathir in October and had taken over DrbHicom’s heavily indebted subsidiary for RM1. 2001 was a snake year, fire warms his chart. Tony was in his 31 luck pillar of Ren Shen or Water Monkey – both his ideal elements! And the October was a month of pure Robwealth – again indicating ‘relationships’ who want something from him.

There’s also another interesting ‘event.’ October is a DOG month. As we know, the DOG clashes big time with the DRAGON, and in many cases before we saw a negative outcome from this clash. In this case look at what came out from the clash – look at the 10 gods representation of all the secondary/hidden elements from the branches of the dog and dragon. It’s all about wealth, new ideas and metal presenting his ability to execute (also can represent planes!)
The rest is history as they say – AirAsia’s success in the aviation industry brought Tony and fame and fortune he deserves.

2004 was another historic milestone in AirAsia’s long line of achievement. Tony had formed joint venture partnerships with Thailand and Indonesia. That year was the last year of his 31 luck pillar of Ren Shen (water monkey) and 2004 was Jia Shen (wood monkey) year. Jia (Yang wood) can represent new ‘power’ )(or shareholders) and the monkey or key element of Geng Metal (also a fav element), represents the hurting officer or ‘acknowledgement’ for his work. Hmmmm….not too sure when Tony got his datoship? Usually the hurting officer could represent that, too.

November 2004 was also the year that AirAsia when public. November is PIG month – representing direct wealth for Tony. This is a great achievement for him in relatively a very short period of time.

At 41, Tony entered his luck pillar if Gui You (water rooster) – again his favorite element of water and metal seems to bring him to new heights, atleast until he is 51.


Anonymous said...

I thot Datokship is a royal rank, so shouldn't datoship be represented by Officer?

Chris Chan said...

No lah. Think of power and authority over you. Hurting officer is the 'gratification' for output. I think he got his datoship very much earlier. Need to ask him.