Friday, June 19, 2009

The Office Actor

I’ve written several times about the effects of the Hurting Officer. In the studies of the 10 Gods relationships, the Hurting Officer hurts the Direct Officer. So, if you are female and married, the presence or strengthening of the Hurting Officer will hurt the husband. In the case of employee, there is a strong possibility of him or her hurting the boss. Let me highlight another characteristic of the hurting officer that all employers/bosses should be aware of – the office actor.

The last thing anyone needs in an office is office politics. Imagine, you have an actor in the office that believes the office is one a big stage, the employees are actors, and he’s the star! You can imagine if the clients or bosses are cast as villains and the theme of the show is about a hero that doesn’t get the recognition he deserves!

You’ll not only find that dealing with this character difficult, but you suddenly realize that the rest of the staff thinks you are bad guy, as he drums of dramatic support from the others. This is one dangerous fellow, because he truly believes that he is the hero and goes all out to seek that ‘acknowledgment.’

Isn’t that the characteristic of the hurting officer. It is an output element that seeks recognition from work he/she produces. When the hurting officer is a structure (in the branch of the month pillar) and either a Jia Wood (creative) or a Xin Metal (show off), I truly believe you’ll find the office actor!

How do you prevent an encore from happening? Either ensure that the job truly requires an actor, or he/she be in a role that requires them to drum up people support in some sort of a campaign.


It’s time to use a ‘remove day’ and Geng Metal day or hour to stage the final chapter, and pray there’s no sequel to the show.


Shi Xiang said...

hi Chris,

meeting a prominent hurting officer in life is actually testing your tolerance :D.

Anonymous said...


I begin to be addicted to your writings. These are what they called, office primadonna. There is some kind of chemistry that just put things to where it belongs. Way to go!

Perhaps you may consider another topic, the puppet and its puppeteers as your next installation.

Well wishes!

Anonymous said...

Bullshit I don't believe with u. Most weak people who would believe in what you said.

Anonymous said...

I've yet to run across one of these office actors in my short life, but I've seen plenty of school actors... and their lives seem so chaotic...

best thing to do is stay away and act like they don't exist.

Of course, as a employer, you've gotta do what you've gotta do to maintain high performance.

How does one actually go about thinking one as bad and one as good in an office setting anyways?

Anonymous said...

u mentioned about married woman who has hurting officer in their chart will hurt their husband.

But what if the woman is single? How can the placement of hurting officer in her chart affect her love life?

Chris Chan said...

The hurting officer hurts the officer. the direct officer in a married woman represents her husband. Obviously if the woman in not married, then the officer represents the boss.

In my experiences, elements can represent many things or people, usually within context. That's why it's important to identify WHAT specifically we are looking for.

Grace said...

Dear Chris,

Have a girl colleague (1/6/81) with prominent HO in month HS and penetrating RW in year pillar and this is a 7k chart structure. What can I say about her daily show in the office? Plenty.....However, in her case, the boss is on her side! In fact, he is trying to utilise her HO 'talents' to keep other staffs in order by way of getting her to act as the official informant in office. Many staffs had left as such but it seems that the boss really favours her. She had got rewarded by a very high increment and also other benefits (car park) , which the senior staffs hadnt even got. Btw, she is only a junior staff without good paper qualification and work experience. The power of HO....
As for her 'hurting officer / boss' part, I think the boss will get hit soon by some seniors who be leaving soon next year , partly due to the unfair practice.