Tuesday, June 9, 2009

David Carradine and his Peach Blossom stars

David Carradine’s death in Bangkok and his usual circumstances surrounding how he died got the best of my curiosity. So I decided to plot his chart based on his birth date and the published birth time from other astrology websites. I also decided to write this article after seeing a chart for someone else that has some similar characteristics – he probably will see this article and can assess on the necessarily course of action.

Here’s the chart.

For those Bazi scholars out there, the first thing that jumps right at you is the fact that he has peach blossom stars in all his four pillars, and in his year, month, and day branch it is all RATs! His auxiliary stars contain the salty pool as well as red chamber in the hour pillar. I tend to ignore the auxiliary stars but in this situation the numerous times it appears tell me it has a lot of significance to this actor’s life.

David was married five times and even had a ‘domestic partner’ where they had a child together. Obviously from his officially biography, he appears as a person that has very strong sexual libido.

Water constitutes resource for this Jia wood person, making him a strong wood daymaster. Strong wood likes to be weakened – fire and metal would do it! Metal represents his aggressive nature, and fire the hurting officer and eating god, an element usually associated to creative output as well as recognition for output! Think of what type of shows made him famous – Kung Fu! Martial arts is also associated to the fire element and that brought his rise to fame. Water can also represent lust when in the negative form, and obviously a strong wood, doesn’t need anymore wood or water!

The key thing to look for, when ‘luck’ things bad is usually clashes, harms, punishment etc. that affects the branches as well as the stem. Let’s look at this theory and see if it holds water.

For a person that only has a horse and rats in the chart, you can bet when luck is not on his side, it’ll definitely play a major effect on him. Further more, the horse clashes with the rats in his chart. Could possibly mean that his children has very little affinity to the spouse(s) and his family, which if you think about the number of wives David has, this situation would appear quite normal. I’m sure he’s also left a fortune behind. I can imagine all his former spouses and children staking a claim to his fortune.

He died while in his ding wei (fire goat) luck pillar and a Ji Chou (earth ox) year. The goat harms the rats and combines with the horse. The ox combines with the rat and harms the horse. Even before analyzing the affects of the combines, clashes or harms, you already suspect something will happen this year.

I also suspect Ji earth has a major influence here, as you’ll note that the day, month, year, luck pillar ALL had Ji earth, which combines with the Jia wood.

This is probably the few times where I can find time to do an analysis during the day outside the tiger hour! Looking forward to more analysis from folks like YiFengshui and Bazichic which I’m sure is looking to understand what other secrets or personality profiles a person like David Carrington holds.


Shi Xiang said...

Hi Chris

I just post a Bazi analyze of David Carrington dead in my Bazi Blog as well (quote from you), hope you won't mind. Drop by my blog if you are interested...

by the way Chris can you teach me how to optimize the search engine ?

Shi Xiang said...

Hi Chris

Re: by the way Chris can you teach me how to optimize the search engine ?

I just realize the function.I will refer to the web master tool and feeds . tq

Josephine said...

A very neat analysis you have there. No idea yet on what to post on my blog so far. Maybe will post some trivial matter of myself. :-)


Anonymous said...

Hi Jo,
try Shi Jian, the old Hong Kong Star who also passed away same day. Without Hour pillar, his chart is 3 Rens, 2 Zi and 1 Wu.


Chris Chan said...

Hi Shi Xiang,

Didn't do much to my blog. Realise the more I write the more people come! hahahah....