Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Bazi - A Reason for Everything

When in an argument, one of my wife's common line is I have a reason for everything, and then she goes into what I call 'silent mode.' Nope, this article is not about an argument with my wife.

I've been wondering why my productivity is incredibly low this month. And I'm not just talking about researching into new articles but just in general (work, holiday etc). My health has been just as bad. I can't seem to shake this flu bug even though I seem to have recovered from it, after a short period of rest, before falling ill again.

Even my holiday plans don't seem to materialize. I had bought cheap tickets during a travel fare to Japan and because of the swine flu bug, I decided to postpone that trip. Just as well, with the condition I am in, I probably come back with the swine flu!

So, no matter what you try to do, when the timing is bad, things just don't turn out the one you want it to be, no matter how much you try to alter destiny. Usually, if you have the 10 year luck or annual luck supporting year, the affects are not so bad.

From a Bazi perspective, this month is the Si (snake) month. (I actually just thought of it last night, so I better try and complete this article during the wood hours, before I loose the initiative!)

The snake harms the Tiger. The tiger is actually the eating god in my day pillar. The day pillar technically represents me, and the palace represents my wife. In this case, I think the effects is towards me. As we all know by know, the eating god, is an output star. In my case, it is a Jia wood, which can also represent documents or creative endeavors. So, you see, when you are not your usually productive self, chances there's also a reason for that.

What about my health. Health is usually represented by resource. When resource or self is affected, then health is generally affected. Lets see, the snake month also clashes with the Pig. I have a pig in my chart. It is in my your pillar. The main element in the pig is ren water represent self, and sitting on top of the pig is xin metal, my resource! (My ONLY resource, and that makes it even worst).

Ofcourse, my wife thinks it's the lack of exercise, and bad eating habits etc., but I'm sure the my Bazi reasoning holds water, too.

Finally, some output from me!


Josephine said...

Better take care of your health, my friend.

Anonymous said...

So you're ren water daymaster then?
This entire year must be very taxing for you as well then...

I just keep doing more and more work (earth is my output element)... let's just hope I am not exhausted by the end of it. :)

Chris Chan said...

I'm a weak Ren Yin with plenty of fire in my natal chart. Ji Chou is good because is helps to balance me out. Taxing in terms of 'meeting' powerful people. (Direct officers)

All my close associates are earth and metal people, my best dates are earth and metal. Coincidence? :-)

Anonymous said...

Your Day Branch is also your Health Palace. :)

My work seems better as Fire is my output. But my analysis power drop as my IR is clashed.

Anonymous said...

I think snake clash with tiger should be good for you as it generates metal :)

But output will be affected.