Monday, June 15, 2009

Arbitrating the Elements – Relationships between People

We have heard of people applying ‘fengshui (environmental) cures’ to folks that have got issues with their bazi. My interest lies in inter relationships between people as I see relationships as a critical to success of doing business. So, does a bazi of a person affect another person’s bazi?

I’ve been reminded and told countless times, that the elements of a person cannot jump out from one into another. I believe that. We ‘contained’ our own elements, so to speak. However, the changing elements of the luck pillars, years, months, days and even hour pillars will affect how we feel, perform, and luck characteristic. So, can working with different individuals with different elemental characteristics ‘affect’ the way we work?

In my organization, I have now close to 100 people. I can tell you regardless of whether they are contributors, parasites, smart, stupid, useless or whatever, there are people I love to work with and there are people that just drive me up the wall. We even published our employees birthdays (by month) on our Intranet portal so you can right away tell that whether you like people is born in that month or not!

A lot of my key project managers are all ‘geng ‘metal personalities. I guess if you are looking for someone to execute a project well, these folks with this characteristic will get the job done. Recently, I won a job where the partner organization consisting of mostly wood people, and strong wood decided that they would be the go in between the end client and us. You can imagine them having lots of opportunities this year as earth years are wood wealth stars! Another key characteristic of Jia wood people where it comes to wealth is they guard their ‘earth’ very well. Don’t expect them to share-share very willingly! Hahahah….

Even at the beginning of the project, the relationships between my Geng project managers and the Jia wood partners appear extremely antagonistic. The Jia wood folks stood firm and tall on their ideologies, even though they were clueless (and had zero experience) on how to develop software solutions, while the Geng metal tried to control every aspect of the developmental process to ensure a timely delivery. From the emails flying around, you could see a relationship disaster developing very quickly.

I had told this concerned to the account manager, and told him he’d better do something or the team will implode and we can kiss good bye to this client. To cut a long story short, he seemed to be able to ‘arbitrate’ between the two parties and minimize the antagonistic feeling during project meetings. On examining my account manager’s bazi chart, I realized he was weak ding fire. Weak ding fire people feeds off Jia wood (resource). Strong Jia wood people like to be weakened by ding fire. Perfect. They seem to be working well. My Geng metal project manager folks need to be forged by fire. They make metal ‘soft’ and you can mold them to be useful. The ding’s fire ‘lead and show the way’ approach also seem to bring some level of comfort to the project managers. Things seem to be working out so far.

Unbelievable but true!


Anonymous said...

Can we try to see how a Water DM will fare?

Joanne said...

your ding fellow was absent during last meeting and the wood and metal had WW3!!!

Chris Chan said...

The ding fellow was me lah in Bangkok. :-)

Munjeong said...

Hi Mr Chris,
I would just like to highlight that to make things work between your Jia and Geng, then all you need is a Yi Wood to do the trick. ;)



Chris Chan said...

Then the Yi wood and me will have WW3. Have no affinity to the Yi woods! :-)

Anonymous said...

Such commentaries were interesting to show that, when you have a bucketful of elements, would that balance the act of equilibrium? I doubt so. The art of BaZi is not about elemental relationship but the transformation of such elements to arrive at its original equilibrium. Saying thus, I always stressed that one elements will not "jump" to another person's chart.These WW3 stuffs are mainly due to the external characteristic of a person, some profiler called DISC and others. IE, you put 2 "eagles" into the table of negotiation, I bet, there will be no conclusion. Eagle will have to be overcome by "owl".

Here, we look at the reference of the 10 gods to be of representation of the 7 killing vs eating god, and so forth. We may not single out the DM alone, neither should we lump it as a structural readings only, because one has to find out an owl out of the eagle, that is to say...

That is a little overview.


Munjeong said...

Oh yes..I did forget that you are a weak Ren Water.

Pardon me, Mr Chris! ;-P

Rhizome said...

Hire me to deal with the yi (and Jia) then :P Got a huge reservoir here :D

Chris Chan said...

hahahaha....If I want to start a WW3 between all the fengshui masters in Malaysia, I'll probably get David involve....he seems to do it well! Don't need any eagles!

Yup, I'm a weak REN water....never claimed to be strong.

Ive got a mgr that has a huge reservoir but thought process is a little 'muddy' this year. But he'll do well 2010 onwards...but always looking for good people. Send CV. :-)

Rhizome said...

Really? I'm in (creative) content development - don't know if of any help to you :) Had mktg bckground but ventured into writing & marcom consultation few yrs bck. Luv writing - don't mind desk job.

Nd to check out my chart first? :P Yep am waiting for the Geng Yin break hehe.

Rhizome said...

David ah..tsk, tsk. The Yi wood thrives on controversy - thorny cactus nestling on HO, I think :D Just kidding, ya..

Anonymous said...


Which David?? I am just another casualty of fengshui WW3, so thank you very much...the 3 legged toad dont seem to work!



Anonymous said...

Yay for weak Ding Fire DM!! ^0^

We'll get the job done if the two opposing sides are Jia and Geng! LOL.