Sunday, April 12, 2009

A serious case of Water being contaminated by Earth

My friend had sent me the birth date of Jiverly Wong, the gun man that killed 13 people in a community center after he had lost his job. I also found a blog that had written about the event and him.

This is Jiverly’s chart. No birth time was recorded.

Immediately you would notice the contrasts between the day pillar of Fire and month pillar of Water. Also, there is a clash between the horse and rat, and a harm between the rat and goat. The metal element is missing in this chart (could be in the hour pillar), as wood (resource) is a secondary chi in the yearly branch.

He committed the hideous crime of murdering 13 innocent people after losing his job before committing suicide. What happened?

Obviously the clashes and the harm became extremely pronounced during his 39 luck pillar of Ding Wei (Fire Goat). The goat in the luck pillar further combines with the horse to create earth, something that contaminates the Gui water, the direct officer structure in his chart. This contamination leads to issues with emotional issues (water represents emotions) as well as going against the law (representation of direct officer).

April 4, 2009 didn’t help either. 2009 is the year of pure earth, April 4 was Ji Mao (earth rabbit) day. The Rabbit and Goat pushes out the Pig, representing 7K (or aggressiveness) (already pronounced in the month stem, and subject to further contamination from earth). April 5 onwards was earth month.

This is a serious case of water getting contaminated by earth. The lack of wood to hold earth together also means the lack of compassion. The missing metal indicates poor decision making ability, could also represent his affinity to using his GUN (metal) to resolve this mental conflict. Metal was obviously an important element to him (his last 2 luck pillars) and from comments in the blog, he did relatively well in his last job before moving to NY city.

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byke32 said...

I was also curious about what makes a person committed such a heinous crime. I posted his date of birth on five art blog two days ago. I believe that he may have organized paranoid schizophrenia. On the letter that he sent to local news station, he claimed that he's been watched and persecuted by police for the last twenty years through TV and other means. Organized paranoid schizophrenia is characterized by prominent delusions that usually involve some form of threat or conspiracy, such as secret plots to control people's brains through radio transmissions etc.