Friday, April 17, 2009

Great Business Partnerships

If you do a search on Google for ‘business partnerships’, you’ll find so many good articles on what to do and what not to do. Partners make or break businesses. So, what actually constitute a good partner or partnership, from a Chinese metaphysics aspect?

If you just look at big brand names (especially the western ones) such as Hewlett Packard, Abercrombie and Fitch, Procter and Gamble, you’ll realize that these businesses had evolved from great partnerships. Of course, in the Malaysian (or Asia for that matter) it has always been more of a family game (YTL, Genting, Naza etc.)

I have grown my business through partners, internal as well as external. All of them, at some point or other, helped in one way or other. I’m not too sure if there’s a perfect partnership model, but I’ve come to realized (especially after studying Bazi) that everyone, has got their areas of plusses and unfortunately areas of weakness. Focus on the strength to optimize, but if you keep looking at the bad points, I’m certain, the partnership won’t last. When partnerships fail, so will your business. Or sometimes, if you continue that poor partnership, the business cannot prosper.

Looking at most brand names, you’ll find that you won’t find more than 2 or 3 names in a strong brand that sticks out (other than law firms – but I could never remember the entire name anyway). What I tell my friends who come to me for business advice is don’t have more than 3 partners – it rarely works. Infact, today, I truly believe that you can ‘qualify’ your partners first, before you go too deep. You would think, that if it is based on expertise, the more should technically be merrier, right?! Unfortunately not. Have you wondered why you cannot stand the sight of some people, and at times, you don’t even know that person. That’s because there is a natural law of attraction or vice versa when it comes to people.

I look at it from 2 main perspectives: hot/cold as well as favorite elements. Put it simply, the hot will attract the cold and vice versa. You will naturally look for other people that have elements that you may need or lack to achieve balance (your goal in Chinese metaphysics). Let me elaborate that the elements cannot jump from one person to another just because you are partners! It does not ‘complete’ you, but there will be that attraction.

From a Bazi perspective, if you are a strong daymaster, you’ll have 2 other elements (of 5) that you need. If you are weak daymaster, you probably can use 2 or 3. Rarely do you find a perfect balance chart that can use everything. The reverse is also true. Find a partner that has elements that is not favourable to you, and you'll realise how stressful that relationship can be.

Couple that with the element of time (as time also has its prevailing element), than the level of attraction (sometimes termed as affinity) will change. In fact, the reason that got me writing this article was this Jia Shen business(external – thank God) partner of mine suddenly become friendly (again) from the total opposite (in the last few months). I know he wants something from me, but there’s so much one can tolerate when there is no mutual reciprocal feeling. Thank goodness I’m quite level headed and weak(as in daymaster) (don’t like confrontation). But I also realize that I can use ‘robwealths’ (I definitely see him as one) to my advantage.

Josephine of Bazichic had written on a husband and wife partnership in Hong Kong. That’s an interesting read. I’ll do a famous one next to illustrate some of the points I am trying to make in this article.


Anonymous said...


I'm a bazi enthusiast and have learnt quite a bit fr your blog. Looking forward to many more interesting posts fr you. May I know where I can purchase the Goh Guan Leong's Ten Gods book in M'sia? JY's third bazi book will cover the 10 Gods? Don't know if you've been following OIAM but if you have time, can you please interpret the charts of the 2 strong contenders for that coveted 1 million. Esther is born on 12 Apr 1987 and Tomok on 17 Mei 1984. Let's see who will be the ultimate winner and overnight millionaire. Thanks.

Chris Chan said...

I bought Guan Leong's book in Singapore. I think you can buy it online at Wayone net or something like that.

Heard about Joey's 3rd book.

It's strange, I just saw 1 in a million last night, for the FIRST time, and saw Esther and Tomok singing just LAST night.


Anonymous said...

Hey Chris,

Thanks alot. Buying online is a bit troublesome, will check out MPH and Kinokuniya instead.

Ermmm....why is it so strange ya? You mean after watching OIAM, then you came to check your blog and there you saw my request to interpret their charts? :) It's interesting....both are Xin DMs.


Jin Ju said...

I know this has nothing to do with your post, but I just had a brief question that's been driving me absolutely nuts... ^^;;;

My Chart:
Year: Yin Yi Chou
Month: Yin Ji Chou
Day: Yin Ding Chou
Hour: Yin Xin Chou

So does this make me "eating god" or "hurting officer"?

As you can see, out of the 8, 5 are Ji earth elements (this year has been absolutely taxing on my body and mind so far), and I myself am Ding fire, so I know I would be "Yin Eating God", but I remember reading that if I have too many of the EG, then it becomes "Hurting Officer".

Should I consider myself as Eating God or Hurting Officer?

Chris Chan said...

Hi Jin Ju,

Whether you are have an eating god or hurting officer structure to me is just 'terminologies.' Don't look at the trees, look at the forest.

Both are output driven, hurting officer wants 'face.' I'm looking at it from a 'natal' chart perspective, meaning, it's in you. When it comes in the year or months etc. then the effect is slightly different. e.g. hurting officer could mean, hurt your boss, change jobs etc.

If you ask me, I say characteristic would be hurting officer. Do you (or others) consider yourself eccentric in nature?

budianto said...

geng ji geng jia
wu hai wu zi

I got patners which is gui
I think gui is favourable for me, but there is clash there. can I become rich?andie

Cathy said...

Hi Chris, i'm abit confuse with this statement
"From a Bazi perspective, if you are a strong daymaster, you’ll have 2 other elements (of 5) that you need. If you are weak daymaster, you probably can use 2 or 3.

I thought if you are a strong day master , you will most likely have 3 elements which are favorable to you and for a weak day master it is 2 favorable elements?

Is that correct? say for example a Very Strong Fire will find metal, water and earth as favorable elements,

and a very weak fire will find fire and wood is the favorable element?

please advise. Thank you

Chris Chan said...

Hi Cathy,

Even that statement I made MAY NOT hold water, when you look at it holistically. You have to look at ALL the elements in the natal chart. It is about the BALANCE of ALL elements, rather than just weak and strong.

It is an GENERALISATION that weak need to be strengthened and strong need to be weakened. But if in the chart, the element is question is bountiful, you may not want more of it anymore.