Sunday, April 12, 2009

Everyone favorite Judge on American Idol – Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell, the celebrity judge on American Idol is known for his brutally honest remarks and isn’t exactly everyone’s favorite. I thought I do a quick search on him and find out a little more under the cover.

Simon didn’t start of wealthy, but worked up the ladder. Born on 7 Oct 1959, it was not until the mid 1980’s (approx 1984) before he achieved any real success.
This is Simon’s natal chart.

His birth time is unknown but it is very clear, Simon was destined to accrue great wealth during his lifetime. As a strong YANG WATER (REN) person, he joined the ranks of folks like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet. Just by looking at his Luck Pillar, you’ll see the start of his wealth period at his 28 luck pillar, and this will go on until he is 47. His luck however continues, as strong water needs to be weakened. Between 48 and 77 he is in the season of WOOD. You can’t beat the REN water millionaires/billionaires in wealth accumulation, especially the one that has strong daymasters’. Their wealth is represented by FIRE. Imagine, the SUN, it’s infinite.

Let’s look at some events and see if they match up to his chart.

Simon’s started off his career as a talent scout and pretty much stayed in the Music Industry for a long time. I wonder what you would classify the music industry as. First thing off my mind would be metal (thinking about guitar string….not too sure why), but I guess also water, as there’s plenty of movement (vibration) there. I think fire is very relevant, too, as music is almost religious in nature. Oh well, all 3 would be relevant to Simon. He is after all Water with a resource (metal) structure, and fire is his wealth element!

There was a year, in 1989, that the company got into difficulty. 1989 was the year of the SNAKE. The SNAKE clashes with PIG. As 1989 was a earth pig year, I believe it was the earth in the stem that affected the fire in the luck pillar, too. Causing some temporary wealth issues to Simon (he had to move back with his parents!). It would be interesting to know what really happen has the PIG also represents his friends as well as power. Looking closer, the company was actually acquired by BMG, another famous record label. The direct officer for an entrepreneur could also represent ‘shareholders.’

During his 38 luck pillar, Simon probably created most of his wealth. Shows like American idol was born and record breaking deals were signed.

Finally, as far as relationships were concerned, Simon was in a relationship with Terri Seymour between 2002 and 2008. They never married. 2002 was a Ren Wu (Water Horse) year, I guess the direct wealth (representing wife) in the horse is as close as it gets! Simon’s natal chart does have a secondary direct wealth element in the spouse palace, so my prediction is he will get married once the direct element is more prominent, probably when his 58 luck pillar (Ding Mao) arrives. Not only would the direct wealth be prominent, the Rabbit (Mao) would combine with the Dog (in the spouse palace)(one way to determine when marriage would happen)

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