Thursday, April 30, 2009

Luck - When timing is right, things happens

Firstly let me apologize for not posting new articles as regular as I want to. And for those who have written to me, my replies might not as been as timely as it usually is. It has been quite a busy OX (earth) year so far.

Since I have taken Bazi up, I've been looking at ways to understand and optimise luck. I can only say it's scary when you know, and I'm not certain if there's some level of 'self prophecy' in determining whether a day or a month is good for you. I've tried to go on holidays when timing was not so great, but you cannot just run away and hide. The one good thing about all of this is tomorrow is another day with another type of luck!

In one of my previous articles, I mentioned about a Jim Collin's concept called fly wheel. This is where a person's effort or momentum is built up and then when the timing is right, it's released. Everyone's luck capacity is different. If you can determine the capacity and the 'release' time, then you can almost determine if and when lady luck is at your side.

You see, I've been working on this foreign project for the last 2 years. My financial controller has been literally bitching about how much we have spend on travel expenses etc. which makes turning back or giving up very painful. The project is sizable but the bigger the deal, the higher the risk, the bigger the effort, and sometimes it requires project funding. We have never borrowed for a project this last 13 years of running this company, so obtaining project financing was not the easiest thing to do. We started looking for funds last August, but only when we got the letter of award just before CNY we started scrambling for funds, as what use is a project without the funds to do it!

After many false starts, hiccups, and just plain incompetency from some of the people (on the finance side) we had to work with, we finally got the letter of offer. And if you have been following my blog, you should know that earth and metal elements are GREAT for me. Yesterday was a Dragon day on a dragon month. (When I actually checked was the dragon hour!) Dragon's main element is Wu earth. The last Dragon year (2000) was the year I received 2 rounds of venture capital funding in that year alone. So, self prophercy or not, knowing how hard to push, will also depend very greatly on WHEN to push.

So what happens if lady luck is not shining down on you, I believe you can still operate the same way. Don't look at fly wheels, think of little rubber bands, fast pull, fast release. Look at good days with the appropriate elements. Don't underestimate the importance of human effort or fengshui influences, too. It matters.

Next goal - Need to figure out how to counter bad days.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Great Business Partnerships

If you do a search on Google for ‘business partnerships’, you’ll find so many good articles on what to do and what not to do. Partners make or break businesses. So, what actually constitute a good partner or partnership, from a Chinese metaphysics aspect?

If you just look at big brand names (especially the western ones) such as Hewlett Packard, Abercrombie and Fitch, Procter and Gamble, you’ll realize that these businesses had evolved from great partnerships. Of course, in the Malaysian (or Asia for that matter) it has always been more of a family game (YTL, Genting, Naza etc.)

I have grown my business through partners, internal as well as external. All of them, at some point or other, helped in one way or other. I’m not too sure if there’s a perfect partnership model, but I’ve come to realized (especially after studying Bazi) that everyone, has got their areas of plusses and unfortunately areas of weakness. Focus on the strength to optimize, but if you keep looking at the bad points, I’m certain, the partnership won’t last. When partnerships fail, so will your business. Or sometimes, if you continue that poor partnership, the business cannot prosper.

Looking at most brand names, you’ll find that you won’t find more than 2 or 3 names in a strong brand that sticks out (other than law firms – but I could never remember the entire name anyway). What I tell my friends who come to me for business advice is don’t have more than 3 partners – it rarely works. Infact, today, I truly believe that you can ‘qualify’ your partners first, before you go too deep. You would think, that if it is based on expertise, the more should technically be merrier, right?! Unfortunately not. Have you wondered why you cannot stand the sight of some people, and at times, you don’t even know that person. That’s because there is a natural law of attraction or vice versa when it comes to people.

I look at it from 2 main perspectives: hot/cold as well as favorite elements. Put it simply, the hot will attract the cold and vice versa. You will naturally look for other people that have elements that you may need or lack to achieve balance (your goal in Chinese metaphysics). Let me elaborate that the elements cannot jump from one person to another just because you are partners! It does not ‘complete’ you, but there will be that attraction.

From a Bazi perspective, if you are a strong daymaster, you’ll have 2 other elements (of 5) that you need. If you are weak daymaster, you probably can use 2 or 3. Rarely do you find a perfect balance chart that can use everything. The reverse is also true. Find a partner that has elements that is not favourable to you, and you'll realise how stressful that relationship can be.

Couple that with the element of time (as time also has its prevailing element), than the level of attraction (sometimes termed as affinity) will change. In fact, the reason that got me writing this article was this Jia Shen business(external – thank God) partner of mine suddenly become friendly (again) from the total opposite (in the last few months). I know he wants something from me, but there’s so much one can tolerate when there is no mutual reciprocal feeling. Thank goodness I’m quite level headed and weak(as in daymaster) (don’t like confrontation). But I also realize that I can use ‘robwealths’ (I definitely see him as one) to my advantage.

Josephine of Bazichic had written on a husband and wife partnership in Hong Kong. That’s an interesting read. I’ll do a famous one next to illustrate some of the points I am trying to make in this article.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Celebrity Chef - Gordon Ramsay

I guess I am always fascinated by anything creative, and that includes cooking, although my wife doesn’t think I know how to cook anything other than spaghetti. One celebrity chef that I watch on cable TV is Gordon Ramsay. I was reading an article from The Malaysian Insider on The Credit Crunch on Celebrities and it had something about Gordon. I copied the part about Gordon but you can read the rest here.

Gordon Ramsay – star of popular reality show, “Hell’s Kitchen”.

He advises struggling restaurateurs in Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares, but now Gordon has his very own nightmare.

He has sold his restaurants in Los Angeles, Paris and Prague back to the hotels which housed them.

Although Ramsay is worth £60million on paper, his restaurant business has been hit by the credit crunch and is said to be debt-ridden and overstretched.

Gordon Ramsay Holdings (GRH) - the umbrella firm for his 25 restaurants - has been taken to court over unpaid debts three times in a month.

Its latest accounts - which cover the year to August 31, 2007 - were posted eight months late and reveal that the company’s overdraft was renegotiated from £4.5million to £6.1million.

Suppliers are owed almost £5million, and the company also owes £1.7million in corporation tax.
Ramsay and Chris Hutcheson, the GRH chief executive who is also the celebrity chef’s father-in-law, have had to make personal pledges to help the company pay its debts if necessary.

Ramsay is selling his Ferrari Scuderia at a £50,000 loss. The chef, who has owned the car for six months, has a Range Rover and an Audi for everyday use, but the Ferrari was his pride and joy.
- From Malaysia Insider

Bazi Analysis

He is Xin metal daymaster person – showy, eloquent, everything you expect from a celebrity chef. For those who want to know more about what other daymasters represent, I like to point my readers to my friend Josephine’s blog and article about interpretation of daymasters.

He was born in a Pig month, and in the study of the 10 Gods, the Yang Water in the PIG represents the hurting officer. Now, if I can just convince Josephine to write an article about the 10 Gods! Hahahah…… Anyway, the hurting officer is an OUTPUT star that essentially demands attention, pretty much how celebrities or divas behave.

As a weak Xin metal person (as he was not born in season), resource and friends are very important elements to him. With resource and friends, wealth can be generated. For a metal person, wealth is represented by Wood. Let’s look at some key events in his life and see if this analysis matches up.

Again, relying on Wikipedia, you get to know his whole life. How wonderful the Internet is! The first thing you’ll note, is his childhood wasn’t that all great. By looking at the fire elements in the YEAR pillar and determining if that very element is favorable or not, you can already determine his luck during his first 15 years (estimate) of his life. Fire to Xin metal is a no no. Xin metal is already forged. It doesn’t need any more fire, not like the Geng metal element. I am also wondering if fire isn’t a favorite element, how did he get so successful through cooking?

According to Wikipedia, he was 19 when he started paying attention to his culinary education. Guess what, he coincides exactly with the his 19 luck pillar for Metal (Xin)/Chou (Indirect Resource). As mentioned earlier, resource is also very important for a weak metal person. Both the stems and branch are important to him. Gordon Ramsay’s rise to fame begins here. It was during this luck pillar (1985-1994), that he started cranking his fly wheel (see my older article) and developed the experience and expertise which pretty much brought about his fortune and fame, when the timing was right.

This golden period started 1995, during his 29 luck pillar of Ren Yin (water tiger). The ren representing the hurting officer, and the wood in tiger was wealth. You could almost say that he received the recognition and wealth for the work he did during this period.

After he had returned to London (1993) he started running restaurants, which he began to take ownership. The interesting point to note, that it was through his acquaintances like Marco White and his father in law that helped propelled his wealth. I like to look at these people as robwealth, even though it is not present in the chart. My interpretation is that Xin metal people are like fine knifes. It’s very difficult for them to chop wood (wealth element). They need friends and partners to help them achieve that. Incidentally, Gordon’s father in law is also represented by his Indirect Resource (people in your life can be represented by 10 Gods, too) and resource is an important element to Gordon!

If you look at individual years, that would be times, where he had faced some challenging moment. Example in 1997, he left his a restaurant because of a dispute with some of the partners. A quick note: let me WARN all EMPLOYERS out there about this HURTING OFFICER type people. If you hire these people, they will leave you sooner or later, especially when the hurting officer becomes very prominent or you don’t acknowledge their work. It has happen so many times to me, no amount of money or persuasion can compensate this attribute of HO type personalities. Anyway, back to Gordon, 1997 was a Ding Chou year. Ding is Ying Fire and represents 7Killings. The xin metal hates this 7K so some negative outcome is expected during that year. But it was still a good luck pillar, and a great earth branch. Together with his father in law, he soon started his own chain of restaurants.

Let’s go back to the article. What happen in 2007. 2007 was a Ding Hai year (fire water). Both are unfavorable elements for him. He’d obviously have challenges during that year. And when the Pig meets Monkey month, it formed a Harm formation signifying an even more stressful moment, probably accented by people who may be considered ‘robwealth’ as August was a robwealth month (think of it, an article was written and this date was mentioned). I don’t think 2008 was any better, as Ramsay was born in the year of the horse. I didn’t have any horse friends who did well in their work during 2008 year of the Rat. Will he survive?

Of course he will. Looking at the current luck pillar, and the next, Gordon will continue to generate new wealth probably till he is 58! Maybe his Ferrari was RED is colour and did no good to him! :-)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

A serious case of Water being contaminated by Earth

My friend had sent me the birth date of Jiverly Wong, the gun man that killed 13 people in a community center after he had lost his job. I also found a blog that had written about the event and him.

This is Jiverly’s chart. No birth time was recorded.

Immediately you would notice the contrasts between the day pillar of Fire and month pillar of Water. Also, there is a clash between the horse and rat, and a harm between the rat and goat. The metal element is missing in this chart (could be in the hour pillar), as wood (resource) is a secondary chi in the yearly branch.

He committed the hideous crime of murdering 13 innocent people after losing his job before committing suicide. What happened?

Obviously the clashes and the harm became extremely pronounced during his 39 luck pillar of Ding Wei (Fire Goat). The goat in the luck pillar further combines with the horse to create earth, something that contaminates the Gui water, the direct officer structure in his chart. This contamination leads to issues with emotional issues (water represents emotions) as well as going against the law (representation of direct officer).

April 4, 2009 didn’t help either. 2009 is the year of pure earth, April 4 was Ji Mao (earth rabbit) day. The Rabbit and Goat pushes out the Pig, representing 7K (or aggressiveness) (already pronounced in the month stem, and subject to further contamination from earth). April 5 onwards was earth month.

This is a serious case of water getting contaminated by earth. The lack of wood to hold earth together also means the lack of compassion. The missing metal indicates poor decision making ability, could also represent his affinity to using his GUN (metal) to resolve this mental conflict. Metal was obviously an important element to him (his last 2 luck pillars) and from comments in the blog, he did relatively well in his last job before moving to NY city.

Everyone favorite Judge on American Idol – Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell, the celebrity judge on American Idol is known for his brutally honest remarks and isn’t exactly everyone’s favorite. I thought I do a quick search on him and find out a little more under the cover.

Simon didn’t start of wealthy, but worked up the ladder. Born on 7 Oct 1959, it was not until the mid 1980’s (approx 1984) before he achieved any real success.
This is Simon’s natal chart.

His birth time is unknown but it is very clear, Simon was destined to accrue great wealth during his lifetime. As a strong YANG WATER (REN) person, he joined the ranks of folks like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet. Just by looking at his Luck Pillar, you’ll see the start of his wealth period at his 28 luck pillar, and this will go on until he is 47. His luck however continues, as strong water needs to be weakened. Between 48 and 77 he is in the season of WOOD. You can’t beat the REN water millionaires/billionaires in wealth accumulation, especially the one that has strong daymasters’. Their wealth is represented by FIRE. Imagine, the SUN, it’s infinite.

Let’s look at some events and see if they match up to his chart.

Simon’s started off his career as a talent scout and pretty much stayed in the Music Industry for a long time. I wonder what you would classify the music industry as. First thing off my mind would be metal (thinking about guitar string….not too sure why), but I guess also water, as there’s plenty of movement (vibration) there. I think fire is very relevant, too, as music is almost religious in nature. Oh well, all 3 would be relevant to Simon. He is after all Water with a resource (metal) structure, and fire is his wealth element!

There was a year, in 1989, that the company got into difficulty. 1989 was the year of the SNAKE. The SNAKE clashes with PIG. As 1989 was a earth pig year, I believe it was the earth in the stem that affected the fire in the luck pillar, too. Causing some temporary wealth issues to Simon (he had to move back with his parents!). It would be interesting to know what really happen has the PIG also represents his friends as well as power. Looking closer, the company was actually acquired by BMG, another famous record label. The direct officer for an entrepreneur could also represent ‘shareholders.’

During his 38 luck pillar, Simon probably created most of his wealth. Shows like American idol was born and record breaking deals were signed.

Finally, as far as relationships were concerned, Simon was in a relationship with Terri Seymour between 2002 and 2008. They never married. 2002 was a Ren Wu (Water Horse) year, I guess the direct wealth (representing wife) in the horse is as close as it gets! Simon’s natal chart does have a secondary direct wealth element in the spouse palace, so my prediction is he will get married once the direct element is more prominent, probably when his 58 luck pillar (Ding Mao) arrives. Not only would the direct wealth be prominent, the Rabbit (Mao) would combine with the Dog (in the spouse palace)(one way to determine when marriage would happen)