Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Why are Feng Shui or Bazi masters old?

Ok, better clarify before I get bombarded by nasty emails or comments! Yup, there’s the new generation of Chinese Metaphysics consultants like Joey Yap that are relatively younger and don’t appear in long white robes or spot long beards. But in the past, this profession is usually dominated by the ‘wise older generation.’

I’m reading a book by Malcolm Gladwell entitled ‘Outliers’ now. The book is on his research to why successful people are successful. There’s an interesting point that I want to apply this observation to.

There’s a chapter in the book with a very interesting title – the 10,000 hours rule. It basically says that to be able to master a certain skill, whether it is the violin, composition, software development, sports, music, whatever, you need to put in 10,000 hours (of practice) first. He then goes on to give examples of folks like Bill Joy (inventor of Java and one of the founder of SUN Microsystem), Bill Gates of Microsoft, The Beatles, Mozart etc.

As a music student before, I know for a fact, that without the time (effort not enough) put in, you are not going to be no virtuoso. Probably that’s why music students (good ones) almost have no life. I was doing 2-3 hours of practice a day (sometimes), compared to some of my friends that were doing 6 hours daily on top of classes they were attending. Crazy! Luckily I fell in love with the MAC computer, and decided that I could not never be a great pianist!

Now I’m into Bazi, and started relatively older (I’m 42 this year), let’s see how long it’ll take for me to put in 10,000 hours. I do about 3 email requests a week on the average, each email takes me roughly 20 minutes to respond. It’s not so much the writing time, but also the time required to think. Usually per requests may be up to 3 emails threads (except for this crazy Romanian guy who doesn’t know when to quit!) So, that is about 1 hour per request, or 12 hours per month. Assuming I write to my blog twice a month and it takes me about 2 hours per article (sometimes longer), I’m up to 16 hours. I read other blogs, forums and books on this topic, and probably do another 3 hours a week, so that another 12 hours for the grand total of 28 hours a month. For simplicity sake let’s take 25 hours a month. (This is on top of my 40 plus hour weeks doing my current job)

In conclusion, to achieve 10,000 hours, I need 400 months or 33.33 years of practice. I’ll have this mastered by the time I’m 75 provided I’m still around! Time to put on the thinking cap on how to speed this process up, or I’ll be spotting that long white robe not to mentioned no hair by the time I get this mastered! That’s why they invented the computer and the Internet, right?


Josephine said...

Hi Chris,

Wow! 10,000 hours! Do we really need that long to be come a Master. This is awfully a lot of time. I was hoping I can retire by the age of 46.

I see you got the Romanian guy as well. I also got one who is a part time boxer studying medical. He wanted to become a powerful General sometimes in the future. Too bad, I ask him to start a career in business. Is he the same Romonian guy you encounter?



Hi Chris,

Somehow I got a funny feeling that Santa Clause would make a good FengShui Master if he decides to trade in his red robe for the white one.

Thanks for your pointer of the Romanian Guy. He has my response and never reply since then. He just want to know how his chart was read differently by different people, another typical problem with a negative officer.

Perhaps you could write something about, when the officer star turns nasty???


Chris Chan said...

Hahahah poor Romanian guy. He has been found out! Same one!

Elizabeth J. Neal said...

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