Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Law of Attraction

If you are expecting a peach Blossom story, I’m sorry to have to disappoint you. :-) Actually this title was given to me by someone who had requested a reading quite recently. To ensure privacy, I’m going to generalize the specifics but highlight the key points.

I can personally relate to this particular case because of my strong interest in creative output, in my case Music. If I still remember right, I didn’t exactly have the blessings of my family to pursue music, even though the support came via tuition money etc. I guess their concern was genuine; they didn’t know if I could make a living from the career choice. I did pursue it ultimately, got my degree in Piano Performance and then decided I did not want to teach for a living. Anyway, the next write up was about this young gentleman in the mid 20’s who wanted to pursue a life in entertainment but concerned because many had advised him otherwise.

It’s very difficult to feel ‘in sync’ when you don’t go with the flow. Imagine, trying to walk against the powerful current of a stream you are trying to cross. And usually, when we are moving in the same direction with the flow of things, everything feels good. This was the case with this young man. Let’s call him the Joker!

This is Joker’s chart.

A strong Ying earth person usually denotes a determined, sometimes stubborn character, but definitely can take hardship. He has a Direct Resource structure, which tells me his interest in knowledge. In the day branch is Direct Wealth and this is penetrating to the heaven. For a strong daymaster, he has the capability to make money. The next obvious question is career choice.

Joker had told me, that he had always wanted to be a celebrity since young. This type of ‘recognition’ is associated to the hurting officer star. It is present in the month pillar branch, although it is a secondary qi.

The other thing I noted that the Yi wood, representing 7K is rooted in the hour branch and again penetrating the year stem. This guy is determine to do what he wants to do, so trying to change his mind is going to be difficult. Even though, we know logically, it may be a difficult career as very few actually make it successfully ultimately. I then asked myself, maybe I was a little too myopic in my views of possible ‘successful’ careers, and the definition of success. What is success? Maybe I needed to look a little deeper and relate it to the ‘environment’ and whether it the career choice was supported.

Looking a little further, the luck pillar tells me of relationships that want something from him. Essentially these are the robwealths! The robwealth are also bearers of money (in the year pillar) as well as fame and recognition (in the luck pillar). Hmmm I wonder if the robwealths were his agents or managers that look for jobs for him. That was verified.

You can’t put on a show, if you don’t have fans, right! Fans can be again represented by the robwealth (as they want something from Joker) and that’s present in the natal chart. But it can also be represented by the Friends he has this year, indicating plenty of support for this career that he had embarked upon. He was going with the flow. He had all the supporting elements and he was just doing was supported in the chart, essentially his ‘law of attraction.’ And this made him happy.

I guess the power of Bazi is to also be able to look ahead, and see if the elements that are supporting him right now will continue to be there in the future. This is especially important, if the elements are NOT in the natal chart but passing through the luck or annual pillars. In Joker’s case, he needed to be aware that he may not be able to pursue this line forever and prepare himself to evolve.

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This yuear will be troube from people around him!! Wait and he will know!!