Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Hurting Officer - countering with Human Effort

I recently read Guan Leong's 10 Gods' book and I thought the 'sequencing' structure was interesting. I believe by reading, learning, and applying from others is one way we can advance our knowledge.

What I will do next (may not be in sequence) is to share how human effort can affect the outcome of a bazi chart. I'm doing this from pure observation and after all, human effort is the other 33% that always gets left out when we do a Bazi analysis. Never under estimate the power of 'just doing it.'

There's a book called Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell that basically researches on the why successful people are who there are today. One of the things that he mentioned was the fact that they actually go through many many hours of doing what they do (that made them successful), very early on in life, and then when the opportunity arises, they are able to take advantage of it. I truly believe in this. The effort spent during the 'not so good' period, will be realised when the 'timing' is right. Pretty much the same principle as the flywheel concept in Jim Collin's book.

Let's look at the Hurting Officer and how through human effort, we can minimise the effect with the 'boss star' or the direct officer element.

I've had enough experience running my company to tell you that some people with prominent hurting officers in their charts are very prone to quitting and my partners cannot understand why I 'suck' up to their demands. I believe that a knowledge base organisation is very dependent on people. No people, no business! So, I do everything to ensure that they stay with the company as long as possible. However, there are some people who are just perceptually wanting to leave, sometimes, for stupid reasons. (I can take logical reasons like financial, self advancement, but I've heard really stupid reasons that makes we reconsider the effort I take for trying to keep the individual at the company)

Here is an example of a female staff (not from my company) of a friend that I was advising. He had mentioned that because he wanted to keep the relationship professional he decided that he had to 'behave' more like her boss. That's when all the troubles started. I asked him, how did he 'behave' before? He had mentioned to me that she always saw him as a stepping stone to higher position. In my mind, she saw him as her Robwealth. He was concerned also, that their relationship may be interpreted wrongly by others, as they were seen as 'a couple' by their peers!

Interesting enough, on probing further, she was also currently having some problems with her husband (also considered her Direct Officer). My interpretation based on her chart was that the Hurting Officer is rather prominent in 2009 (pure earth, and Ji earth represents the Hurting Officer). She was also in the luck pillar that the hurting officer was present. Coupled by the fact that the HO is NOT a fav elements as it weakens fire, something that a weak fire daymaster wants to have! I'm also quite convinced that the harm and clash formation between the Ox (year) and Goat (luck pillar) and the Horse (day branch) has got an effect to the current issues that she is facing.

Also, if you see note the day branch, you'll see the ever important (and wanted fire) RobWealth in the spouse palace. As long as my friend behaved like the RobWealth, she'll look up to him. The day he decides to become the direct officer (Gui Water), her hurting officer comes into action.

So you see, just through relationships (human behavior), you can change the negative affects of the element. My last check with him, confirms it. (Only worrying part is she is now calling him 'dear'!)

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