Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Earth, Metal and Water - Battle for no 1 position

It’s been a while since my last update. But as I tell my friends, I’ve got to make hay while the sun shines! (Especially in a pure earth year – read my previous articles, and you know where I’m coming from).

Since this is March already, and we know that the Umno elections (March 24-28) is coming up, I thought it’ll be interesting to start analyzing the upcoming candidates and forecast how well they may do in the elections.

I’m going to start with Umno Youth. 3 candidates vying for the head honcho posts.

First you have a prominent young Xin Metal politician. I’ve featured him before. Then you have a Yang Wu Earth personality, son of a very prominent politician. Then you have the Yang Ren Water politician who lost his leadership position (as well as the state government) in the recent general elections.

As usual, I do not have their birth times, and I have no way to verify the accuracy of the candidates birth dates. This obviously will affect the accuracy of the interpretations but let me state my position – I’m quite apolitical, but have a great interest in Bazi and how it can be applied to character profiling as well as luck cycles.

Here are the charts of 3 of the candidates.

In the study of the 10 Gods (elemental relationships), power is usually represented by the Direct Officer as well as 7 Killings (I read this in Master Guan Leong’s latest book on the 10 Gods). It is the element that controls the daymaster.

All 3 candidates have that element but the Xin metal’s one is most interesting as it is hidden. Obviously in an election, I believe that power will play a prominent role, so we will pay close attention to this particular relationship.

The next is support. Support is represented by ‘friends’ and ‘rob wealth.’

All 3 candidates once again have that prominent element in their charts. In the Ren water politician, you could probably interpret his support as ‘tit for tat.’ His supporters want him for something. Obviously, been in an influential position will also ensure opportunities can come your way!

I also believe that daymaster strength is a very important consideration. It is very unlikely that a extremely weak daymaster can ‘control’ or ‘command’ the opportunities or challenges that he may face.

The Ren water candidate is born in summer, so he is not strong but supported by robwealth. I don’t necessarily interpret this as been strong or extremely weak, but his strength come from the 7K at the branch of his day pillar. Think of water in rapids (large rocks). When the season is right, it can become strong.

The Xin metal politician is born in winter, so he is weak. However, he is supported by another Xin metal in the spouse palace, signifying the importance of the spouse to him.

The Wu earth politician is supported by more Wu earth in the year pillar. This could possibly be interpreted as ‘general support’ and the 7K in the year stem could also be seen as general support from people who are already in power.

Next is to look at the 10 years luck pillar. This is to determine does the candidate have got ‘big’ luck on their side.

The Wu candidate is in Geng Chen (Metal Earth) luck pillar. The Chen signifying more support. The Geng metal probably representing the ability to ‘cut down’ or control power (or other politicians).

The Ren water candidate is in Ji Mao luck pillar. Ji represents power and Mao represents Yi wood or the hurting officer. This does not necessarily support the Ren water candidate as Ji earth tends to ‘muddy’ ren water and the Yi wood further weakens Ren water. Weak water wants to be strengthened by more water or resource.

The Xin metal candidate is in Yi You (wood metal) luck pillar. Wood representing indirect wealth, and you represents friends or support. This could possibly mean he has support friends with money. For a weak daymaster, the rooster luck pillar is important to him and will bring him the much needed support.

On note here. The Xin metal’s chart is very clear (look at his branch and stem). This guy knows what he wants, probably has his goals set and how he intends to achieve his goals already predetermined.

Lastly is to look at the date of the elections. 24 to 28 March 2009 and how it affects the candidates . March is Ding Mao – Fire Wood month. I’m going to just go with the months as there a 5 days and there’s just too many probabilities to consider. However, as it coming to the end of that month, we’ll look at the following month of Wu Chen (Earth Dragon) and see how it supports the candidates. Let’s look at these dates and how it affects the 3 candidates.

For the Wu earth candidate – Mao doesn’t clash/harm or destruct with anything in his chart (at least not as first glance) Mao also combine with the pig and the horse is implied. The main element of the horse is fire. An important element for the this candidate (as fire creates earth). Wu Chen also means the candidate will have more support. Don’t forget, 2009 is a pure earth year. This candidate has support. I believe these are good dates for the Wu earth candidate.

As for the Ren water candidate, the Ding Mao month is not so ideal as wood from the Rabbit (Mao) actually weakens the already weak water. As for the Wu Chen month, it’ll only be good for him if he has the strength to make use of the aggressiveness and power opportunities he sees. 2009 is a pure earth years. Problem with pure ying earth is it actually contaminates the water. I don’t think these 2 months is in favor of the Ren candidate.

The Xin metal candidate is full of innovative ideas in 2009, represented by the Ji Chou. However, the Rabbit month may not be so great for him as Mao (Rabbit) actually clashes with Rooster (in his luck pillar and day pillar), which is his important element of support is present. Also, the following month of Dragon forms a punishment formation with the OX. (Not certain, must refer to my books) But if you ask me this doesn’t go down well with the Xin candidate either.

So based on my very ‘superficial’ and ‘high level’ analysis, I think the Wu candidate will be victorious. Let’s wait and see what happens.


Anonymous said...

if it is a weak chart, Xin will have an added advantage.

Anonymous said...

So the Xin candidate won?

Anonymous said...

Yes, the Xin, KJ fellow make it! Prediction come tru.

Anonymous said...

Why you can say that the Xin Metal guy is clear? I thought DO and 7K together is confusing each other?
Appreciate the reply. Tq.