Saturday, March 14, 2009

Earth, Fire and Wood - Battle for Deputy President

There’s been quite a few ‘surveys’ done by different media groups on who will win the upcoming key political party elections for the deputy president position. Let me also put in my perspective based on Bazi to forecast who might win.

The 3 candidates’ charts are as follows:

The Ji Earth candidate

The Bing Fire candidate, and

The Jia wood candidate.

I would look at a few aspects of the candidates’ bazi charts, compare it to the year and month of elections and with my limited interpretations of the bazi, try and predict the outcome. Once again, let me put up my usual disclaimer of been apolitical in nature, I do not know any of the candidates, and I do not have verifications of their birth data (as well as their birth time).

Let’s start with Mr. Ji Earth candidate. He unlike the two other candidates is STRONG Ji earth as he is born in the summer goat month. (Fire is the resource of earth). Furthermore, he has internal support from the main qi of his month branch. Ji earth people are nurturers, hardy, thinkers and contemplators, usually have got hidden thoughts and agendas. The one aspect/characteristic of strong daymaster, is when an opportunity arises, they tend to have the ability to be able to take it on, e.g. making money. The opposite is also true. When luck is against the strong daymaster, it usually turns out quite bad. God is fair! His chart looks a little wet (though not cold, as Goat belongs to the summer months). I would think that Bing fire would be one of his important elements as well as Jia wood. Overall, I say quite a strong candidate.


He is in the luck pillar of Ding Chou (Fire Ox). And Ox clash with the Goat, and both the OX and GOAT represents his support, which in an election is probably one of the most important factor in determining victory. Let’s test this further. The one incident in the past that had lead to his resignation from leadership was when he was detained in a neighboring country for not declaring the money that he had with him, which I believe he was acquitted later on. That year was a Ding Chou year (FIRE OX) year. BTW the following year from that incident was a Wu Yin year or Earth Tiger. Earth represent support and the wood in tiger represents power. Maybe he got support from powerful people to get him out of that predicament. To go even further, 2009 is year of Ji Chou. Ji earth may represent support, but the OX is still something that he does not like to see.

The second candidate is Mr. Bing Fire. Cheerful disposition, the usual characteristic of a Bing fire person, magnified by the fact that he has a Ren water beside him. (Think of the sun reflecting on the ocean). Brings warm to people, are usually natural leaders. Even more important especially in this wet earth year. As he is born in Monkey or metal month, he does not possess a strong daymaster. I do not see the support from the branches of the year, month and day pillar but support maybe present in the hour pillar. Again, from a bazi perspective, it’s important to see a chart that is not too weak, it is very unlikely to see candidates seize the opportunities when it arises.

Mr Bing fire is in his Bing Yin luck pillar. Bing obviously is important as it represents support and in the tiger you have wood or indirect resources. This tiger clashes with the monkey (his month branch) which is his indirect wealth element. This could mean during this 54 luck pillar, his ideas may caused him to loose money, but gain power (7K) and support (F). Not too bad. But more important, the Tiger and Dog (his day branch) pushes up the horse (ding fire) which could represent the people who support him for self interest purposes (not uncommon in the political scenario). These are the unseen people that is backing Mr. Bing. (One interesting note – our current PM is a ding fire person)

2009 is Ji Earth, representing the hurting officer. While the hurting officer seeks the acknowledgement for the work that he has done or is doing, it is also the element that muddies the water element, representing the power and authority. Ji Chou is also present in his chart in the year pillar. This formation is called a Fu-Yin. This may get a little confusing but one way of interpreting Fu Yin’s is ‘you have arrived.’ (Imagine seeing a mirror image of yourself appear). As it affects the year pillar, there’s 2 possibilities – one is ‘the time has come’ for him to shine. The other that people close to him (not him) – their time has come! In Joey’s classes it is usually not depicted as a happy event (but a crying event), but many have disagreed with this analysis. My personal read is he sees victory for someone else that he knows (that is not too close to him) and the event may not be necessarily something that he likes.

As far as the months are concern, March is Fire Rabbit and April is Earth Dragon. I took this two months as the elections are targeted to be held end of March and we can also see the after effects of the election (month of April). While the Rabbit forms a combo formation with the DOG creating more fire, representing support, the dragon clashes with the dog and forms a destruction formation with the ox (of his year pillar as well as the year itself). My personal interpretation is too many clashes, harms, combo’s etc. results in things not going as plan.

UPDATE (March 17): Mr. Bing Fire just got barred from contesting in the coming elections for his agents (I presume people that work for him) involvements in money politics. Hmmm Is this the Fu-Yin? or maybe the Dog Dragon clash affecting his eating gods. Eating Gods can also represent the person's staff.

The final candidate is Mr. Jia wood. Again, support does not seem to be present his chart, but possibly could be present in the hour pillar. Born in the snake month of fire, his daymaster is definitely not strong. The first thing that you notice about this candidate he has just moved to his new luck pillar of Wu Xu or Earth Dog. Usually things when a person moves or approaches a new luck pillar, there’s always changed in the air, could be good or bad. The strange aspect of his chart, is the power element is missing (once again, it be in the hour pillar). The other thing is the hurting officer element is present in the day branch as well as the year stem. The Jia wood person is usually tall, proud, stubborn,and in this case, seeks the attention and acknowledgement for the work that he does. The hurting officer is also an element that hurts the direct officer – representing either power or his boss. That has happened a few months back when he had become very outspoken against some of the current PM asking him to step down earlier.

The Dog in his new luck pillar also combines with the horse, pushing up the tiger representing support! Suddenly Mr. Jia wood’s support has gotten stronger in 2009. The one thing that stands out is he is in money for the next 10 years. 2009 represents lots of wealth, too, if he is strong enough to take it on.

The OX harms the Horse (in the day branch), which can be a good thing, as it could put out the very fire that hurts power! Strangely, the interaction of the fire rabbit and earth dragon months may also work for him. Firstly, the dragon clashes with the dog, bringing out the power (DO) and fame (HO). The Rabbit and Horse forms a destruction formation but again it affects the Hurting officer as well as the Robwealth element. This may result in support from grassroots as well as the ones currently in power. Lastly, from pure observations, I have never seen a poor successful politician. Mr Jia wood is in the money period, and will be for the next 10 years. Though he might have to watch out in 2010 as his support may try to chop him down! (Geng Jia or Metal Wood).

Based on my analysis, I think Mr. Jia wood would win the position in the upcoming elections but Mr. Bing would be quite close behind.


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A typo on the end of the blogpost. Next year 2010 should be Geng Yin rather than Geng Jia.

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Mr Jia wood won!