Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Part 3 - Have Money will Travel

It is really quite eye opening when you can research on someone elses chart and history. But nothing beats doing it for your own life. I remember during the Bazi classes, everyone was more interested in interpreting their own chart (which was extremely irritating for those of us that wanted to learn!). However, let me cautioned all those Bazi enthusiast out there, it can also be a little disappointing when the good stuff you are looking for, don't always appear! Hey, that's life.

So, the Dragon year was a good year for me. After all it was a metal dragon. Received two rounds of venture capital funding. I was able to grow my staff count to close to 30 people. Incidently, I have a high number of Metal and Water people in my organization, not surprisingly. We were ready to take on the world! And that was what I did.

We had set up operations in the US, where I had my first key client, and started scouting for partners there. One of my old clients (who had cashed out) actually wanted to 'sell' our software and get into the IT line. He was an interesting fellow so he become our MD in the US operations. But I'm not exactly show that the partnership did more harm than good, however, I did consider it a great learning experience and definitely it was a time of my life that 'SKY DOG' star was present (appeared in 2001). We started doing shows in the US, and even participated in Comdex (it was the one THE IT shows back then).

Been quite naive and definitely inexperience, we were just thrilled by the aspect to be able to get a bite at the biggest market in the World. But the lies one major problem. We had raised Ringgits in VC fund and now spending US Dollars. Boy, were we spending more money than we could bring in (we were still selling our products in Ringgits!) (The devaluation of the currency didn't help too much either). It did however give us the much needed credibility and customer reference to establish ourselves locally (sad, strange but true).

Fire is not considered one of my favourite elements as I have so much fire in my chart. However, I do have some Bing Fire (fire of the SUN) friends that have been close to me, especially quite recently (not too sure if Ji Chou year has anything to do with it....cold wet earth needs to be warm up by fie of the SUN and the fact that I visited Australia (south = fire) twice last year alone! (I never fancied Australia in the past))

The fire years (2001 - 2003) was NOT all that bad, considering that I got my 3rd round of venture capital funding in 2002 with an international VC. (Interesting note: 2003 was a Goat year with the infamous Direct Officer in the chart again, coupled with the Gui water on top, indicating Robwealth)(So, can we safely assume that VCs are people that come to Rob your Wealth! hahahahaha)(I have a reputation in the market for VC bashing....don't be so quick to take their money, there is a requirement to give it back to them in some form or other or they's will do the direct officer thing on you!). Also, in one of my previous articles, we concluded that if you are have a weak daymaster, partners (robwealth) are important to you. So, I had no choice.

One of the key consideration is money does not necessarily always mean luck. Growing any business requires more than just money, although I would not dismiss it is an essential component. Understanding what you lack (obviously in hindsight) is something that is constant in growing your organisation. What I truly need to interpret is my 'lack of RESOURCE or METAL.' What does this mean to me? Resource is the sense of comfort. In a way, people that have excessive resource are quite contented (nicer way of saying lazy), obviously if you don't resource, you'll NEVER be satisfied! SO lack of resource initially maybe good, or you'll be too contented to want to be better!

Could it also mean that I need to find clients that are 'Metal' in nature? Banks can be considered Metal? Or Water (since my water element is weak), water could be interpreted as logistic or fast moving. Hmmm maybe an Airline (Metal Water) or Education (water) clients are what I need to make a difference....I wonder... :-P

The other significant attribute about my fire years was I was fiery! There was so many table banging sessions I don't think I was that approachable or likable. But it did keep the VCs at bay. This is one important PERSONAL aspect of being an entrepreneur. You MUST do what is important to you, not just please others. The pressure is sometimes so great to deliver, and if you are gifted with plenty of INDIRECT RESOURCE and Eating God elements, you may get a little too creative with the books and with engineering revenues. Obviously I know of friends who are in the same circle (some of them I have their charts) and see it happening all the time. In recent times, so many big establish boys have been caught. (This is more prevalent when the output element is the HURTING OFFICER and is not restrained by Direct Officer compounded by the fact that are too many 7K in the chart!). (I really don't like those 7K ceos, they are so bloody aggressive, you can see why they are quite successful).

Let me pause for a moment to establish there is no such thing as good or bad in profiling. It's just profiling. Good or bad is interpreted by what is considered norms in society. A lucky 'criminal' who gets a way, feels good and lucky, but society considers them bad...hope you understand what I mean.

By now, we can quite intelligently interpret that the Metal Monkey year would be good for me. That was the year that we went public. In fact it was a Bing Zi month - Indirect Wealth and Rob Wealth. That was a significant milestone as far as I was concerned. Been a public company brought new challenges and requires new wisdom. I'm still learning this part of the business, but hopefully my new found knowledge in bazi (resource) will help guide me through this turbulent financial times.

I mentioned at the beginning of this blog that the knowledge economy is the business of managing talents and people. Once an understanding is established, then application becomes key in generating the outcome one desires. Coupled with the power of Feng Shui and sheer hard work, I believe we can optimize destiny (this is a personal believe) but there lies the key word, personal. It can mean different things to different people, so just like any academic subject, learning and applying bazi is a life long journey. I don't consider myself 'master' material and I don't consider a lot of master masters, too. But if RESOURCE is something that I need to balance my chart, then I believe I'm on the right track.

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