Sunday, January 18, 2009

Letter from a Reader - Peach Blossom Rabbit

I've gotten quite a few request for readings but it's the sharing from Bazidiary readers that I enjoy getting mosts. It's quite encouraging to see how folks are applying Bazi to their different aspects of their life. Here's an email from Harried Rabbit. I've also charted her chart so that you can relate to her analysis. Here's her email to me. (published with permission)

Hi Chris

Been following your blog and a few others, so decided to share some things with you in my experience trying to learn Bazi. Strictly on an anonymous basis, you can refer to me as the Harried Rabbit. Haha. Like you, I find good consultants hard to find, not to mention very expensive. Read things online, started with JY's books as well as whatever titles I could find.

This was 2 years ago; I stopped Bazi study for a year because I was becoming too obsessed with it. Bazi is, after all, a weather report. A guide, but not your fate set in stone. Putting too much store in metaphysics and fate is not right - like setting course by looking at the sky and forgetting the ground. So last year I spent more time trying to focus on my faith instead...which I came to regret later.

See, last year was the Rat. The Rat is my Peach Blossom Star to my Rabbit Day Master - I am a strongYi Wood rabbit. The last time Rat year came around, I was bombarded with suitors all who proved unsuitable. And in my last Rat luck pillar, I was harassed by stalkers and my relationships were messy affairs.

If only I'd remembered that the Rat year was a year for me to avoid entanglements and that I would be getting more than my fair share of male attention. All of which would be bad for me. The Rat saw me break up a long distance 4 year relationship, start seeing a new guy, N...whose chart I should have analysed before dating him. We lasted a month before he ended it to my disappointment. I had a lucky escape because after checking his chart, he is a weak Wu Earth monkey with his day master with too many Peach Blossom in his chart. Weak - unable to handle all the female attention - doomed to failure.

You can take a look at my chart if you like - 22/02/78, 3.08pm, female. You can possibly use my chart as an example for relationship studies, haha. I always wondered why all my previous relationships always were thwarted/ruptured by a third party - but perhaps it's that other Yi Wood which you can find in my chart represent 'friends' or other women.

I did well in a male-dominated industry. Male colleagues always seem to support me, while female colleagues tend to rip me apart. So you can see the Yi Wood being flanked by Rob Wealth - Jia Wood. Which doesn't hurt because vines can creep up oak trees - male coworkers always tend to help give me a boost up.

But romance - well. I think I must have been a terrible womaniser in a past life because I always come close to getting married but I never close the deal due to a third party/circumstance.

So this year I'm picking up Bazi again so I'll learn to be more cautious where matters of the heart are concerned. I won't come into Officer luck until the next luck pillar, and my 'husband' or direct officer star is weak so I doubt my romance luck will change anytime soon. But I'll take heart that I'll be strong enough to take whatever comes - the worst of my luck (Water luck/Resource pillars) are over. And if I just hold on till the next luck pillar, my life luck will improve greatly. My life has been full of drama these past 3 decades. Psychotic jealous girlfriends, lovelorn ex-fiances stalking me...very tumultous times. At least I know all that will end...eventually.

Bazi at least teaches that luck comes in cycles - and to help you prepare for less favourable years. Good/bad luck isn't forever. Make the most of the good times, practise caution during bad. So I no longer feel it conflicts with my faith.

Hope my story helps you with your Bazi studies...keep blogging!


Anonymous said...

it's just the unbalance combination in your chart that screws you. you have plenty wood since your strong wood. water isn't good for you too as it makes wood grow and weaken your metal. and rat is water element so rat isn't good. more metal would help you to allow wood to get weaker so that you have control. not to mention metal is your spouse element. so if your in water phase then it makes your metal element weak as water affects metal. any water or wood cycles just isn't good for you.

Anonymous said...

I would also say that you got 3 peach blossom when rat comes around. not to mention that your day animal is a rabbit peach blossom that is wood so wood isn't good for you. rat isn't good as it's water element. only one going for you would be the horse in your grandparents pillar since it's fire element. I would assume the rat peach blossom's water element weaken your horse peach blossom's fire element so your left with rabbit peach blossom wood element on your day pillar affecting you directly. best to check the person your with to see if they make things worse or balance out your chart.

Anonymous said...

Did u meet ur husband last year