Monday, January 12, 2009

If it was purely determine by luck....

I have been struggling to find a case to write as regular workload has picked up significantly since the new year began. Also, I am happy to report that Bazidiary has been getting numerous requests for help since it came online last year which doesn’t help as some of these requests do take up whatever spare time I have left!

Anyway, I was recently asked I look at a case where someone wins or loses and I thought luck and timing is really a key factor that a lot of people just tend ignore. Just like my last article, I must emphasize timing. There is time for everything, and if you need to embark on something important, look at that time and how that particular period affects you or your competitor.

Since I have been looking at a fair number of politician charts, I could not help ponder on the upcoming by election in Kuala Terengganu this January 17. There are 3 candidates, but I am going to focus on the 2 prominent ones. No names but both are wood people. One is a Jia wood, think of the big trees that you find in endau rompin, the ones that get chop down because they stand tall and very unmoving, and the other candidate is Yi wood. Think of the Yi wood as a vine that requires others to creep to the top. The Yi wood MUST use others to be successful, ideally the Jia wood.

Interestingly, the key distinction between the 2 candidates is one is strong and the other weak. We have a strong Yi wood born in winter, and the weak Jia wood born in fall. Let me remind my readers here that strong and weak is NOT the physically strong and weak or has anything to do with political power. It’s a method (and sometimes disputed method) that bazi consutants use to determine strength of the daymaster (the element that represents the person)

You can see the strong Yi wood candidate has plenty of support around him and even has the Jia wood in his chart. This wood represents relationships that he needs to rise to the top. The other prominent element is his direct resource. This person is well educated, and has strong knowledge grounding and this continues to support his growth (water feeds wood).

The Jia wood candidate is weak because he is born in the rooster month, which primary element is metal. As metal cuts wood, we can assume that wood is weak. In his chart, there is a lack of other wood element (although there is the present of the Yi wood under him that could mean support from people that want something from him). Because I do not have the time of birth, and I do caution that these birthdates are dates that I got off the newspaper and it’s not verified, there’s about 25% of the chart that is unknown. If support comes from the hour pillar, which then would indicate even more significant ‘constant’ support.

The Jia Wood candidate's 10 year luck pillar you’ll see evidence of support in the stem and the Dragon branch belongs to the spring season, which wood (the relationship type) and resource (water to feed food) is present. This 10 year luck actually supports the weak wood candidate.

The Yi wood candidate is actually at the transition between 2 main luck pillars, so we have to take into consideration both pillars to see if it supports his natal chart. The first luck pillars indicates plenty of friends and support (which for a STRONG Yi wood may not necessary be good, as strong wood must be weaken to be balanced). The second upcoming luck pillar is the fire dragon. Fire is good as it indicates acknowledgement, competition, output for the work that he has done or doing. The fire is also an important element especially to strong wood, because it helps to weaken it. But the dragon belongs to season of wood. Wood is not his favorite candidate but it does again indicate support.

Both candidates obviously have got money, the one unique trait of Malaysian politicians! Hahahah…hope I don’t get into trouble for this.

So, what is Jan 17? It is a Water Dog day in a wood earth month. Water obviously supports the weaker wood. Dog belongs to the season of metal, good for strong wood but not ideal for weak wood. Problem is the DOG HARMS the Rabbit, which the Yi wood candidate has got 2 in his charts. But the Dog clashes with the dragons (the Jia wood candidate has 2 also). When the clash happens, support (robwealth), ideas (direct resource), emotions (signifies by the Gui Water) will be released. This may work well for the Jia wood candidate. As for the Yi Chou month (wood and Ox), think of wet wood. This is definitely good for the weak wood candidate.

This is a tough call, but if luck alone will determine who will win, I think it would be on the Jia wood side. (although the day may not exactly support him) However, I must state that I am NOT a fan, supporter, and definitely do not subscribe to the ideals of the Jia wood candidate especially his party. But let’s see how things turn out. Destiny luck is only 33% anyway. I know Yi wood candidate has got excellent fengshui and definitely the perseverance and drive like no others.

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Jia wood wins. Jia Wood beat Yi Wood by 2700 plus votes!