Thursday, January 15, 2009

Goodbye RAT, hello OX

As we draw closer to the year of the OX , you cannot stop to ponder what the OX has got installed for all of us. So many people have asked me, what do I think of 2009 and if this year will be as brutal as the year of the RAT. I can only point them to my friends’ blogs who has done a superb job analyzing the potential effects of the OX. It doesn’t seem that RAT wants to go away, as the war at Gaza rages on, or hearing catastrophe after catastrophe’s that is reported in the news, especially related to rain or earth, your primary characteristic for the year of the RAT.
If you are interested in more OX predictions, here’s a few links to people who have done a superb job looking forward.

I like to take a different approach to things. As this is baziDIARY, I will reflect on the significant of the year of the RAT and how it had affected me. Hopefully, we can learn something from the past.

If there was a SINGLE outcome of 2008 that was most significant for me, it would be my development and interest in the world of Bazi. Thinking back, I had probably purchased Joey’s Destiny Code book before the year had begun, but kept it in the porcelain library (my toilet) for my daily dose of knowledge. It was only at one of his seminars last year where I suddenly up the ante by signing up for one of his ‘fengshui for life’ seminar which was more like a sample platter. I must say, it provided adequate knowledge (and continued curiosity) for a novice who up till then, relied completely on Feng Shui masters on interpretation of everything in business. Like they say, the rest is history. I spent a small fortune on almost ALL his books and CDs followed by signing up for ALL his Bazi modules classes, to the extent of even taking some of the classes in Singapore. My wife thought I had gone mad.

Reflecting back, I had already intention of going back to school (it’s my dream to get an MBA from Harvard) one day. I guess, using my spare time, to learn bazi, was like going back to school. Let’s look at how the RAT changed my life.

I’m a weak but supported REN water person. Obviously the personalities that I follow closely would be the Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and Dan Brown’s of the world. My problem is that I am WEAK (from my daymaster perspective). Bazi 101 states that, ‘ to create balance, you need to strengthened the daymaster…’ so, balance is achieve by more water or metal (based on time). These are my important elements. (Infact looking back, most of my key contracts were won during these periods, listing of my company etc.)

The Rat contains the GUI water, or Yin water, should be good for me, right. In the study of the 10 Gods, this elemental relationship is known as RobWealth. But this doesn’t sound very nice isn’t it.

One small note, I realize through reading other Bazi books authors (I have read Raymond Lo and Guan Leong), that most all the masters used different ENGLISH terms. But the Chinese word is the same. So the English interpretations were all personal translations of the Chinese words by the authors, but everyone refused to standardized the English terms. Maybe, they feared been sued for copyrights reasons. I guess if the Bazi masters of the yester years were not so legal savvy! My personal view is you can’t copyright knowledge. Just like the software world, eventually ‘source of knowledge’ will move to the free model. What’s important and where you can really capitalize on things is the ‘know how’ or the applied knowledge. Bazidiary was created with that intent. It’s to share and spread knowledge. Oh well, let me get back to ‘RobWealth.’ (Jue Cai)

The significant of ‘RobWealth’ is Rob your Wealth. Not too difficult to see isn’t it! Am I poorer today, after learning bazi? I did spend a small fortune but I’m poorer today because of the stock market not so much from learning Bazi. Obviously, I think I’m way richer from the knowledge perspective (water signifies wisdom). My capacity to apply knowledge to doing business has definitely changed for the better. When I read all those management books (and I have read quite a few), I don’t buy those theories and methodologies so easily now). Why certain great things happen to these business celebrities was not just right techniques that they always preached or practiced, but been at the right time, as well as right place definitely had its significance. No doubt, potential and human effort plays a key role in the intensity of the affect, but timing has got lots to do with whether you’ll be successful or not. If you look at some of the past articles, you’ll note that timing is everything.

As a weak REN water person, I am so dependent on partners and my staff, to achieve my goals and objectives. Therefore, I’m perpetually thinking about enhancing these relationships by bending forward and backwards to sometimes very unfair propositions. I hear my close CEO friends tell me, I have to be a little more selfish and heartless as these so call ‘partners’ are only interested in their share of the business created, they are not there to help you! But the net of things is I still gained from the relationships. Furthermore, I don’t have to deal with the business of politics or even the common practices of business which I may not subscribed to.

So, that was the 'partners ' in a Gui water year signified 'RobWealth' for me. But 2008 was a Wu Zi year, or Earth on Water. Doesn’t look very stable isn’t it. I can tell you, as much I want to depend on these so called partners, 2008 was the year that I realize you cannot depend on anyone (hmmm could be also 7 killings emerging as Wu earth is represented by this aggressiveness). Thank goodness, I didn’t have too many business ‘catastrophes’ I could not resolve, nevertheless, partners did cause a lot of major issues and headaches for me. I remind myself, maybe it’s just ‘mud’ or confusion that is prominent for 2008, and unfortunately to be continued in 2009 (Ox is wet earth, still very muddy).

The long and short of it, this Rob your Wealth isn’t always a BAD thing. Depending on whether you need it or not, knowing how to harness the key elemental effect of the year is to me ‘applied knowledge.’ As the year progresses, I will do more reflection and share them in Bazidiary. Let’s welcome the Ox and capitalize on knowledge!


Anonymous said...

Shouldn't the Rat be a friend to you since it's yang water animal. of course the hidden stem do have the gui water for it to have rob wealth effect. So what about the rat itself? the rat element represent friend for you.


Hey Friend,

I think the moolah just taken by the rats, nothing left for us, got to make moosti out of it. Give a tinkle and we will discuss about other ventures in this trying times.

The Creator of the MudCow

Anonymous said...

and who affected the year of the rat ? the year of the pig ? ...if you are an ox you should be confidence on what you get and work on it, perhaps the year of the rat wanted to tell you that, instead of saying i'm weak.
maybe you will be stronger on what you had from the year of the rat. ok, bye weak person as you show yourself.