Saturday, January 31, 2009

Bazi Index - Luck Cycles (Part 1)

There was an interesting article in the newspaper that caught my attention during the Chinese New Year holidays. It was in the business section and what they were doing is mapping the different animal signs to the stock market index. Obviously, we know that the Bull and Bear comes in cycles, but I don't think anyone has successfully predicted when the market peaks or when black Monday catastrophes will strike. This brings me to one hypothesis. We should not, and cannot generalize, but maybe look at how the luck cycles (or affects of the animals) affect INDIVIDUALS, rather than a whole.

An interesting note. Lots of newspapers, magazines, including blogs, have been dishing out 2009 forecast on your usual career, health, wealth etc. I'm not sure if you noticed, but the forecast can be drastically different. Even going to your favourite bookstore and flipping through what has been termed as the 'animal book' you'll see varying forecasts. Why is this the case? Again, my personal view is luck affects the individual. If you do a simple probability test with your bazi Jia Zi's (and my maths wasn't exactly my best subject in school), I think there's like 13 Million possible combination, and that's not taking into consideration your 10 year luck pillar and the affects of the annual calendar into consideration.

Having concluded that, I'm going to say that if you can safely, predict the affects of the animals have on you (the individual), then you can also predict the general fortune for that particular year, the following cycle. Let me put a disclaimer here. Obviously, as we go through the different luck pillars, and there will be different elements on the STEM as we know that the same Jia Zi (stem and branch) for the year only comes in ONCE every 60 years. Bummer, there goes my hypothesis!

Now taking into consideration the the effects of the branch is greater (some people say 3x) than the stem, I may still be able to conclude that effect will be similar. I did however meet one person who has differing view point on this. He mentioned that the affects of the stem was 3x the affects of the branch. The difficulty about forecasting is in the interpretation or translation. You see, all these knowledge were passed down from generation to generation through all these classical bazi or fengshui texts that was written is poetry form! Aarrgghh....I remember the SPM (O levels days) where I had a similar subject (I think it was called Prosa, or Prose in school but I figured out how the teacher in school graded the paper. Unfortunately, the folks grading the main exams were different! Oh much for school days. Ok, back to luck cycles.

Nothing beats trying to do a personal forecast. Don't we all want to know how the year is going to be? And that's why we pay all this moolah to fengshui and bazi masters to help us navigate the year better. The best way to start is to reflect on the past, and by putting this reflection down on paper (or blog in my case), if the situation actually repeats itself, maybe, I can be safely say, ah ha, I am beginning to master this art. The problem is the bazi masters don't know (and can't possibly know) all your history, and sometimes trying to remember 12 years worth of events is also not the easiest thing to do, after all there are 365 days in a year, not to mention some things you just want to forget! But lets just look at significant events and reflect. So, those of you who have asked me to read your bazi, know where I'm coming from. I'm not been nosy when I ask you about a significant event in a particular year. :-)

Part 2 - My Personal Reflection on the last 12 years - from a entrepreneur perspective.

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