Thursday, January 8, 2009

Another time another luck!

I’ve been rather busy holidaying (my friends kid me that I’m back to work on a break from my holidays) in Australia to write and there are intriguing events that take place in the world that drive me to ponder on why things turn out in a certain way. The latest is the recent Satyam fraud case. Obviously, Satyam is a company (if you are in the IT industry) that you look up to, and Raju, its founder someone that you closely follow, just like Bill Gates or Steve Jobs.

Digging up his chart, you’ll see this guy is in the money, or knows how to use ‘others’ in generating his wealth. Yi wood folks are that way. I’m not saying it’s bad, but again, think of vines that require big trees to climb towards the sky in the reach of sunlight. It’s natural for them to use others to climb to the top.

His chart has got Jia Wood (big trees) beneath him and on the stem. Furthermore, for the last 10 years, he was in the TIGER luck pillar, which the Jia wood was the main element. This guy got it made. Looking ahead after 2009 where he enters his 56 luck pillars, it’s still season of wood, although no longer Jia wood but still strengthening his weak wood daymaster. This guy is in luck, ever since he started Satyam in 1987 till today and probably all the way till 75. He should be in luck. What happened?

For an Indian guy, again I should think he would believed in astrology. Raju is born in the year of the horse. Horse and Rat is a big no no. I’ve known a few horse (years) guys (generally speaking) that had a horrible year. All they had to do is….do nothing, or do less. The more they try to fight the ‘luck’ the worst things become. Go on holiday. Lay low!

The one important thing I learn is this study of bazi is, another TIME another LUCK. 2008 was the black spot in Raju’s white area as far as the ying and yang symbol or better known as the Taiji.

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