Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Affects of the DAY

Have you woken up feeling like you could take on the world, or felt the world was crushing in on you? I've been looking closely at the elemental effects of the day on myself, as well as monitoring some of the folks that constantly write to me.

As a Bazi practitioner we believe that these elements carry a certain characteristic that make up the personality of the person. E.g. You will usually find a Bing fire person very outright, cheerful, straight shooter etc. But this is based on the birth time and date that the person was born. What about the actual day itself. How does that affect you? Are there luckier days, moodier days, full of yourself days, tired days etc. I truly believe that you can somewhat (don't dare use the word accurately) predict the mood that the person is in on any particular day, if you know his chart. Imagine selecting a date to negotiate with a client if you knew his birthdate! :-)

Infact, I think you can also predict which days are luckier than others! Unfortunately, the reverse is also true.

I had downloaded this application on my iphone from It's a chinese calendar app that converts your gregorian date to a chinese calendar. It's free, and they even have a bazi app for US$9.99 that you can buy. I don't think there is a day since I installed that app (either beginning or end of the day) that I've not checked the calendar to find out what are the primary Jia Zi of the day itself and very quickly mapped it to certain events that have happen to me, or how I am feeling on that day. Really, it's quite scary.

E.g. It was Ding Si day, very very hot (element). My chart is already full of fire, and definitely don't need it anymore. As a water person, fire represents my wealth. If anything can go wrong, it did on that day. My new glass showcase collapse and shattered damaging some of my organisations trophies and awards, clients complains escalated, staff become sick, my anger flared very easily. It only confirmed what I already knew that I do not need anymore fire in my charts.

Then there was a morning, I got up and started really bitching about all the people who is taking advantage of me and not contributing. I just went on and on and on, until I checked the day. Ren Zi day (water rat). Ren representing myself - so it was one of those 'full of myself' days, and Gui water representing the robwealth.

Just these last 2 days was metal days. Great days for me. Got a letter of award for a contract I was waiting for (waited for the last 2 years), managed to solve issues and problems without stressing myself out. Just felt like I could take on the world. This only confirmed that metal was a very important element that basically balances me.

Applying that theory going forward, I think I'm going to look at 'bad' days and just not work! I probably end up having horrible holidays, but had an advise from a friend just yesterday, when things are 'bad' don't do anything or make decisions, just go watch a movie!

Hmmm wonder what kind of day is today?

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