Wednesday, January 21, 2009

3 Steps to Success

I've been recently asked a lot of wealth related questions - will I be rich, how will I rich, when will I be rich etc. Strangely, it is usually the rich (or the potential rich) that asks these questions! Obviously in my line of business, I get to meet a lot of CEOs and corporate leaders. When they find out that I have this interest called BAZI, I get inundated with those types of questions.

I think the most important aspect of Bazi is understanding how to apply 'people relationship' to business development (not necessarily wealth only). By taking into consideration time, comfort zones, luck cycles, balancing elements, one can determine a better approach to business or wealth development. In my line, I've seen many greedy people, and when I say greedy, I mean it. They are never happy, so take my advise, money is important, but it can be also a source of terrible unhappiness!

The objective in life is BALANCE. I cannot stress more the importance of balance. In Bazi studies, when there is balance, you are considered in luck. It's doesn't matter if you have plenty of wealth elements in your chart, doesn't mean you'll be rich. When the time is right, and balance is achieved, then wealth comes easy. That to me is step number one.

What you do and who you work with, can also help you achieve that balance. (I know my friend from YiFengShui will tell me that elements cannot jump of one person or anything and go into you but...) affinity is extremely important. In my company, I have an affinity to water, metal and earth people, because of the nature of my chart. I get along well with them and they make use of the strong fire in my chart.

Step number two, is knowing how to achieve it. I had an interesting email question this morning. If I was a weak Yi wood daymaster and I want to get into business, would I need a partner? It is important not to take the literal meaning of any advise rendered but the contextual concept of it. In this case, partners does not necessarily mean equity partner. Yi wood people need others for them to climb to the top, does not necessarily mean they are spineless! Tun Mahathir is a Yi wood, The current deputy PM is a Yi wood. It means they need others to accomplish their goals in life.

The one observation I have is overly strong daymasters make lousy partners, unless their partners are totally submissive. The approach they take is usually my way or the highway.

In my case, I am not entirely a strong daymaster, it's difficult to be 'happy' when you have to exert your authority. You can always be what you are not meant to be, simply by human effort, but if it's not you (or destined), chances are, you'll be unhappy. Talking to few bazi consultants and friends who are in this line, they tell me that a lot of Singaporeans are so determined (or at least by the message driven into them) to have a good life, you need a good, job, and a good job is such and such! They end up doing what they are not happy doing, but ultimately make enough moolah in the process.

The bottom line is you are not happy! As a leader of any organisation, putting the right man on the job is critical. Knowing their bazi and understanding what they can do best, will also ensure they are happy (and optimise) doing what you have assigned them to do.

Just yesterday, a business partner that I have not seen in months visited me to brief me on a project that were trying to undertake. My mind was actually trying hard to focus on what he was saying, yet I knew that this guy knows his stuff inside out. Over coffee, I asked for his birthdate and time and plotted out his bazi chart. I then realise, this fellow's chart was missing the precious fire element, which is so important, when it comes to 'pitching/sales/convincing' as fire is the only elements out of the five that can transformed other elements. When I explained to him, he then realised what he needed to do. He could come out with the concepts and ideas (very stong and favorable resource) but needed someone else to do the closing! I bet you, I'll be getting plenty of bithdates from him.

Step 3 - don't just wait for things to happen. Start early. It takes time to develop anything, skills, ideas, networks, or relationships. Even trust takes time! There is no short cut to anything. I remember reading this book by Jim Collins entitled Good to Great. It mentioned about a concept called 'Fly wheel.' It basically tells you that effort is required to get the wheel spinning and once you achieve adequate momentum, it continues spinning and will take off! My 'spin' of that is more of when the time is right, you can harness the momentum. Effort will determine intensity of the results, when the time is right.

In my studies of the celebrity entrepreneurs, you see almost all of them did not become rich over night, Lots of effort, ideas, and time was put into developing their empires. Yes luck is important. But they did what they could do well, usually with lots of other people (that everyone conveniently forgets), and ultimately, the wealth and success emerges, usually when the time is right!

I probably over simplified the approach to doing business or getting wealthy through business in this article, but it's a good start for how one would apply this ancient art of chinese metaphysics to enhance your business. How success has it been for me? I will find out soon. :-)


Anonymous said...

no matter what chart someone have. A huge part still comes down to networking and social connection. without others there won't be opportunity or referrals. business of any kind will always depend on customers or clients for referrals or opportunity to run a business if someone helps you with capital. every rich man always had someone that helped them get their break. no one can do it alone. that's why I hate those that think they are the one who get rich by themselves forgetting the people that help got them there.

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris,

I began to feel guilty each time you quote me. However, the good thing is, I am happy you had taken my advise seriously, not in wholesale, of course. You have just touch on the concept of affinity, where one crosses path with you.

Keep the spirit burning and don't forget to invite Mr Moosti to the CNY open house.

Many Blessings Ahead.


clk said...

Social networking can be read from one's chart as well. Some attract good network whilst others attract bad network.Ultimately hardwork counts a lot which is also reflective in ones bazi chart.