Saturday, January 31, 2009

Part 2 - The Early Years

I started my company as a small outfit in the year of the Rat, almost 13 years ago. So, last year 2008 was an interesting year as it was the year also I picked up Bazi (atleast I picked a significant time, to start something, although it was done not on purpose). The company was small, there were 5 very naive people who wanted to be the next Bill Gates. Eventually 2 dropped out the next year or so from not been able to contribute to pissing the hell out of me.

First learning point here. Make sure you have compatible partners, or it's just a matter of time before you get in each other's face. But I also realise that in some years, people who you tend to associate closely with, become distant, and the opposite is true also. I'm a weak REN water person, with very strong fire (too strong). Luckily I have some support in my water and this is at my hour pillar. This year, it is very strong wet cold earth year, and the CHOU or OX harms my horse (where my fire resides). Actually it started last year when the rat already clashed with the horse! I seem to be getting closer to my STRONG fire (especially Bing fire) friends or find more opportunities to get closer. Looking forward, next year is Tiger, and wood is prominent, chances are, the strong fire partners, are not going to have such a great year, so I'm keeping an eye out.

The affects of the year don't start right on Feb 4. You'll already start feeling it probably towards the end of the year.

When I say 'partners' I do not mean purely equity partners but people you would work with in the business associates sense. There seem to be more business opportunities or associations with fire people in 2009! Another interesting point to note is, fire is NOT my favorite element. I consider Metal, Water and now EARTH to me important to me. Why earth?

From an observation perspective, all the closest people around me are earth. My wife, my son, my parents, my closest of friends, my closest business partners, strange but true. I have an affinity to earth people! (I'm sure some wise guy out there is saying...then from Mars ah?!!) And it's mostly Ji earth, or Yin Earth. So, Ji earth is good for me, therefore, Ji Chou year should me good for me. So far, the signs are pointing in the positive direction, but nevertheless still challenging. My goal is to get through the summer season (mid year) then I would know if this will be a truly good year.

From a Bazi perspective, earth is a resource to Metal, as well as weakens my fire elements, thus creating balance, a very important concept in Chinese Metaphysics.

What about the last year of the Rat and Ox (1996-1997)? From the software business, I had ventured out into a bunch of cybercafes (we had almost 5 through partnerships with others). We were one of the earliest to start the cafes (fortunately or unfortunately, one of the earliest to exit that business, too) By the Dragon year, we had shut down, and sold that business. While the cafes were generating money, I now know that you better have good people with favorable direct officers in their charts behind the cash register, or poofs, money disappears, as quickly as it comes. Knowing when to cash out is also extremely important, when starting a business that is based on trends. If I had the right people in place then, who knows it would have become the next StarBucks (which you can see if not even holding out to the new up and coming wifi ready kopitiams!)

The year of the OX was the year of new opportunities for me, and the painful lesson learn was not been able to capitalize it while it lasted. So, if any of my staff is reading this article, I'm am NOT going to reject any jobs just because resource is tight! It was tight then, too. Resource can be interpreted as working capital, cash flow, human resource etc. anything that fuels the business. No one is going to stand in my way, especially when my 10 year luck pillar is also favorable!

Interestingly, one of the things that we are doing is trying to get a line of credit (after 12 years). I have a CFO that doesn't believe in borrowing. I can see why....he is strong REN water, so metal not is favorite element (metal signifies finance) hahahahah....I can see everyone rolling their eyes as I seem to have an answer for everything! So, as long as I am captain of the ship, and metal is my favorite element, we better get help from the metal institutions to recess the Ox-Horse (fire) harm in my chart. (i.e. cash flow).

The year I started my business was 1996. It was also a Bing Zi year. The fire of the SUN indicates indirect wealth. Fire can also indicate software or IT. The gui water in the rat indicates partnerships (robwealth).

1997 was a Ding Chou year. It was a year that I got some new shareholders (indicated by the direct officers) and Ox and clashed with the Goat, releasing more wealth and relationships (indicated by the direct wealth as well as the robwealth elements). These early years gave rise to many relationships that helped us grow through the years. Problem with my chart is 'relationships' are not really 'me.' So, everytime it appears somewhere else, (like the annual or luck pillars) it becomes a little more significant, such in the year of the OX. I tell people I rather think than network, but it's a preference.

The early years were also extremely creative years for us. We did just about anything under the SUN (literally) to survive. Multimedia, networking jobs, email servers, websites. We were drawing miserable salaries, officially it was about about RM2K, but in reality, we took home a few hundred RMs each month and when the customer paid, we split whatever we collected. Sometimes, you cannot be too smart (or calculative) to be an entrepreneur. You almost need to be a sucker for punishment. I had the job of the sales man (thank goodness for the fire in my chart) - another excellent advise when you hire people in sales - make sure they have adequate fire in their chart, or you'll be wondering why your next meal is taking so long to materialize!

The fire in my chart was also important as it helped sell the 'future' to the staff that had slowly joined us, including my primary partner who's now my wife. She lacked the fire, so I guess that's why she married me. :-) But she was the brains behind most of the work we had obtained, it was impossible for me to have afforded to hire anyone of similar capabilities. She is a Ji Earth person.

The tiger and rabbit years were creative years for me. (After all wood, is output). I had support from friends (in my 10 years luck pillar), and my self confidence was high. Even though technically, wood years aren't my favorite years, it was years of growth. Looking back, I could say we were aggressively trying to survive as by that time, the cafe's were not doing so well as competitors started appearing, and my other partner who was running the main operation of the cafe just could not innovate fast enough. He is also another very strong fire person that is VOID of metal and water - guess you can consider him someone with a special chart. Don't know how we lasted so long, but another advise, make sure you find people with Metal and Water in their charts also, if you want decisions (metal) to be made quickly and have some level of wisdom (water). We have had our tensed moments, but I think because he has 100% of my Jia-Zi (stem and branch combinition read in a pillar) in his chart and I have 50% of his in mine, we are still together after 13 years! So much for the fire-fire theory! So, remember, there's always exceptions in Bazi reading, so don't get too technical.

By 1999 (year of the earth rabbit), an angel investor (again, earth represents the direct officer) had emerged, pump in a little bit of money, gave us the opportunity to grow a little more. We were also beginning to get some recognition for the work we did as I cultivated some of the relationships in the past when we were in the US resulting in some US jobs as well as local jobs for large organization, including for the state government. We were probably about 20 people in size. The Yi wood in the rabbit represents the hurting officer. I guess, recognition, some acknowledgment for the work we did on the software side was beginning to pay off.

But it was beginning to get very tough for the cafe side of thing. Pilferage was high, the PCs were old, competitors with newer faster machines was popping up every other month on the same street. The wood years were tough years. Looking forward, there goes my S Class I was dreaming about this year. Guess my old one has to last at least 2 more years, even though cars are considered Metal and it's really good for me. hahahahah..... Another reason why I need to put more aside for a rainy day (or woody years). But I don't think it'll be that bad, given it is Metal Wood years in 2010 and 2011 as metal is my resource element and a very important element for me.

Year 2000 (metal dragon year) was a significant year for us. We had received 2 rounds of real injection of venture capital money (actually the first round was in January, so technically the direct officer element, or new shareholders was still very prominent) and another round in April of 2000- metal dragon month. Whoa...metal and earth again! Dragon does not clashed with anything in my chart so it was a relatively smooth sailing year. Ok, I'll continue later. Time to get ready for my Bah Kut Teh. Somehow, I seem to be at my best, creatively during the early hours of the morning...the Dragon hour!

Part 3 - Have Money will Travel.....

Bazi Index - Luck Cycles (Part 1)

There was an interesting article in the newspaper that caught my attention during the Chinese New Year holidays. It was in the business section and what they were doing is mapping the different animal signs to the stock market index. Obviously, we know that the Bull and Bear comes in cycles, but I don't think anyone has successfully predicted when the market peaks or when black Monday catastrophes will strike. This brings me to one hypothesis. We should not, and cannot generalize, but maybe look at how the luck cycles (or affects of the animals) affect INDIVIDUALS, rather than a whole.

An interesting note. Lots of newspapers, magazines, including blogs, have been dishing out 2009 forecast on your usual career, health, wealth etc. I'm not sure if you noticed, but the forecast can be drastically different. Even going to your favourite bookstore and flipping through what has been termed as the 'animal book' you'll see varying forecasts. Why is this the case? Again, my personal view is luck affects the individual. If you do a simple probability test with your bazi Jia Zi's (and my maths wasn't exactly my best subject in school), I think there's like 13 Million possible combination, and that's not taking into consideration your 10 year luck pillar and the affects of the annual calendar into consideration.

Having concluded that, I'm going to say that if you can safely, predict the affects of the animals have on you (the individual), then you can also predict the general fortune for that particular year, the following cycle. Let me put a disclaimer here. Obviously, as we go through the different luck pillars, and there will be different elements on the STEM as we know that the same Jia Zi (stem and branch) for the year only comes in ONCE every 60 years. Bummer, there goes my hypothesis!

Now taking into consideration the the effects of the branch is greater (some people say 3x) than the stem, I may still be able to conclude that effect will be similar. I did however meet one person who has differing view point on this. He mentioned that the affects of the stem was 3x the affects of the branch. The difficulty about forecasting is in the interpretation or translation. You see, all these knowledge were passed down from generation to generation through all these classical bazi or fengshui texts that was written is poetry form! Aarrgghh....I remember the SPM (O levels days) where I had a similar subject (I think it was called Prosa, or Prose in school but I figured out how the teacher in school graded the paper. Unfortunately, the folks grading the main exams were different! Oh much for school days. Ok, back to luck cycles.

Nothing beats trying to do a personal forecast. Don't we all want to know how the year is going to be? And that's why we pay all this moolah to fengshui and bazi masters to help us navigate the year better. The best way to start is to reflect on the past, and by putting this reflection down on paper (or blog in my case), if the situation actually repeats itself, maybe, I can be safely say, ah ha, I am beginning to master this art. The problem is the bazi masters don't know (and can't possibly know) all your history, and sometimes trying to remember 12 years worth of events is also not the easiest thing to do, after all there are 365 days in a year, not to mention some things you just want to forget! But lets just look at significant events and reflect. So, those of you who have asked me to read your bazi, know where I'm coming from. I'm not been nosy when I ask you about a significant event in a particular year. :-)

Part 2 - My Personal Reflection on the last 12 years - from a entrepreneur perspective.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

3 Steps to Success

I've been recently asked a lot of wealth related questions - will I be rich, how will I rich, when will I be rich etc. Strangely, it is usually the rich (or the potential rich) that asks these questions! Obviously in my line of business, I get to meet a lot of CEOs and corporate leaders. When they find out that I have this interest called BAZI, I get inundated with those types of questions.

I think the most important aspect of Bazi is understanding how to apply 'people relationship' to business development (not necessarily wealth only). By taking into consideration time, comfort zones, luck cycles, balancing elements, one can determine a better approach to business or wealth development. In my line, I've seen many greedy people, and when I say greedy, I mean it. They are never happy, so take my advise, money is important, but it can be also a source of terrible unhappiness!

The objective in life is BALANCE. I cannot stress more the importance of balance. In Bazi studies, when there is balance, you are considered in luck. It's doesn't matter if you have plenty of wealth elements in your chart, doesn't mean you'll be rich. When the time is right, and balance is achieved, then wealth comes easy. That to me is step number one.

What you do and who you work with, can also help you achieve that balance. (I know my friend from YiFengShui will tell me that elements cannot jump of one person or anything and go into you but...) affinity is extremely important. In my company, I have an affinity to water, metal and earth people, because of the nature of my chart. I get along well with them and they make use of the strong fire in my chart.

Step number two, is knowing how to achieve it. I had an interesting email question this morning. If I was a weak Yi wood daymaster and I want to get into business, would I need a partner? It is important not to take the literal meaning of any advise rendered but the contextual concept of it. In this case, partners does not necessarily mean equity partner. Yi wood people need others for them to climb to the top, does not necessarily mean they are spineless! Tun Mahathir is a Yi wood, The current deputy PM is a Yi wood. It means they need others to accomplish their goals in life.

The one observation I have is overly strong daymasters make lousy partners, unless their partners are totally submissive. The approach they take is usually my way or the highway.

In my case, I am not entirely a strong daymaster, it's difficult to be 'happy' when you have to exert your authority. You can always be what you are not meant to be, simply by human effort, but if it's not you (or destined), chances are, you'll be unhappy. Talking to few bazi consultants and friends who are in this line, they tell me that a lot of Singaporeans are so determined (or at least by the message driven into them) to have a good life, you need a good, job, and a good job is such and such! They end up doing what they are not happy doing, but ultimately make enough moolah in the process.

The bottom line is you are not happy! As a leader of any organisation, putting the right man on the job is critical. Knowing their bazi and understanding what they can do best, will also ensure they are happy (and optimise) doing what you have assigned them to do.

Just yesterday, a business partner that I have not seen in months visited me to brief me on a project that were trying to undertake. My mind was actually trying hard to focus on what he was saying, yet I knew that this guy knows his stuff inside out. Over coffee, I asked for his birthdate and time and plotted out his bazi chart. I then realise, this fellow's chart was missing the precious fire element, which is so important, when it comes to 'pitching/sales/convincing' as fire is the only elements out of the five that can transformed other elements. When I explained to him, he then realised what he needed to do. He could come out with the concepts and ideas (very stong and favorable resource) but needed someone else to do the closing! I bet you, I'll be getting plenty of bithdates from him.

Step 3 - don't just wait for things to happen. Start early. It takes time to develop anything, skills, ideas, networks, or relationships. Even trust takes time! There is no short cut to anything. I remember reading this book by Jim Collins entitled Good to Great. It mentioned about a concept called 'Fly wheel.' It basically tells you that effort is required to get the wheel spinning and once you achieve adequate momentum, it continues spinning and will take off! My 'spin' of that is more of when the time is right, you can harness the momentum. Effort will determine intensity of the results, when the time is right.

In my studies of the celebrity entrepreneurs, you see almost all of them did not become rich over night, Lots of effort, ideas, and time was put into developing their empires. Yes luck is important. But they did what they could do well, usually with lots of other people (that everyone conveniently forgets), and ultimately, the wealth and success emerges, usually when the time is right!

I probably over simplified the approach to doing business or getting wealthy through business in this article, but it's a good start for how one would apply this ancient art of chinese metaphysics to enhance your business. How success has it been for me? I will find out soon. :-)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Letter from a Reader - Peach Blossom Rabbit

I've gotten quite a few request for readings but it's the sharing from Bazidiary readers that I enjoy getting mosts. It's quite encouraging to see how folks are applying Bazi to their different aspects of their life. Here's an email from Harried Rabbit. I've also charted her chart so that you can relate to her analysis. Here's her email to me. (published with permission)

Hi Chris

Been following your blog and a few others, so decided to share some things with you in my experience trying to learn Bazi. Strictly on an anonymous basis, you can refer to me as the Harried Rabbit. Haha. Like you, I find good consultants hard to find, not to mention very expensive. Read things online, started with JY's books as well as whatever titles I could find.

This was 2 years ago; I stopped Bazi study for a year because I was becoming too obsessed with it. Bazi is, after all, a weather report. A guide, but not your fate set in stone. Putting too much store in metaphysics and fate is not right - like setting course by looking at the sky and forgetting the ground. So last year I spent more time trying to focus on my faith instead...which I came to regret later.

See, last year was the Rat. The Rat is my Peach Blossom Star to my Rabbit Day Master - I am a strongYi Wood rabbit. The last time Rat year came around, I was bombarded with suitors all who proved unsuitable. And in my last Rat luck pillar, I was harassed by stalkers and my relationships were messy affairs.

If only I'd remembered that the Rat year was a year for me to avoid entanglements and that I would be getting more than my fair share of male attention. All of which would be bad for me. The Rat saw me break up a long distance 4 year relationship, start seeing a new guy, N...whose chart I should have analysed before dating him. We lasted a month before he ended it to my disappointment. I had a lucky escape because after checking his chart, he is a weak Wu Earth monkey with his day master with too many Peach Blossom in his chart. Weak - unable to handle all the female attention - doomed to failure.

You can take a look at my chart if you like - 22/02/78, 3.08pm, female. You can possibly use my chart as an example for relationship studies, haha. I always wondered why all my previous relationships always were thwarted/ruptured by a third party - but perhaps it's that other Yi Wood which you can find in my chart represent 'friends' or other women.

I did well in a male-dominated industry. Male colleagues always seem to support me, while female colleagues tend to rip me apart. So you can see the Yi Wood being flanked by Rob Wealth - Jia Wood. Which doesn't hurt because vines can creep up oak trees - male coworkers always tend to help give me a boost up.

But romance - well. I think I must have been a terrible womaniser in a past life because I always come close to getting married but I never close the deal due to a third party/circumstance.

So this year I'm picking up Bazi again so I'll learn to be more cautious where matters of the heart are concerned. I won't come into Officer luck until the next luck pillar, and my 'husband' or direct officer star is weak so I doubt my romance luck will change anytime soon. But I'll take heart that I'll be strong enough to take whatever comes - the worst of my luck (Water luck/Resource pillars) are over. And if I just hold on till the next luck pillar, my life luck will improve greatly. My life has been full of drama these past 3 decades. Psychotic jealous girlfriends, lovelorn ex-fiances stalking me...very tumultous times. At least I know all that will end...eventually.

Bazi at least teaches that luck comes in cycles - and to help you prepare for less favourable years. Good/bad luck isn't forever. Make the most of the good times, practise caution during bad. So I no longer feel it conflicts with my faith.

Hope my story helps you with your Bazi studies...keep blogging!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Affects of the DAY

Have you woken up feeling like you could take on the world, or felt the world was crushing in on you? I've been looking closely at the elemental effects of the day on myself, as well as monitoring some of the folks that constantly write to me.

As a Bazi practitioner we believe that these elements carry a certain characteristic that make up the personality of the person. E.g. You will usually find a Bing fire person very outright, cheerful, straight shooter etc. But this is based on the birth time and date that the person was born. What about the actual day itself. How does that affect you? Are there luckier days, moodier days, full of yourself days, tired days etc. I truly believe that you can somewhat (don't dare use the word accurately) predict the mood that the person is in on any particular day, if you know his chart. Imagine selecting a date to negotiate with a client if you knew his birthdate! :-)

Infact, I think you can also predict which days are luckier than others! Unfortunately, the reverse is also true.

I had downloaded this application on my iphone from It's a chinese calendar app that converts your gregorian date to a chinese calendar. It's free, and they even have a bazi app for US$9.99 that you can buy. I don't think there is a day since I installed that app (either beginning or end of the day) that I've not checked the calendar to find out what are the primary Jia Zi of the day itself and very quickly mapped it to certain events that have happen to me, or how I am feeling on that day. Really, it's quite scary.

E.g. It was Ding Si day, very very hot (element). My chart is already full of fire, and definitely don't need it anymore. As a water person, fire represents my wealth. If anything can go wrong, it did on that day. My new glass showcase collapse and shattered damaging some of my organisations trophies and awards, clients complains escalated, staff become sick, my anger flared very easily. It only confirmed what I already knew that I do not need anymore fire in my charts.

Then there was a morning, I got up and started really bitching about all the people who is taking advantage of me and not contributing. I just went on and on and on, until I checked the day. Ren Zi day (water rat). Ren representing myself - so it was one of those 'full of myself' days, and Gui water representing the robwealth.

Just these last 2 days was metal days. Great days for me. Got a letter of award for a contract I was waiting for (waited for the last 2 years), managed to solve issues and problems without stressing myself out. Just felt like I could take on the world. This only confirmed that metal was a very important element that basically balances me.

Applying that theory going forward, I think I'm going to look at 'bad' days and just not work! I probably end up having horrible holidays, but had an advise from a friend just yesterday, when things are 'bad' don't do anything or make decisions, just go watch a movie!

Hmmm wonder what kind of day is today?

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Goodbye RAT, hello OX

As we draw closer to the year of the OX , you cannot stop to ponder what the OX has got installed for all of us. So many people have asked me, what do I think of 2009 and if this year will be as brutal as the year of the RAT. I can only point them to my friends’ blogs who has done a superb job analyzing the potential effects of the OX. It doesn’t seem that RAT wants to go away, as the war at Gaza rages on, or hearing catastrophe after catastrophe’s that is reported in the news, especially related to rain or earth, your primary characteristic for the year of the RAT.
If you are interested in more OX predictions, here’s a few links to people who have done a superb job looking forward.

I like to take a different approach to things. As this is baziDIARY, I will reflect on the significant of the year of the RAT and how it had affected me. Hopefully, we can learn something from the past.

If there was a SINGLE outcome of 2008 that was most significant for me, it would be my development and interest in the world of Bazi. Thinking back, I had probably purchased Joey’s Destiny Code book before the year had begun, but kept it in the porcelain library (my toilet) for my daily dose of knowledge. It was only at one of his seminars last year where I suddenly up the ante by signing up for one of his ‘fengshui for life’ seminar which was more like a sample platter. I must say, it provided adequate knowledge (and continued curiosity) for a novice who up till then, relied completely on Feng Shui masters on interpretation of everything in business. Like they say, the rest is history. I spent a small fortune on almost ALL his books and CDs followed by signing up for ALL his Bazi modules classes, to the extent of even taking some of the classes in Singapore. My wife thought I had gone mad.

Reflecting back, I had already intention of going back to school (it’s my dream to get an MBA from Harvard) one day. I guess, using my spare time, to learn bazi, was like going back to school. Let’s look at how the RAT changed my life.

I’m a weak but supported REN water person. Obviously the personalities that I follow closely would be the Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and Dan Brown’s of the world. My problem is that I am WEAK (from my daymaster perspective). Bazi 101 states that, ‘ to create balance, you need to strengthened the daymaster…’ so, balance is achieve by more water or metal (based on time). These are my important elements. (Infact looking back, most of my key contracts were won during these periods, listing of my company etc.)

The Rat contains the GUI water, or Yin water, should be good for me, right. In the study of the 10 Gods, this elemental relationship is known as RobWealth. But this doesn’t sound very nice isn’t it.

One small note, I realize through reading other Bazi books authors (I have read Raymond Lo and Guan Leong), that most all the masters used different ENGLISH terms. But the Chinese word is the same. So the English interpretations were all personal translations of the Chinese words by the authors, but everyone refused to standardized the English terms. Maybe, they feared been sued for copyrights reasons. I guess if the Bazi masters of the yester years were not so legal savvy! My personal view is you can’t copyright knowledge. Just like the software world, eventually ‘source of knowledge’ will move to the free model. What’s important and where you can really capitalize on things is the ‘know how’ or the applied knowledge. Bazidiary was created with that intent. It’s to share and spread knowledge. Oh well, let me get back to ‘RobWealth.’ (Jue Cai)

The significant of ‘RobWealth’ is Rob your Wealth. Not too difficult to see isn’t it! Am I poorer today, after learning bazi? I did spend a small fortune but I’m poorer today because of the stock market not so much from learning Bazi. Obviously, I think I’m way richer from the knowledge perspective (water signifies wisdom). My capacity to apply knowledge to doing business has definitely changed for the better. When I read all those management books (and I have read quite a few), I don’t buy those theories and methodologies so easily now). Why certain great things happen to these business celebrities was not just right techniques that they always preached or practiced, but been at the right time, as well as right place definitely had its significance. No doubt, potential and human effort plays a key role in the intensity of the affect, but timing has got lots to do with whether you’ll be successful or not. If you look at some of the past articles, you’ll note that timing is everything.

As a weak REN water person, I am so dependent on partners and my staff, to achieve my goals and objectives. Therefore, I’m perpetually thinking about enhancing these relationships by bending forward and backwards to sometimes very unfair propositions. I hear my close CEO friends tell me, I have to be a little more selfish and heartless as these so call ‘partners’ are only interested in their share of the business created, they are not there to help you! But the net of things is I still gained from the relationships. Furthermore, I don’t have to deal with the business of politics or even the common practices of business which I may not subscribed to.

So, that was the 'partners ' in a Gui water year signified 'RobWealth' for me. But 2008 was a Wu Zi year, or Earth on Water. Doesn’t look very stable isn’t it. I can tell you, as much I want to depend on these so called partners, 2008 was the year that I realize you cannot depend on anyone (hmmm could be also 7 killings emerging as Wu earth is represented by this aggressiveness). Thank goodness, I didn’t have too many business ‘catastrophes’ I could not resolve, nevertheless, partners did cause a lot of major issues and headaches for me. I remind myself, maybe it’s just ‘mud’ or confusion that is prominent for 2008, and unfortunately to be continued in 2009 (Ox is wet earth, still very muddy).

The long and short of it, this Rob your Wealth isn’t always a BAD thing. Depending on whether you need it or not, knowing how to harness the key elemental effect of the year is to me ‘applied knowledge.’ As the year progresses, I will do more reflection and share them in Bazidiary. Let’s welcome the Ox and capitalize on knowledge!

Monday, January 12, 2009

If it was purely determine by luck....

I have been struggling to find a case to write as regular workload has picked up significantly since the new year began. Also, I am happy to report that Bazidiary has been getting numerous requests for help since it came online last year which doesn’t help as some of these requests do take up whatever spare time I have left!

Anyway, I was recently asked I look at a case where someone wins or loses and I thought luck and timing is really a key factor that a lot of people just tend ignore. Just like my last article, I must emphasize timing. There is time for everything, and if you need to embark on something important, look at that time and how that particular period affects you or your competitor.

Since I have been looking at a fair number of politician charts, I could not help ponder on the upcoming by election in Kuala Terengganu this January 17. There are 3 candidates, but I am going to focus on the 2 prominent ones. No names but both are wood people. One is a Jia wood, think of the big trees that you find in endau rompin, the ones that get chop down because they stand tall and very unmoving, and the other candidate is Yi wood. Think of the Yi wood as a vine that requires others to creep to the top. The Yi wood MUST use others to be successful, ideally the Jia wood.

Interestingly, the key distinction between the 2 candidates is one is strong and the other weak. We have a strong Yi wood born in winter, and the weak Jia wood born in fall. Let me remind my readers here that strong and weak is NOT the physically strong and weak or has anything to do with political power. It’s a method (and sometimes disputed method) that bazi consutants use to determine strength of the daymaster (the element that represents the person)

You can see the strong Yi wood candidate has plenty of support around him and even has the Jia wood in his chart. This wood represents relationships that he needs to rise to the top. The other prominent element is his direct resource. This person is well educated, and has strong knowledge grounding and this continues to support his growth (water feeds wood).

The Jia wood candidate is weak because he is born in the rooster month, which primary element is metal. As metal cuts wood, we can assume that wood is weak. In his chart, there is a lack of other wood element (although there is the present of the Yi wood under him that could mean support from people that want something from him). Because I do not have the time of birth, and I do caution that these birthdates are dates that I got off the newspaper and it’s not verified, there’s about 25% of the chart that is unknown. If support comes from the hour pillar, which then would indicate even more significant ‘constant’ support.

The Jia Wood candidate's 10 year luck pillar you’ll see evidence of support in the stem and the Dragon branch belongs to the spring season, which wood (the relationship type) and resource (water to feed food) is present. This 10 year luck actually supports the weak wood candidate.

The Yi wood candidate is actually at the transition between 2 main luck pillars, so we have to take into consideration both pillars to see if it supports his natal chart. The first luck pillars indicates plenty of friends and support (which for a STRONG Yi wood may not necessary be good, as strong wood must be weaken to be balanced). The second upcoming luck pillar is the fire dragon. Fire is good as it indicates acknowledgement, competition, output for the work that he has done or doing. The fire is also an important element especially to strong wood, because it helps to weaken it. But the dragon belongs to season of wood. Wood is not his favorite candidate but it does again indicate support.

Both candidates obviously have got money, the one unique trait of Malaysian politicians! Hahahah…hope I don’t get into trouble for this.

So, what is Jan 17? It is a Water Dog day in a wood earth month. Water obviously supports the weaker wood. Dog belongs to the season of metal, good for strong wood but not ideal for weak wood. Problem is the DOG HARMS the Rabbit, which the Yi wood candidate has got 2 in his charts. But the Dog clashes with the dragons (the Jia wood candidate has 2 also). When the clash happens, support (robwealth), ideas (direct resource), emotions (signifies by the Gui Water) will be released. This may work well for the Jia wood candidate. As for the Yi Chou month (wood and Ox), think of wet wood. This is definitely good for the weak wood candidate.

This is a tough call, but if luck alone will determine who will win, I think it would be on the Jia wood side. (although the day may not exactly support him) However, I must state that I am NOT a fan, supporter, and definitely do not subscribe to the ideals of the Jia wood candidate especially his party. But let’s see how things turn out. Destiny luck is only 33% anyway. I know Yi wood candidate has got excellent fengshui and definitely the perseverance and drive like no others.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Another time another luck!

I’ve been rather busy holidaying (my friends kid me that I’m back to work on a break from my holidays) in Australia to write and there are intriguing events that take place in the world that drive me to ponder on why things turn out in a certain way. The latest is the recent Satyam fraud case. Obviously, Satyam is a company (if you are in the IT industry) that you look up to, and Raju, its founder someone that you closely follow, just like Bill Gates or Steve Jobs.

Digging up his chart, you’ll see this guy is in the money, or knows how to use ‘others’ in generating his wealth. Yi wood folks are that way. I’m not saying it’s bad, but again, think of vines that require big trees to climb towards the sky in the reach of sunlight. It’s natural for them to use others to climb to the top.

His chart has got Jia Wood (big trees) beneath him and on the stem. Furthermore, for the last 10 years, he was in the TIGER luck pillar, which the Jia wood was the main element. This guy got it made. Looking ahead after 2009 where he enters his 56 luck pillars, it’s still season of wood, although no longer Jia wood but still strengthening his weak wood daymaster. This guy is in luck, ever since he started Satyam in 1987 till today and probably all the way till 75. He should be in luck. What happened?

For an Indian guy, again I should think he would believed in astrology. Raju is born in the year of the horse. Horse and Rat is a big no no. I’ve known a few horse (years) guys (generally speaking) that had a horrible year. All they had to do is….do nothing, or do less. The more they try to fight the ‘luck’ the worst things become. Go on holiday. Lay low!

The one important thing I learn is this study of bazi is, another TIME another LUCK. 2008 was the black spot in Raju’s white area as far as the ying and yang symbol or better known as the Taiji.