Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Tiger Wood Wood Woes

How can anyone studying Bazi resist looking at Tiger Wood’s Bazi especially when he is in the lime light for the wrong reason.

Tiger Wood is a phenomenal golfer but his chart tells us an important story. That any skills established during the right period of his life, will give him the edge in life. In Tiger’s case, it was golf. He started playing as early as 2 and had established himself professionally in his early part of life.

How can you see this from the charts? This is his Bazi chart. I’ve taken the birth time from a astrology chart on the web but this birth time data cannot be verified.

You can see that he is Geng Metal born in the heart of winter and his chart is extremely cold, therefore you can assume that he is a weak Geng Metal person. Tiger is born in the year of Rabbit with the Yi wood sticking up in the stem. Direct Wealth is prominent in his chart, which tells us there should not be any issues looking for wealth in his life stem as it is quite prominent. Geng metal needs to be forge to be made useful. This is extremely important point. Ding fire is the fire that forges metal. So where’s the fire? In is chart, you’ll see this fire as a secondary element in the Dog branch and this is right under him. But unless, it is pulled out by another fire, and fueled by resource, I seriously doubt the usefulness of the fire. If you look at the first luck pillar, you’ll the ever important ding fire in the stem.

What about his current ‘infidelity’ problems that he is facing? The last count there were 14 mistresses that surfaced. I’m sure some of these people are there to ‘robwealth’ the tiger. But even in the chart, you’ll see this problem in the branches of the year and month pillar.

The Rat and Rabbit is known as the uncivilized punishment. Remember, the Rat and Rabbit are peach blossom stars and the Direct Wealth represents the wife. This straight forward formation already spells trouble. Take into consideration the current luck pillar of the Yi You (direct wealth/rooster), this problem is further enhanced. Rooster is also a peach blossom star. The rooster and rabbit clashes and when 2 peach blossom star clashes, you can guess what happens! The rooster also harms the dog which incidentally in the spouse palace. On top of the rooster again the wife is represented by the direct wealth.

The part that I am still trying to understand is WHEN all this started becoming main stream news. The day of the accident was a Bing Zi day (Fire Rat) and a Yi Hai (wood Pig) month. At first glance, I thought it was a drinking related accident. All my metal (especially Geng) friends that have the infamous rat somewhere in the charts can drink (or swim). Rat and Ox combo is earth, and earth is not what a cold chart needs at this point. Remember I mentioned the ding fire is an important element for Geng Fire. It is really very very cold in his chart right now. (The Pig month, the Ox year, and his Rat (month branch) forms a solid winter frame.
To test this, I found this from Tiger’s Wikipedia entry.

“While expectations for Woods were high, his form faded in the second half of 1997, and in 1998 he only won one PGA Tour event.”

This is the year of the Ox moving into the year of the Tiger. This was Tiger’s low period 12 years ago. History repeats itself.

In these cases I usually look at the month following the incident to see how things will pan out in the short term, and the year ahead for a little longer perspective. The month of December is Bing Zi (Fire Rat). Just by recognizing that the next month is the same type of ‘Jia Zi’ as the day of his accident tells us more trouble will come! Infact, the month when the accident happened (Yi Hai)(Wood Pig), the wife appears again on top of the PIG. PIG and PIG (in the hour pillar) forms another self punishment formation, but if you look inside the pig, you see the Jia wood (or Yang Wood) and for Tiger this represents his girlfriends! (Indirect Wealth)

Extrapolating further, you can see that the Yi wood (wife) see the light (bing fire) when the Jia wood (big tree or girl friends) appear. That’s Tiger woe’s for you!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

The man with the Golden Tiger

Yesterday was a great day, pity it’s so short!

This is what I mean when you have a good day, make sure what you want to accomplish can be done in a day. Not only was it a Geng Yin (Metal Tiger) day, the same type of day that we will experience in 2010 year, it was a ‘FULL’ type day! It was an extremely productive morning for me. Did one BAZI analysis, and wrote an article. Had a meeting with a former minister then checked in for a night out with my wife in KL. She wanted to do some Christmas shopping and my kid is with his grandparents in Penang. I had also a few phone calls with possible project opportunities. Hopefully my 2010 is going to be like that!

While reading the news, one thing that caught my attention is an entrepreneur friend of mine is acquiring a US major player in the social networking space! Wow a Malaysian acquiring a US company. Really cool! Hmmm, he’s my friend on Facebook, I wonder if he has his birth date there. It was and, it fits perfectly into scenario 2 of my last article.

This is his chart (minus the birth time).

You can see he is weak Ding Fire with a direct wealth structure. When Geng Yin year comes along, the Yin (wood) provides resource to his weak fire, and the geng metal in his month branch protrudes with the year STEM. Geng is his wealth element. He went private earlier this year, I wonder if he is planning to go public again.

Whatever his strategy is, this guy will be rocking next year.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Who's going to make money in 2010?

Will I make money in 2010? Let me rephrase that question to “How do you know the elements of the Metal Tiger year is supportive for wealth generating activities.”

I know the Geng metal in the stem is very important for me (I’m weak REN water with a wealth structure). It’s also a Metal Tiger day, and Geng is in the Stem.

So, I hate to do this but I have to. I’m going to start thinking about recovering some of the investments I have made from learning Bazi. So far, much of the contributions that I have received have gone to WorldVisions as I contribute on a monthly basis. It’s important to help the less fortunate, especially children. It also makes you realize that your ‘bad luck’ may not be as bad after all!

I’ve decided that the token contribution should be US$88 from this article onwards. (Still far from the US$500 I paid for Joey yap for that ½ hour consult. Heehee….yup he charges this much)

Ok, back to the topic. The first more obvious (not necessary accurate) way is to see the day master. Metal people had it bad in 2009. Think of it, GENG METAL needs to be forged by fire to be make useful. Xin metal wants to shine. The Ji Chou year of PURE earth weakens fire (also Ox harms the Horse where the ding fire is strongest) as really covers the Xin metal. Someone once asked me to describe this in a simple way. It’s like having a Porsche stuck in mud, the tyres keeps spinning and mud is going all over the place and on to the car. Doesn’t look like a pretty picture, right!

But in 2010, METAL wants to chop wood and wood is the wealth element. So, generally most metal folks are going to be making money, and I already know some of my metal daymaster friends who have new jobs (most that left me late this year; last year was the wood folks), projects and see the opportunities coming their way. On a side note, I have a Geng Metal architect friend who told me that he will go for a vacation every month in 2010, but he seems to have so many projects on hand (or at least coming his way), I’m not certain if he can be as laid back as he wants to be. But remember, you have 2 years to make your pile as the Rabbit is also a wood year. Still money, right! Take your vacation later!

The other element is Metal. Fire’s daymaster wealth element is metal. So fire people going to be able to see wealth coming their way, too. Will they have the ability to hold on to it depends pretty much on their chart. If the metal is rooted or even appear as a secondary element (in the branch somewhere in their natal chart), then the effect is greater.

The 3rd group of people that will benefit is the folks that need Metal or Wood as a useful element. I fall into that category. But there is a condition. You must have wealth in your chart. If you do not have, then what you need to do is ‘timed’ certain opportunities to happen in wealth periods, as in the months etc.

How much wealth? How much do you want to make is entirely up to your own efforts and capability. So, start your engines….

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Theory of Relativity

Have you ever woken up one day and had the feeling that everything that you are doing is meaningless, hopeless or unappreciated, and then the very next day, you feel like you could conquer the world. People have written to me when they are at dead ends with relationships, their careers, or even at cross roads about their life choices. My response to them is always the same, timing is everything. If we know that a certain period is not supportive of our own bazi charts, lay low, expect to feel horrible, or just watch TV or sleep it off! Tomorrow is another day.

I’ve seen people go through mood swings, behave erratically, and worse of all, feel that there’s no longer any future. Believe me, no one likes a cranky pessimistic friend nagging at them about how unfair life is. Remember, there’s a time for everything, and understanding your own bazi is the first step in optimizing destiny.

I don’t believe you can change destiny per say, but I remember what I was told in Bazi class. If you don’t have a favorable 10 years luck pillar, look for good years, and if the years don’t support you, look for good months, and if that also doesn’t work, look for good months or days. There are 60 Jia Zi or different combination of stem and branch in appears in a bazi ‘pillar.’ So we know that this will repeat every 60 cycles. Which means, every 60 years, or months, or days, you’ll come back to the same starting point again. So, do more during great days, lay low, during unsupportive days.

I’ve been tracking my own personal chart for about 2 years now. The first year was pretty much just learning, understanding, and practicing bazi by doing online consults and writing my analysis on bazidiary. Obviously, you cannot possibly remember everyone’s chart, so I have a software on my laptop and iphone to quicky plot a chart when needed, too. Seldom a day go by without me having to read someone’s chart or me looking at a chart for more insights to a situation. Probably one of the best investments I have done so far. It did take money and lots of time!

The other thing I tell everyone is each element or space in your chart can represent MULTIPLE things, events, or relationships. It is almost impossible to be definite about an analysis. But by layering different ‘schools of thoughts’ the reading becomes more accurate. That is one reason why I always do my analysis (online consults) via a questions and answers approach. Someone actually coined a term that I quite like; ‘Sherlock Holmes style….’ Hahahahah maybe because I’m just not good enough or have not seen enough charts yet to give an accurate prediction. Bazi is not a definitive science. A lot will depend on the experience of the bazi consultant as well as his ‘instinct’ at the time of reading. I’ve realized that I find early mornings for me work well. That’s my ‘eating god’ hour! I go through periods where I just don't find any motivation to write. By looking closer at your chart, the reasons become very obvious.

Another thing I learn is ‘continuity and cycles.’ I like early starts and it gives me more time to ‘learn’ (direct resource person). Again, I believe each will use a different approach to get ahead of life based on your bazi profile. Mine is a long term approach to things. A person who has supportive indirect resource that is favourable probably get results faster via instinct or gut feelings.

In reality, we work in an ecosystem surrounded by all sorts of people. And whether we like it or not, we are always affected by other people. So by understanding some else’s bazi, and knowing what is it that you like about that person, you can also ‘optimise’ that relationship. Sounds terriblely manupilative, but it works both ways. Have to caution you on one point. He or she is also affected by the bazi of the period. There would be times, where the affinity (kam cheng) is there and other times it may not exist. Strange but true.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Elton John - The Piano man

I feel terribly guilty for not updating my blog but there’s so much work and work challenges during these few months. I even had a few friends who had called me to find out if anything was amiss! Does not mean I haven’t been doing any consults just that I generally have request to keep the consults a little more private.

I’ve a little bit of time before my flight to Bangkok so I guess I’ll just write another case up. Actually have a few more I want to do in my case file but I saw a news report recently about Elton John cancelling one of his concerts because he was unwell. Looking at his chart a little closer you’ll find another eating god in action. Elton is one of my favorite artists because of his piano playing abilities and the fact that he writes his own songs. The other thing you realize is that one doesn’t have to focus on money to become extremely wealthy. Wealth could be a natural output of ‘output’ (Hurting officer or Eating God) so long as it is present in the charts. This is important as sometimes the way to make money is NOT to focus on making money. Focus should be on something that is prominent in the charts, and basically this is the Eating God in Elton John’s case.

This is Elton’s chart. I took his birth time from Astrotheme.

If you want to be an artist you have to make sure you have fans! And Elton’s chart does show that very clearly. There’s other Gui Water in the charts. Born in Rabbit month, representing an Eating God you already know that this person is highly creative. Infact his has another Rabbit in the day pillar. I usually look at BOTH the day and month stem to determine the profile of the person. It’s also nice when the Eating God is complimented by the intelligent or study hall star. This usually means his aptitude for formal education in the creative field is enhanced. From Wikipedia, you’ll note that he started playing the piano at an early age of 3 and had formal lessons from 7 onwards. He had studies at the Royal Academy of Music and had persisted to refine his ability at the Piano.

As Elton is Gui Water born in Rabbit, he has weak daymaster. A weak daymaster means that Resource (Metal) is important, as well as more Water. In this case, friends and fans enhance him and in his Year Pillar you’ll see the robwealth brining the indirect wealth.

From Wikipedia, you also note that Elton started making money very early on in life. In fact from the age of 15 he was already playing gigs at pubs and earning a steady income. AT 15, Elton was in his Xin Chou 10 years luck pillar. With Xin metal on top, you’ll was ‘attractive/showy’ and metal enhance the daymaster further further.

Elton John’s band came together in 1972 and released their first number 1 album. 1972 mark the first year of John’s Geng Zi (Metal Rat) luck pillar. More resource and more fans! How not to succeed. Between 1972 and 1975, Elton produced 7 number 1 albums. If you look at those years, there were all water and wood.

This is a perfect example of how someone can focus on the strengths in the chart and generate wealth at the same time, even though wealth in his chart is not rooted and not exactly prominent. Unfortunately, this also results in him having a problem with spending. Guess it’s ok, as long as you can continue making it!

Friday, November 13, 2009

The Hurting Officer again….

So, can you tell if an employee is about to resign?

I have had quite a few people leave me this quarter, for that matter this year. Some of them have been with me for nearly 10 years. There were many reasons given, but mostly for career advancement and monetary reasons. I guess that is a good sign that the market is returning to normal. The bad news is I have to struggle to find replacements and it takes time for them to get into the flow of things.

It’s also been a while since I’ve updated bazidiary, and I apologise for that, too. I have been travelling in the last 2 months. Infact, in the last 4 days, I was in Bandung and Jakarta meeting people, hiring, solicitating for business, and braving the crazy Indonesian traffic.

So, did I see it coming that a certain person would leave the company. The answer is YES, if I was looking or tracking at his or her chart. I have close to 100 persons working here, and there’s no way I can remember everyone’s chart, but there are a few that I track. Not that I want to invade their privacy, but it’s important that I understand the possible issues that they may be going through during a particular time period or if they would affect me in anyway.

Usually, my first hint that something is amiss is when someone takes leave, let’s say in the middle of the week for very weak reasons, like ‘personal or family’ reasons. Don’t need any Chinese metaphysics knowledge to suspect that person may be going for an interview.

I usually check the day's ‘Jia Zi’. If there’s a hurting officer is in the day, that basically is a first sign. (Remember, the Hurting Officer hurts the Direct Officer, which represents the boss). You could technically extrapolate to also indicate that a wife is hurting the husband, but we need to keep in mind that this is NOT an exact sign. There are many representations, and talking to many bazi practitioners, I see one common mistake. They don’t investigate. The sign may be there, but the meaning or context does not apply.

My next step is usually to look at the following month. If the hurting officer is again very prominent, you know you are in trouble. I had 3 senior people who had this pattern in their chart before they had left, all this year! The last one, handed me the resignation letter on the 2nd day of the month. I didn’t even bother to ‘save’ this case! There’s also another aspect that you have to consider, the boss’ chart. 2009 isn’t a great year for me as the OX clashes with the Goat, my first line of defense, and harm my month which is also my wealth and parents pillar. Dad had to go through a major surgery but thankfully he is recovering, just a whole pile of unlucky events.

The 3rd thing to consider is the employees' ‘luck’ element. Lets say if the following year they are in Direct Wealth luck, or the useful element appears and they have a strong wealth structure, then these would be the folks that probably find new ‘wealth.’ Infact, I got word just 2 days ago, that a Xin Metal project manager is planning to leave us end of the year. Sheeshhh….tough times!

My friend also asked me if I understood about ‘noblemen’ or Qui Ren. These are ‘helpers’ and when do they appear. I’m also very fortunate that when the ‘S**T hits the ceiling fan’ there’s always a friend that helps me sort things out and keep me going. I guess, I am blessed with that luck, so even though the year had been a tough one, I’m still doing ok. Next year will be better.

I’ve also been following another ‘type’ of hurting the officer, which the animal is ‘punished or harmed’ and the boss element is represented in the stem of the corresponding animal. This one is definitely more severe, and requires ‘Sun Tzu – The Art of War’ to counter. Have that ebook in my iphone but just don’t have the time to read it! Infact, my wife tells me, what good is to know that a certain negative event is about to occur, and we cannot do anything about it? I would rather know so I can be prepared than be in the blind.

I will get a few more articles out this month after I sought out all this mess. Guess, that's what I'm paid to do! Good thing the year is coming to an end.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

The School Bully

My son is coming to six and had just entered year 1 primary not too long ago at a local International school. We thought we had prepared him well enough by coaching him with encouragement and psyching him up about the fun activities in school, after all, he loves to learn. In fact, when day one arrive, he trotted right into school, participated like he should and then a week or two later, disaster. He didn’t want to go into school, held on tight to us, and started giving us excuses like ‘tired’ or ‘sleepy’ and just plain refusing to go to school. My wife, a JI earth person, just kept insisting something is triggering his behavior, me, a REN water person, kept looking for ways to get him to school. When you take a step back at look at our ACTIONS, you see how ones actions correlate to their Bazi chart!

Anyway, as we slowly got our son’s confidence up by working his EXTREME EATING GOD element (he is extremely competitive) and promising him the sky, moon, and the SUN (this one the teachers’ did) (They had some kind of a competition to collect SUNs and CLOUDS depending whether you are good boy or naughty boy, he got back to his normal self). He had also revealed that he didn’t like some people in the class and during break time that would literally BULLY him. I can imagine how terrifying this would be for a six year old if a boy, older than you would do pull your hair, kick you, chase and scratch you during recess! My JI earth wife has yet to catch the older boy (he wouldn’t reveal who he is) but we already know who is the disruptive one in the classroom as all the moms are also concerned about this particular boy’s behavior. My wife found his birth date and asked me to do an analysis on him. Without the birth time, you cannot really get the complete picture, but you can almost see why a person behaves the way he behaves based on the chart. I think this is even more evident when he or she is a child, because they have not adequately developed that ability to mask their expressions yet.

This is that boy’s chart (minus the birth time).

Read any Chinese metaphysics book and you realize that a GUI WEI (Water GOAT) person is a very soft, gentle person. This boy’s daymaster is ding fire, another very sentimental element. Even though this is only 75% of his chart, it is all YING elements. It doesn’t seem possible that this boy can be the ‘disruptive’ boy that he is made out to be. What is giving rise to this behavior? When you think further, behavior is HUMAN ACTION. And we act out a specific NEED. Let’s relook at the chart, but this time consider the 10 year LUCK PILLAR GENG SHEN (METAL Monkey) as well as this pure earth YEAR of Ji Chou.

EVERY single element is countering the single DING fire daymaster. The strong earth weakens the fire, the gui water tries to put it out by controlling it, and ding fire is trying hard to forge all the metal elements around him (including the luck pillar) thus weakening him further. Furthermore the OX and the GOAT clashes effective his OUTPUT (Eating God) as well as his secondary resources (Yi wood) and friends (ding fire) which are so important for the fire to thrive. Imagine you are the little fire, how would you behave!

So, if you were the parent of this child what could you possibly do? Immediately, you would know that WOOD is the most important element to him as resource strengthens fire. If I were a traditional Chinese parent, WOOD = CANE. That probably would have happen in a public/Chinese school system. But wood can represent other actions, like compassion, patience, growth, tolerance etc. I see the class teacher showing all attributes and that’s good. But most important of all, is the element of TIME. Next year another element comes into his life. It’s a Geng Tiger year. The primary element for the TIGER is wood. I think you’ll see this boy better behave and a little more focused on his work in school. If not, than maybe the CANE would work.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Patrick Swayze - the King of Dance

I have been a little overwhelmed having to deal with office matters as well as family emergencies over the last month or so. This year has been a mixed a good starts but mostly tough or bad ends for me. Guest I know now what it means when the Goat and Ox clashed! The one thing that pushes me ahead in knowing that with time, things will change, and being a REN water person, looking forward positively is not difficult for me to do.

With the Internet today, it’s so easy to be in-tuned with world events. I was following the Annie Le murder news and probably was looking to do an analysis on it. I’ll do this later when more information emerges. Yesterday, I saw on CNN that Patrick Swayze had passed on from pancreatic cancer at the age of 57. I recalled that Steve Jobs too had pancreatic cancer and had recovered from it.

Did a Google search and found his birth date and time. I’m certain the birthdate is pretty accurate because there’s some resemblances to Steve’s Job’s chart. Patrick was diagnosed with cancer last January but he was a fighter. Saw the interview between him and Barbara Walters and you could see the fire and fighter in him. If you had watch ‘Dirty Dancing’ and some his other movies, you know that this person’s chart has strong ‘Eating God’ artistic and creative characteristic, much like Michael Jackson’s chart, too. Patrick studies dancing formally and big break came in 1987 when he was featured in Dirty Dancing followed by great movies like Ghost!

This is Swayze’s chart.

You can already see immediately that 2009 was catastrophic year for him. His 10 years luck pillar of TIGER clashed with his day and month branch of MONKEY. The characteristic of this clash is ‘growth cut by metal’ usually can be depicted in accidents or surgery. The hour and year DRAGON branches forms a ‘graveyard’ destruction with the OX. Immediately, you can see ALL the four pillars affected by the 10 year and annual year pillar. He died on September 14, A water DOG day. The DOG and DRAGON forms a clashed formation. It was very difficult to escape this period.

Infact looking back, reading his biography on Wikipedia, you can see that he was seriously injured in 1998 (Earth TIGER year) – He broke legs because he fell from a horse. Again, represented by the TIGER and METAL clashed.

The other incidents reported was Patrick started drinking heavily when his father died in 1982 and his sister committed suicide in 1994. Both of these years were DOG years, and the DOG clashed with the DRAGON (his hour as well as year pillar).

These were already evidence pointing to a time in the where when all the pillars are in conflict, it would represent a life threatening event.

May Patrick Swayze rest in peace.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

When the Snake, Monkey, Pig and Tiger is in conflict

I stumbled across this birth date of a prominent political leader whose party is going through some form of siege where some of the internal members are seeking to remove him from office. He is also accused to have benefited directed from a government project involving millions of dollars.

Looking forward (2010) at his chart, assuming the birth date is right, you would noticed all the 3 branches (year, month and day – we don’t have the hour) is in some form of conflict with the annual luck pillar and the year pillar. The Snake, Monkey, Pig and Tiger are known as your stability stars. When there are clashes, harms, punishment occurring in all of them, it’ll tell you that this person will be going through a very challenging ‘unstable’ year. Looking at the 10 gods relationships will paint you the picture of the issues the person will go through.

In the Snake (day) there’s the wealth element. The Tiger ‘harms’ the Snake. Wealth or money is at stake. We know from all the news reports that the allegation involves a large ‘donation’ that was made by the accusers.

The PIG (month) clashes with the SNAKE (in the annual luck pillar). The PIG represents relationships or partners. Could this be the people who are out to ‘punish’ him? Again from the news reports, it would seem that there have been a ‘relationship’ in the past before the scandal was exposed. In a clash situation problems with relationships and partners will appear. In the stem of the PIG is Ji Earth representing the 7 Killings. The 7 Killings is a star of aggression, and power.

The first line of defense is always the year branch. But the Monkey clashes with the Tiger. Metal is associated to finance and project management, where the hurting officer is associated to ‘acknowledgement.’ The publicity of this scandal has been largely accredited to the leader’s will power to promote transparency and accountability.

Looks like there's more to come next year.

Monday, September 7, 2009

My short experience with fame

Some of you may have noticed that I had posted an earlier article and taken it offline. Here’s the rewrite.

Originally it was about my short experience with fame and people in that business. I had noticed people who work in this broadcast industry had certain type of hurting officer prominence. It turned out I may have offended someone with an observation and I do apologize if it felt that it had infringed on the person’s privacy. There’s just some clarification and comments that I want to make objectively so that anyone that has their chart analyze realizes.

It’s not always about YOUR chart. It’s a chart associated to a birth date and time, and millions of people share the same elements and relationships. We all live in different environment, are brought up differently and put in different efforts in cultivation our careers and life, therefore, we live very unique individual lives. The chart is the framework for things to happen. If we understand that context we can then optimize and shape to harness its strengths and minimize its weakness. I cannot emphasize that only you know yourself best. Even the bazi consultant is influenced by the questions he asks and the type of responses he gets by being with the person. Each element, relationship, palace (space where the element appears) can mean multiple things!

I had a friend that is a very strong water natal chart, that was missing fire, it’s the wealth element. Does this mean he’ll never see wealth? No, there’s still fire hours, days, months, years and 10 years luck pillars. Once we know WHEN wealth is ‘season’ any activity that is done to accumulate wealth becomes fruitful. However, it’s very easy to ‘waste’ a good period because of frivolous activities. In his case, he was winning a lot of mobile competitions and winning hand phones during that period. Imagine if he had spend the SAME time and period investing in the stock market, the returns would have been obviously better than entering SMS competitions!

When a lady sees strong hurting officer, does it mean she will unlikely get married? No, I have another friend that got married not once but twice, but all ended up in divorce. She’s still in love the third time over, and we have even talked about the issues with her chart. I don’t think any amount of understanding what her charts mean is going to keep her from marrying the third time. But the good thing, is she now conscious of her actions and what may constitute as ‘hurting the officer.’ This is an important point as destiny is only one third the equation. The other third is environment and last third is human effort.

As a leader of any organization it is important for you to understand the capabilities of your employees, very much the same way a conductor understand the individual musicians and instruments in an orchestra. (He doesn’t necessarily need to know how to play the instrument) The piece that’s been played is the action that we choose to do. The hall that you play in is the environment during the performance. How ultimately the music pans out will depend on all factors combined. Hope this clarifies things.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

George Sodini - Another Mental Metal Case

We already know that metal folks have it bad this year. Coupled that strong metal with internal self punishments, peach blossom stars, muddied water, a lack of fire and a hurting officer in the stem coming up, you get George Sodini, the LA Gym shooter.

This is his chart.

Plenty of Xin Metal around him – you would think that he has plenty of friends but you must realized that the rooster and rooster forms a self punishment, while the Rat and Rooster forms a peach blossom destruction! 3 peach blossom stars (who knows about the hour, since we do not know the time of birth!) He doesn’t look like a Serial Killer or someone crazy from his face, in fact, he had mentioned in his blog, that ‘you wouldn’t think I’m crazy…..’ But his chart shows it all…..

So why this year? Look at his actions or output. Element is Gui water. What does earth do to water? Contamination of thoughts. When did he actually commit the crime? Goat month (the peak of the Ji Chou year). The OX year further combines with the RAT to create more EARTH.

Aug 4, the day of the crime, was a Xin Si (Metal Snake) day – Metal and Fire equals gun fire usually. 8:15pm, the time of the crime was the hour of the DOG. The DOG harms the ROOSTER – indicating Bodily harm! The SNAKE also combines with all the Xin metal to create more water, thus the drive (output) to carry out the crime.

Come Aug 8, Hurting Officer appears in the stem of the month. Recognition, unfortunately for the wrong reason.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Money Back Guarantee – your future is guaranteed

….and I will be the next Bill Gates!

Had an anonymous commenter asking if he gets his money back if the reading is not accurate. I doubt there is a bazi or fengshui master out there that is 100% accurate. In fact there were so many instances that only AFTER an event had happen, the association between your Bazi charts and that particular event becomes obvious. An example of this was the passing of my partner just a couple of weeks ago. I remember in 2008, we used his house plans for one my fengshui class exercise. Because of certain missing sectors (and other factors that I cannot recall now), we came to the conclusion, that his wife will leave him in the future…quite an irony isn’t it. Another incident that I recall reading was David of Yi Fengshui sitting for one his examinations. He had used Iching and had predicted that he would not past, but in reality the exam was cancelled.

It is very important to realized that what we are trying to do is get a map of life integrated with a dimension of time. Unfortunately the destiny map is not your Google Map or Mapquest where it can get you from one specific point to another , with estimated travel time and even fuel costs! Look at it as a guide where and when certain prominent characteristic in life is shining bright. That can give you the confidence to pursue it a little more aggressively (or hold back), knowing that there is some support from luck. It also helps you manage expectations better, knowing WHEN we should do certain things.

I was just told yesterday (a Ren Wu day – hate those horses) that a US$1.5M dollar Brunei government contract of mine is put on hold because of internal investigations. Was I surprised or taken aback. Yes, I must say I am disappointed, but strangely, I kinda realized (maybe the effect of the REN in that day) that his year of the OX may full of surprises when it comes to business/wealth opportunities related issues. While the earth balances my strong fire representing wealth in my chart. The OX clashes with the Goat (where the direct wealth resides in the stem) as well as harm the Horse, my direct wealth branch with a indirect wealth sitting on top. So, at the beginning of the year, I already knew that I cannot go crazy in terms in gearing up just because the opportunities are there. This is how, one can use a Bazi analysis to guide you through the year. Thank goodness, we the summer months are almost over. With strong fire in my chart, more fire means spending money like water! It’s been a terrible summer, especially in an OX year.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Open for business - can't do this for free anymore, sorry.

Dear Friends of Bazidiary,

It’s been almost a year since I started Bazidiary and I have received countless requests for readings. I must say I have also met many of my blog readers and even developed some into business partnerships (not Chinese metaphysics related, I’m into IT). Bazi has not only helped me in my analysis of people and their characteristic but in determining the all important luck factor, as I believe WHEN to start or execute something will also determine whether luck is supporting it.

As I want to be able to only get request from people who are serious about understanding their bazi profiles, as well as applying Bazi to specifically their careers (I’m not too good in health related analysis), I have decided to put a fee for this service. I’m asking a small donation of US$38 per request. I would ask you to email me at with your birthdate/time and your specific questions first. Only upon accepting your request, would I ask for that fee to be deposited in my Paypal account.

Thank you for your understanding.


Monday, July 27, 2009

The Fire of Life - Don't wait to live life to the fullest

I’m in San Francisco airport after my flight from Seattle waiting to catch the next flight to Taipei and then to Malaysia. It was only barely 24 hours ago when I was awaken by the buzzing of my ‘silent’ mobile at 4am this morning. Checking the missed calls, it was from my wife. 3 missed calls. With a mild panic, I struggled with the light and called home, my wife gave me the sad and shocking news; my partner of 13 years had died of a heart attack at the age of 42.

Oh my God, how could that have happen. Like me, he just turned 42 not too long ago. He was at the peak of his career and at the prime of life, and had only better times in life to look forward to. He had a good life, and was always the friend to everyone, a father to 3 lovely daughters and a providing husband. I’ve known Kevin for more than 13 years, but for my wife, he was her child hood friend, they grew up in high school, and went to the same university together. She had introduced him to me, and we became partners. He followed us back from the US and started up our entrepreneur adventure. I still cannot believe that he is gone. (BTW There was a FuYin in my wife’s chart – but I didn’t expect that it would meant losing a dear friend)

He had always been lucky. Any property he bought, would automatically appreciate. He had so many people who looked after him, my wife, his brother, his sister, his friends. And he lived life to the fullest, and anyone would attest to it. His passion was life itself!
His wake will be held on Monday at his home and I really hope that I can make it back in time for the funeral.

Our fengshui master had commented a couple of years ago, that she has never seen anyone as lucky as my partner. Her exact description was ‘he was seated on a lotus flower…’ However, she had cautioned that this year, he would face some serious accident or even death. If he survived, he would have the best of luck for the rest of his life. But I guess he didn’t.

This is my partner's chart.

A special chart for a special person. Problem was in every light, there is that spot of darkness. Navigating away from it, may not be easy, especially if you do not believe anything was wrong in the first place! No one’s luck last forever.

I guess the OX clashed the Goats and the Ox harmed the Horse, his Bing fire, representing the fire of life. He died on a goat month. The goat combined with the horse creating more fire, not something a strong fire person likes.

I hope this serves to remind us that life is ever so fragile and don’t wait to enjoy life with the ones that you love, because no matter how good life may seem, it can be taken away from you. May his soul rest in peace. I’ll miss you my friend.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Phantom of the Opera – Andrew Lloyds’ greatest work

Yesterday was a great evening out. I went to The Venetian in Las Vegas and watched Phantom of the Opera, probably for the tenth time. It was an incredible show and gave me the inspiration to understand the people behind great musicals. Behind the Phantom is Andrew Lloyd Webber, one of the greatest English composer of Musical Theater. Let’s take a look at his Bazi chart and see what made him who he is today.

Digging through an astrology website, I managed to find his birth time. This is Andrew’s chart.

Wikipedia does a great job listing down his work and giving us a short background on his work and his life. But you have to dig a little further and see whether a specific work was successful or when a particular work became successful.

There is one interesting thing to note. You would think he is naturally born an ‘Eating God’ structure and this 10 God relationship is usually associated to creative people. That is not the case, although he does have a protruding EG in the YEAR stem as well as a secondary EG in the hour pillar. Timing had a lot to do with his creative endeavors. The other thing is the Indirect Resource. You usually associate the Indirect Resource to people with lots of ideas. Again, this is not the case with Andrew. He has a Direct Resource structure. In fact, you can see a lot of his ideas were not his own. It was through the people that he had working relationships with that have given him some of the ideas for his greatest work.

Digging further, I found out that Phantom was not even created by Andrew! There was another composer by the name of Ken Hill that had popularized Phantom before Andrew. And even more shocking, that Ken was not even the original creator of Phantom. It was created by the French author by the name of Gaston Leroux! Wow, RobWealth in action, if you ask me!

Before I going deeper into his works, another interesting point to note is Andrew’s natal chart has got 3 peach blossom stars. This guy also married 3 times, the first time in the year of the RAT (1972), the second time 12 years later, 1984 (also in the year of the RAT), and the 3rd time in Feb 1991. 1990 is the year of the HORSE, another peach blossom star, just like the RAT, Rabbit, and Rooster. Very ‘attractive’ person!

Andrew is a Bing Fire daymaster. When he shines, he shines bright! He is born in the season of resource, and resource penetrates to the heavens. Underneath his daymaster is the ding fire representing robwealth. In the hour pillar, you’ll see the Bing (fire) Shen (Monkey representing indirect wealth). As we all know, the Geng Metal depends on ding fire to forge it, therefore, it is through working with other people that he makes his money. In the hour pillar, you can also form the picture of his fans (friends) providing Andrew the wealth he has today!

Andrew started writing (composing) at an early age. It was reported that he published his first work at the age of 9. And he had an Aunt by the name of Viola that had provided Andrew the opportunity to see many musical productions at a very early age as she was an actress at the theatre. Andrew’s first luck pillar was Bing (fire) Shen (metal – eating god). You can see how important this luck pillar was to Andrew. Again it was his supporters (or Friends) that had helped developed his creative talents (Eating God). These were the early years where he had build his foundation and interest for a great future, and this talent will and had bring about great wealth in the future. Andrew Lloyd is reported to be the 87th richest Briton in 2006.

For a strong fire person, you also would assumed that more fire isn’t great. I guess there are exceptions. In Andrew’s case, he is a Bing fire daymaster. Bing fire CANNOT forge Geng metal (indirect wealth), therefore he is very dependent on the Ding Fire to provide that task. If you read his bio a little more, you could see that he had dropped out from school (Oxford) together with his friends like Tim Rice (another famous lyricist) to write music! And the greater part of this luck pillar, he was not successful. His first success came in 1968 when he wrote ‘Joseph and his Amazing Technicolor Dreamboat’ (I’ve not even heard of it myself!) 1968 was a Wu Shen year (Earth Monkey). Earth is the Eating God, weakens fire, and Monkey’s key element is Metal, a very important element to Andrew. The next hit was Jesus Christ Superstar in 1971, when he had moved to his NEW luck pillar of Wu Wu (Earth Horse) (EG, RW). This would be one of Andrew’s most creative periods and mark the beginning of Andrew’s success in the musical theatre. You can see how the Ding Fire in the horse is another important element for Andrew, as Ding fire is required to forge Geng Metal. The rest is history.

Just by looking at his 10 years luck pillar you can see Andrew’s life unfolding before our eyes. His 23rd luck pillar was the period that saw his rise. His 33th luck pillar Andrew obtained plenty of fame and started building his fortune. He was also knighted during this period. And by the time he arrived at his 43rd luck pillar, he was already extremely wealthy.

The lesson to learn here is to do the right thing very early on in life. With the right type of chart, you can magnify the talents. In reality, time is required in the development of most careers. There are very few people that have just gone from zero to hero (from a wealth perspective) in a short period. Andrew’s work took a life time, and the royalties from his work will definitely last more than one generation (as in Michael Jackson’s case, too)

Maybe, Josephine of Bazichic will do a face reading of Andrew!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Good Morning Las Vegas

Woke up this morning thinking maybe I should hit the black jack table. I’m in Las Vegas today and just about over my jet lag. Checked the days’ Jia Zi, and it was Bing Yin (fire wood). Oh oh, means it’s money out day, not in. Turned on my phone, and there’s a sms from my wife telling me my pet dog needs surgery and it’s not going to be cheap. Don’t even think I’ll waste my time on the table this trip! It’s actually the day I plan to hit the outlet mall, so I’ll naturally spend money…oh well, it’s destined!

Watching CNN, just heard another plane (fighter jet) had crashed in the middle east. I think it was yesterday or two days ago, a helicopter had crashed, and before that another jet fighter. My god what’s going on. Just a week ago, a 737 plummet into a field, and quite recently an airbus met the same fate. Must be a terrible year for metal, and I remember david of Yifengshui telling me about the ‘peak’ of the Ji Chou month was WHEN the Ji earth emerges, which is this month of wei (goat)! The earth weakens the ding fire which is critical to make metal useful and covers metal (when it is in the stem).

Now I know why I have so many new hires that are metal daymasters, and my project management team (mostly metal people) is a little ‘blur’! This year pretty bad for them and I naturally attract metal folks (and water) folks. Anyway, have to look on the bright side, next year is Metal Tiger year, and in the tiger is wood. Wood is the wealth element for metal folks…does that mean they will be making money FROM me or FOR me? Hopefully both.

Let’s see if I can interprete what David wrote about luck? The view of the Vegas mountains that is surrounding my hotel suite is giving me good fengshui vibes! Maybe I can ask David to divinate a bit and see if I can make his architecture fees from the lucky stars!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Luck changes with Time

I remember when I started learning Bazi about a year and a half ago, there was a skeptical part of me that constantly reminded me of my ‘believe system’ before diving into this particular science. As I learn and experience more over time, I’m wondering whether ‘knowing too much’ will eventually become a problem! I have always been an obsessive learner, from my younger days in the competitive music scene to been an entrepreneur, I believe in going the extra mile so that we have an advantage in life. Bazi seems to give me a view into a future event, but my fear now is been able to do something (positive) about it.

Yesterday was a Metal Monkey day. Metal is one of my most important element in my natal chart, so I expect to receive some money. I did. I received a small donation from a reader, as well as notice of a check (that was long outstanding) from a client was ready. I expected that. Unfortunately my bazi revealed a little more.

At the office, I have been having a series of issues with quality of work produced. I just had enough if it yesterday, after another of my client had complained. (The OX is good and bad for me, and I’m beginning to understand why!) For the longest of time, I’ve been fighting myself in banning ‘casual surfing’ in the office. Instead of researching on the net, some of this idiots are chatting with their friends, updating their facebook accounts, watching YouTube etc. All unproductive work during company time. I’ve decided to ban it all. Incidentally, the MONKEY clashed with the TIGER in my chart representing my Eating God. Eating God also represents my output or employees.

The monkey also harms the pig. The pig resides in my hour pillar, representing my child. I was at an ENT specialist yesterday and was told that he has a problem with one side of his ear. There was fluid in his ear, and a tissue (called the adenoid) was obstructing the passage way between his middle ear (behind his ear drum). This was preventing the fluid from draining and the doctor had recommended a minor surgical procedure to remove the adenoid. We are seeking a second opinion but it is very likely we will have no choice because failing to do anything can result in deafness to one side of the ear.

I’ve never really looked at health related matters when it comes to Bazi so when my wife asked me, I had to do a little research to determine exactly what element does the human ear represent. Found out that WATER represented the EAR. In my son’s chart the only water was in the year stem sitting on top of the GOAT. This year is the year of the OX, the OX clashes with the GOAT. It was his LEFT ear that was affected, too. Elements that get affected on the month or year pillar usually represent the left side of the body.

The one thing I can gather from all these experience is life is not so straight forward. When a bazi consultant tells you that this could be a good and bad period at the same time, remember that we can experience multiple things at the same time. It’s the same with feelings. You could technically be happy and sad. It shows in the charts but interpretation may not be so straight forward.

I have a few bazi consultant friends that are extremely analytical. Not that I do not believe in their methods, I believe when you ‘overly’ look for something, you’ll be sure to find them hidden in the chart somewhere. However, when it’s on the surface, the likely hood of the ‘event’ turning up is extremely high.

As far as knowing what to do about a positive or negative event, my only advise is human effort is the key to minimizing or enhancing a particular ‘luck.’ If you know that a period is great for you, put more effort in, and the returns would be greater. If a period is not so great, take less risk. The last thing you want to be is the gambler that continues to believe that the next roll of the dice will be his lucky turn.

Luck changes with time.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Can we alter DESTINY?

I woke up this morning thinking about some events had taken place in the last few days. Once in a while, I get shaken up by observations or comments made by other people, but my non confrontational nature in me, prevents me from going head on, especially with people I do not know. This article was also sparked by an email request, asking me for remedies to alter ‘destiny.’ Maybe I could be like the famous or should I say infamous fengshui master in Hong Kong asking her billionaire client/lover to dig holes all over the garden ( send me a bunch of money! Hahaha….fat hopes of that happening. I did get an invite to Romania!

There was also a comment in the last article that mentioned that “ …EVERYTHING IS IN ORDER, GOD CONTROLS ALL OF US, GOD IS OUR BIRTH CHART, IT IS THE PROGRAM OF OUR LIFE…” You would not believe a simple statement like this can set the mind to work overtime, thinking about IF everything were solely determined by God’s will, then why do I endure this path of Bazi studies? And if I cannot do something about it, from a human or environment perspective, then why ‘know’ in the first place? I’ve always been very determined in life. Whether it was in my younger days where I participated in competitive music competitions, or doing well in public examinations at school till running my own business. Was this all determined by God or was there an element of self as well as environment that assisted me in getting my goals and objectives in life? Don’t we have longer life spans today because of better medical advancement? Didn’t this happen because human beings decided to understand the human body better? Are we to a certain extend trying to alter ‘destiny’?

I wouldn’t go as far as say I can alter destiny, but you sure can make a difference as far as knowing WHEN certain ‘luck’ characteristics are prominent. Think of it like using a magnifying glass to make fire. No matter how hard you try, if there’s no sun or there are clouds covering the sun, there’s no way you can produce fire (unless you use something else!). Obviously, when the sun is shining bright and you don’t bother to use the magnifying glass, starting a fire is also not that easy. I always thought of life path as a road that is filled with bumps, pot holes, and traffic lights. Sometimes you speed up, sometimes you slow down, and sometimes you come to a complete stop. But eventually the lights turn green and you move on. Ok, enough of the pictorial philosophies.

There have been instances where I realized I have a ‘craving’ to do certain things, like travelling. I travel quite a fair bit, especially during the summer periods. It helps, if you have the ability. But it is mere coincidental that the same time last year, I was in Australia, and in about two weeks’ time, I’ll be in the US. I wonder why? Could it possibly be that during the fire months, I am a little more restless, because fire ‘unbalances’ me thus the body seeks ‘water’ related activities to balance it. The other thing I did very aggressively last year was start on learning Bazi, again through self studies early in the year, peaking during the fire months. I was taking courses in Malaysia and Singapore. Isn’t ‘studying’ associated to water or resource which is again important to ‘weak’ water person like me?

I have wondered whether it is possible to self ‘prophecise’ and there’s a possibility all of this is merely a random event that is taking place in a moment of time.

It is one thing to look at your own charts and map events, it really is very mind boggling to see how people you know go through different luck cycles, especially when you know their charts! I have yet to see a born in ‘horse year’ person that did not have a relatively bad year in 2008 or a GUI water person who I can get them to focus on one specific activity or a strong Ren Xu (day pillar) person who is not ‘in your face’ , demanding or determined. You could create so much tension in the work environment when you put geng metal people to work with Jia wood personalities. Don’t you think wood people are a tad selfish or Geng metal people are a little ‘unbending.’ I could go on and on.

Knowing what you know, don’t you think that designing a specific activity can help ‘balance’ a person thus in some way ‘altering’ destiny? Again, let me stress this is merely an idea and not a claim that I can do it. (I’m not a Ren Xu person, if you wondering whether this persistency is a product of my chart. I am Ren Yin, an Eating God (creative)personality). I’ve tried working at night, in the day, but the best time is early in the morning, during the wood hours. Again, it is merely coincidental?

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Another day another element

I woke up this morning feeling extremely contemplative probably due to a series of events at the work place. It’ll be good to pen my thoughts down just anyone would in a dairy and maybe reflect on it later. Obviously, the way I look at things today is filtered by my understandings and studies in ‘bazi’ but it does bring about some resolution on why certain people behave the way they do, and why certain events take place during a particular period in time. Maybe this article could have been influenced by the fact I was watching National Geography and stumbled across a documentary that was talking about Nostradamus and his predictions!

It was at a ‘not so regular’ managers meeting that I asked for reasons why productivity is so low and generally the pace of people is extremely sluggish. It’s not that we have nothing to do; we have never had a better year in terms of opportunities but I can’t seem to get impart the sense of urgency in their work. Just a little background, I run a small software company (well, not so small when you consider I currently have a workforce of close to 100 people) and we are extremely dependent on people (and unfortunately the mood or luck they are in) to make a living.

One answer that I got from a senior manager was ‘they are not motivated.’ I was thinking to myself at that moment, that we had just announced a half yearly performance bonus, coupled with an increment at this beginning of the year to ensure that people don’t leave, but hello, do they know what’s going on in the world today or are they living in ‘neverland’ (no pun intended to MJ) and don’t even realize that so many people in the world is struggling today to make ends meet, and here, I get the response of ‘…not motivated.’ Sheesh….you can imagine what goes through my mind at that very moment. I should tell them I’m not motivated to pay your salaries this month, or I ‘feel’ like getting my new ‘S’ class today….I’m sure you can feel my pain. Or maybe, I’m just the biggest sucker, or as one of my previous readers commented on an article, I’m just too ‘weak’ and everyone is taking advantage of me.

The other respond I got was ‘vision not clear’ followed by a series of examples of other organizations vision of providing exemplary customer services as well as developing world class products. I tell you, at that point of time, I could have gotten a heart attack. Mind you, we have been doing this vision and mission thing for many many years as we were ‘growing up’ that one can imagine, I don’t even have to articulate WHY we exist today and what it is that drives us forward. Or maybe, it is other external factors that if governing ‘how’ people feel that can be explain in more ‘woo hoo’ fashion.

Anyway, that got me started, and I’ve just completed a day of interviews in Indonesia looking for skilled talents to compliment the team. During the interview process, you also get to meet different personalities that you wonder will give you the same very heart ache that SOME of the current team members are giving you. While the technical team is evaluating their technical competencies, I’m quietly sitting by the side looking at their bazi. It’s really quite amazing how ‘elemental relationships’ and their meaning start to stand out when you can COMPARE or put some context to things. I guess this is KEY to learning. Words sometimes don’t do a good job describing a particular characteristic.

I’m now wondering, I’m sure people’s behavior is also governed by the ‘effects’ of the periodic elements. Let’s take this June/July period in 2009. I can tell you almost 99% of the time, a strong horse or snake day is a miserable day for me, even more now during a horse month! My chart doesn’t like fire, and I have a goat and horse representing my wealth elements. My wife tells me it is self prophecy but a lot of the issues that I faced during those days were not cause directly by my personal actions. Infact, knowing what I know, I’m trying to understand how to mitigate the effect doing something else (e.g. water represent movement , travelling, or learning). When I’ve discovered the answer to this, I would have truly discovered the power of bazi. I guess the first step is knowing. This point is interesting as another reader of this blog had commented about MJ changing the features of his face thus shortening his life span!

Let’s look at the ‘image’ the year represents. Pure earth year, a little damp (because of the OX), in the scorching heat (now we are in summer months). If you know any strong water or metal people, observe them. They probably look like they are on top of the world now. Not entirely certain about metal people, as the effects of strong ying earth can be negative (earth covers metal, or weakens fire so metal cannot be forged) – this is observed from some of my project managers (mostly Geng metal people) that is making not so great decisions!

What about people that you associate yourself, too. Do the primary periodical elements have anything to do with this? It’s really very strange when you find yourself wanting to associate to certain types of people (in my case, any metal, gui water, and strangely JIA wood). I can understand metal and water, those are the elements that balances me, but why wood? Wood would fuel my fire and that’s something I want to avoid. I think it’s probably the dirty earth year that is trying to contaminate my Ren water self. Wood holds earth together so suddenly it becomes a very prominent element in my life. Again, let me stress that I know and understand an element cannot jump from person to another, because the human being is a container, but you can still be attracted to a person based on elements that you are ‘attracted’ too. This is a great way to evaluate partnerships. One misconception here, it is not always about the daymaster alone. I know that my closer friends and people around me, seek the fire in my chart rather than my weak water daymaster.

Oh well, another day another element!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Michael Jackson - The King of the Eating God

I’m sure the whole world is writing and talking about Michael Jackson’s passing, the king of pop. Just like many I was a fan, and I’ve even been to one of his concerts. One of the things that stand out with Michael is he is a such an attention grabber, with his antics and all the scandals that has, for better or worse, brought the world’s attention, fame, as well as misfortune to him.

What does his Bazi reveal?

Michael’s a Yang Earth person – lots of untold secrets, and the world hasn’t stop trying to pry it out from him. With an Eating God structure, penetrating to the stems, you bet his creative talents are boundless, and it’s for the world to see. The one thing I respect about Michael is that is writes his own music, and has been able to reinvent himself generation after generation and that why so many people know him, even the younger ones today. This is one of the core differences I have noticed between a person who has an eating god structure and a hurting officer structure. Eating God structure people also tend to be eccentric and Michael does fit the bill when it comes to eccentricity.

He obviously has plenty of fans – look at all the yang earth around him! 5 out of the 7 other pillars contain yang earth. So, I would characterize Michael as a STRONG Yang earth person, even though he was born in autumn. Strong earth likes to be weaken by metal, so metal becomes an important element for Michael. This further strengthens his creative talents.

The eating god element is Geng Metal for a Yang Earth person. Geng metal needs to be forge by fire. We also know, that Fire is a resource to Yang Earth, and when resource is harmed, generally health is affected, too.

His career started early. The one element that is present but weak (in his natal chart) is water, representing his wealth. That element appears significantly in the 10 years luck pillar when he turned 12. Michael started his career in show business as part of the Jackson 5 when he was 11! He had 30 years (3 ten years luck pillar to accumulate his wealth) which I’m certain he did.

In 1993 (Gui You)(water rooster) and 2005 (Yi You)(wood roster) he was charged with child sexual abuse, tried, and acquitted. Interesting both 1993 and 2005 were the year of the rooster. The rooster combines with the snake in his hour pillar and pushes out the chou, which significant element is Ji Earth representing robwealth. For strong earth folks, you do not want to see anymore earth, especially the robwealth, which essentially represents other people that want something from you! The rooster also harms the dog which would affect the support from his fans.

Michael died at about 2:50PM, on 25th June, 2009. A Geng Wu (metal horse) month, on a Xin Chou (metal Ox) day, and a Goat hour. He was in his Yi Chou luck pillar (Wood Ox), and 2009 is a Ji Chou (earth ox) year. From a simple straight forward analysis, you’ll quickly note the Ying Earth is the primary element that is significant during this period. Earth naturally weakens fire, and fire is an important resource to Michael. The media also mentioned that he died from a heart attack. Fire also represents the heart. If something significant happens to someone, it usually takes place the year before or on the year of the new luck pillar. In 2010, Michael would have moved to a new luck pillar.

May the King of Pop rest in peace.

Friday, June 19, 2009

The Office Actor

I’ve written several times about the effects of the Hurting Officer. In the studies of the 10 Gods relationships, the Hurting Officer hurts the Direct Officer. So, if you are female and married, the presence or strengthening of the Hurting Officer will hurt the husband. In the case of employee, there is a strong possibility of him or her hurting the boss. Let me highlight another characteristic of the hurting officer that all employers/bosses should be aware of – the office actor.

The last thing anyone needs in an office is office politics. Imagine, you have an actor in the office that believes the office is one a big stage, the employees are actors, and he’s the star! You can imagine if the clients or bosses are cast as villains and the theme of the show is about a hero that doesn’t get the recognition he deserves!

You’ll not only find that dealing with this character difficult, but you suddenly realize that the rest of the staff thinks you are bad guy, as he drums of dramatic support from the others. This is one dangerous fellow, because he truly believes that he is the hero and goes all out to seek that ‘acknowledgment.’

Isn’t that the characteristic of the hurting officer. It is an output element that seeks recognition from work he/she produces. When the hurting officer is a structure (in the branch of the month pillar) and either a Jia Wood (creative) or a Xin Metal (show off), I truly believe you’ll find the office actor!

How do you prevent an encore from happening? Either ensure that the job truly requires an actor, or he/she be in a role that requires them to drum up people support in some sort of a campaign.


It’s time to use a ‘remove day’ and Geng Metal day or hour to stage the final chapter, and pray there’s no sequel to the show.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Arbitrating the Elements – Relationships between People

We have heard of people applying ‘fengshui (environmental) cures’ to folks that have got issues with their bazi. My interest lies in inter relationships between people as I see relationships as a critical to success of doing business. So, does a bazi of a person affect another person’s bazi?

I’ve been reminded and told countless times, that the elements of a person cannot jump out from one into another. I believe that. We ‘contained’ our own elements, so to speak. However, the changing elements of the luck pillars, years, months, days and even hour pillars will affect how we feel, perform, and luck characteristic. So, can working with different individuals with different elemental characteristics ‘affect’ the way we work?

In my organization, I have now close to 100 people. I can tell you regardless of whether they are contributors, parasites, smart, stupid, useless or whatever, there are people I love to work with and there are people that just drive me up the wall. We even published our employees birthdays (by month) on our Intranet portal so you can right away tell that whether you like people is born in that month or not!

A lot of my key project managers are all ‘geng ‘metal personalities. I guess if you are looking for someone to execute a project well, these folks with this characteristic will get the job done. Recently, I won a job where the partner organization consisting of mostly wood people, and strong wood decided that they would be the go in between the end client and us. You can imagine them having lots of opportunities this year as earth years are wood wealth stars! Another key characteristic of Jia wood people where it comes to wealth is they guard their ‘earth’ very well. Don’t expect them to share-share very willingly! Hahahah….

Even at the beginning of the project, the relationships between my Geng project managers and the Jia wood partners appear extremely antagonistic. The Jia wood folks stood firm and tall on their ideologies, even though they were clueless (and had zero experience) on how to develop software solutions, while the Geng metal tried to control every aspect of the developmental process to ensure a timely delivery. From the emails flying around, you could see a relationship disaster developing very quickly.

I had told this concerned to the account manager, and told him he’d better do something or the team will implode and we can kiss good bye to this client. To cut a long story short, he seemed to be able to ‘arbitrate’ between the two parties and minimize the antagonistic feeling during project meetings. On examining my account manager’s bazi chart, I realized he was weak ding fire. Weak ding fire people feeds off Jia wood (resource). Strong Jia wood people like to be weakened by ding fire. Perfect. They seem to be working well. My Geng metal project manager folks need to be forged by fire. They make metal ‘soft’ and you can mold them to be useful. The ding’s fire ‘lead and show the way’ approach also seem to bring some level of comfort to the project managers. Things seem to be working out so far.

Unbelievable but true!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

David Carradine and his Peach Blossom stars

David Carradine’s death in Bangkok and his usual circumstances surrounding how he died got the best of my curiosity. So I decided to plot his chart based on his birth date and the published birth time from other astrology websites. I also decided to write this article after seeing a chart for someone else that has some similar characteristics – he probably will see this article and can assess on the necessarily course of action.

Here’s the chart.

For those Bazi scholars out there, the first thing that jumps right at you is the fact that he has peach blossom stars in all his four pillars, and in his year, month, and day branch it is all RATs! His auxiliary stars contain the salty pool as well as red chamber in the hour pillar. I tend to ignore the auxiliary stars but in this situation the numerous times it appears tell me it has a lot of significance to this actor’s life.

David was married five times and even had a ‘domestic partner’ where they had a child together. Obviously from his officially biography, he appears as a person that has very strong sexual libido.

Water constitutes resource for this Jia wood person, making him a strong wood daymaster. Strong wood likes to be weakened – fire and metal would do it! Metal represents his aggressive nature, and fire the hurting officer and eating god, an element usually associated to creative output as well as recognition for output! Think of what type of shows made him famous – Kung Fu! Martial arts is also associated to the fire element and that brought his rise to fame. Water can also represent lust when in the negative form, and obviously a strong wood, doesn’t need anymore wood or water!

The key thing to look for, when ‘luck’ things bad is usually clashes, harms, punishment etc. that affects the branches as well as the stem. Let’s look at this theory and see if it holds water.

For a person that only has a horse and rats in the chart, you can bet when luck is not on his side, it’ll definitely play a major effect on him. Further more, the horse clashes with the rats in his chart. Could possibly mean that his children has very little affinity to the spouse(s) and his family, which if you think about the number of wives David has, this situation would appear quite normal. I’m sure he’s also left a fortune behind. I can imagine all his former spouses and children staking a claim to his fortune.

He died while in his ding wei (fire goat) luck pillar and a Ji Chou (earth ox) year. The goat harms the rats and combines with the horse. The ox combines with the rat and harms the horse. Even before analyzing the affects of the combines, clashes or harms, you already suspect something will happen this year.

I also suspect Ji earth has a major influence here, as you’ll note that the day, month, year, luck pillar ALL had Ji earth, which combines with the Jia wood.

This is probably the few times where I can find time to do an analysis during the day outside the tiger hour! Looking forward to more analysis from folks like YiFengshui and Bazichic which I’m sure is looking to understand what other secrets or personality profiles a person like David Carrington holds.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Tony Fernandes - the man behind AirAsia's success

Woke up early again this morning. Seems I am returning to my routine, which is good. So many ideas in my head in the morning, the last thing I need is to sleep! So, to my friends, who cannot understand why I don’t usually do late nights, now you know why. The early bird catches the worm!

I want to do a famous local celebrity entrepreneur next. It’s not very easy NOT to follow his progress, as his always in the headlines and probably an icon to every budding entrepreneur out there, even more so now, as he is on twitter! He is none other than AirAsia’s Tony Fernandes.

Checking with a few friends, I think I have Tony’s birth date, and obviously not his time of birth. Plotted his chart and this is what it looks like.

Right away, you can see a strong Ji Earth person, thinker, with plenty of RobWealth’s in his chart. This guy life is built on relationships! More so, it is about relationships with money and power. Just look at the other elements present in the entire pillar and well as the secondary QI elements where the RW appears.

We know about his talents and musical background – this is indicated by the Eating God element represented by the Xin Metal in the day branch pillar. As a favorable element (as Metal weakens strong earth), you’ll see that this characteristic positively influences Tony. He is eloquent, gets the attention he needs, and executes well, all metal characteristics! His background as an accountant further confirms metal as an important element to him. Further this is one sharp guy, and by sharp I mean very intelligent. This is usually the characteristic of a ‘Ji You’ (Earth Rooster) day pillar. Ji earth daymaster folks that have got the ‘you’ (Rooster) are usually very intelligent. (My son has got 2! – no wonder he is always manipulating his mother!)

The chart lacks the fire element, which could be possibly present in the hour pillar. But he definitely makes it up with the color of AirAsia and his AirAsia cap!

Strong Earth wants to control water – his wealth element. I wonder if that’s why he has black leather seats on board! Hahahahah….passengers bring him wealth!

Let’s look at timing next. He started AirAsia after September 11, 2001 – the worst day in aviation history. He had met Tun Mahathir in October and had taken over DrbHicom’s heavily indebted subsidiary for RM1. 2001 was a snake year, fire warms his chart. Tony was in his 31 luck pillar of Ren Shen or Water Monkey – both his ideal elements! And the October was a month of pure Robwealth – again indicating ‘relationships’ who want something from him.

There’s also another interesting ‘event.’ October is a DOG month. As we know, the DOG clashes big time with the DRAGON, and in many cases before we saw a negative outcome from this clash. In this case look at what came out from the clash – look at the 10 gods representation of all the secondary/hidden elements from the branches of the dog and dragon. It’s all about wealth, new ideas and metal presenting his ability to execute (also can represent planes!)
The rest is history as they say – AirAsia’s success in the aviation industry brought Tony and fame and fortune he deserves.

2004 was another historic milestone in AirAsia’s long line of achievement. Tony had formed joint venture partnerships with Thailand and Indonesia. That year was the last year of his 31 luck pillar of Ren Shen (water monkey) and 2004 was Jia Shen (wood monkey) year. Jia (Yang wood) can represent new ‘power’ )(or shareholders) and the monkey or key element of Geng Metal (also a fav element), represents the hurting officer or ‘acknowledgement’ for his work. Hmmmm….not too sure when Tony got his datoship? Usually the hurting officer could represent that, too.

November 2004 was also the year that AirAsia when public. November is PIG month – representing direct wealth for Tony. This is a great achievement for him in relatively a very short period of time.

At 41, Tony entered his luck pillar if Gui You (water rooster) – again his favorite element of water and metal seems to bring him to new heights, atleast until he is 51.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Bazi - A Reason for Everything

When in an argument, one of my wife's common line is I have a reason for everything, and then she goes into what I call 'silent mode.' Nope, this article is not about an argument with my wife.

I've been wondering why my productivity is incredibly low this month. And I'm not just talking about researching into new articles but just in general (work, holiday etc). My health has been just as bad. I can't seem to shake this flu bug even though I seem to have recovered from it, after a short period of rest, before falling ill again.

Even my holiday plans don't seem to materialize. I had bought cheap tickets during a travel fare to Japan and because of the swine flu bug, I decided to postpone that trip. Just as well, with the condition I am in, I probably come back with the swine flu!

So, no matter what you try to do, when the timing is bad, things just don't turn out the one you want it to be, no matter how much you try to alter destiny. Usually, if you have the 10 year luck or annual luck supporting year, the affects are not so bad.

From a Bazi perspective, this month is the Si (snake) month. (I actually just thought of it last night, so I better try and complete this article during the wood hours, before I loose the initiative!)

The snake harms the Tiger. The tiger is actually the eating god in my day pillar. The day pillar technically represents me, and the palace represents my wife. In this case, I think the effects is towards me. As we all know by know, the eating god, is an output star. In my case, it is a Jia wood, which can also represent documents or creative endeavors. So, you see, when you are not your usually productive self, chances there's also a reason for that.

What about my health. Health is usually represented by resource. When resource or self is affected, then health is generally affected. Lets see, the snake month also clashes with the Pig. I have a pig in my chart. It is in my your pillar. The main element in the pig is ren water represent self, and sitting on top of the pig is xin metal, my resource! (My ONLY resource, and that makes it even worst).

Ofcourse, my wife thinks it's the lack of exercise, and bad eating habits etc., but I'm sure the my Bazi reasoning holds water, too.

Finally, some output from me!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Luck - When timing is right, things happens

Firstly let me apologize for not posting new articles as regular as I want to. And for those who have written to me, my replies might not as been as timely as it usually is. It has been quite a busy OX (earth) year so far.

Since I have taken Bazi up, I've been looking at ways to understand and optimise luck. I can only say it's scary when you know, and I'm not certain if there's some level of 'self prophecy' in determining whether a day or a month is good for you. I've tried to go on holidays when timing was not so great, but you cannot just run away and hide. The one good thing about all of this is tomorrow is another day with another type of luck!

In one of my previous articles, I mentioned about a Jim Collin's concept called fly wheel. This is where a person's effort or momentum is built up and then when the timing is right, it's released. Everyone's luck capacity is different. If you can determine the capacity and the 'release' time, then you can almost determine if and when lady luck is at your side.

You see, I've been working on this foreign project for the last 2 years. My financial controller has been literally bitching about how much we have spend on travel expenses etc. which makes turning back or giving up very painful. The project is sizable but the bigger the deal, the higher the risk, the bigger the effort, and sometimes it requires project funding. We have never borrowed for a project this last 13 years of running this company, so obtaining project financing was not the easiest thing to do. We started looking for funds last August, but only when we got the letter of award just before CNY we started scrambling for funds, as what use is a project without the funds to do it!

After many false starts, hiccups, and just plain incompetency from some of the people (on the finance side) we had to work with, we finally got the letter of offer. And if you have been following my blog, you should know that earth and metal elements are GREAT for me. Yesterday was a Dragon day on a dragon month. (When I actually checked was the dragon hour!) Dragon's main element is Wu earth. The last Dragon year (2000) was the year I received 2 rounds of venture capital funding in that year alone. So, self prophercy or not, knowing how hard to push, will also depend very greatly on WHEN to push.

So what happens if lady luck is not shining down on you, I believe you can still operate the same way. Don't look at fly wheels, think of little rubber bands, fast pull, fast release. Look at good days with the appropriate elements. Don't underestimate the importance of human effort or fengshui influences, too. It matters.

Next goal - Need to figure out how to counter bad days.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Great Business Partnerships

If you do a search on Google for ‘business partnerships’, you’ll find so many good articles on what to do and what not to do. Partners make or break businesses. So, what actually constitute a good partner or partnership, from a Chinese metaphysics aspect?

If you just look at big brand names (especially the western ones) such as Hewlett Packard, Abercrombie and Fitch, Procter and Gamble, you’ll realize that these businesses had evolved from great partnerships. Of course, in the Malaysian (or Asia for that matter) it has always been more of a family game (YTL, Genting, Naza etc.)

I have grown my business through partners, internal as well as external. All of them, at some point or other, helped in one way or other. I’m not too sure if there’s a perfect partnership model, but I’ve come to realized (especially after studying Bazi) that everyone, has got their areas of plusses and unfortunately areas of weakness. Focus on the strength to optimize, but if you keep looking at the bad points, I’m certain, the partnership won’t last. When partnerships fail, so will your business. Or sometimes, if you continue that poor partnership, the business cannot prosper.

Looking at most brand names, you’ll find that you won’t find more than 2 or 3 names in a strong brand that sticks out (other than law firms – but I could never remember the entire name anyway). What I tell my friends who come to me for business advice is don’t have more than 3 partners – it rarely works. Infact, today, I truly believe that you can ‘qualify’ your partners first, before you go too deep. You would think, that if it is based on expertise, the more should technically be merrier, right?! Unfortunately not. Have you wondered why you cannot stand the sight of some people, and at times, you don’t even know that person. That’s because there is a natural law of attraction or vice versa when it comes to people.

I look at it from 2 main perspectives: hot/cold as well as favorite elements. Put it simply, the hot will attract the cold and vice versa. You will naturally look for other people that have elements that you may need or lack to achieve balance (your goal in Chinese metaphysics). Let me elaborate that the elements cannot jump from one person to another just because you are partners! It does not ‘complete’ you, but there will be that attraction.

From a Bazi perspective, if you are a strong daymaster, you’ll have 2 other elements (of 5) that you need. If you are weak daymaster, you probably can use 2 or 3. Rarely do you find a perfect balance chart that can use everything. The reverse is also true. Find a partner that has elements that is not favourable to you, and you'll realise how stressful that relationship can be.

Couple that with the element of time (as time also has its prevailing element), than the level of attraction (sometimes termed as affinity) will change. In fact, the reason that got me writing this article was this Jia Shen business(external – thank God) partner of mine suddenly become friendly (again) from the total opposite (in the last few months). I know he wants something from me, but there’s so much one can tolerate when there is no mutual reciprocal feeling. Thank goodness I’m quite level headed and weak(as in daymaster) (don’t like confrontation). But I also realize that I can use ‘robwealths’ (I definitely see him as one) to my advantage.

Josephine of Bazichic had written on a husband and wife partnership in Hong Kong. That’s an interesting read. I’ll do a famous one next to illustrate some of the points I am trying to make in this article.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Celebrity Chef - Gordon Ramsay

I guess I am always fascinated by anything creative, and that includes cooking, although my wife doesn’t think I know how to cook anything other than spaghetti. One celebrity chef that I watch on cable TV is Gordon Ramsay. I was reading an article from The Malaysian Insider on The Credit Crunch on Celebrities and it had something about Gordon. I copied the part about Gordon but you can read the rest here.

Gordon Ramsay – star of popular reality show, “Hell’s Kitchen”.

He advises struggling restaurateurs in Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares, but now Gordon has his very own nightmare.

He has sold his restaurants in Los Angeles, Paris and Prague back to the hotels which housed them.

Although Ramsay is worth £60million on paper, his restaurant business has been hit by the credit crunch and is said to be debt-ridden and overstretched.

Gordon Ramsay Holdings (GRH) - the umbrella firm for his 25 restaurants - has been taken to court over unpaid debts three times in a month.

Its latest accounts - which cover the year to August 31, 2007 - were posted eight months late and reveal that the company’s overdraft was renegotiated from £4.5million to £6.1million.

Suppliers are owed almost £5million, and the company also owes £1.7million in corporation tax.
Ramsay and Chris Hutcheson, the GRH chief executive who is also the celebrity chef’s father-in-law, have had to make personal pledges to help the company pay its debts if necessary.

Ramsay is selling his Ferrari Scuderia at a £50,000 loss. The chef, who has owned the car for six months, has a Range Rover and an Audi for everyday use, but the Ferrari was his pride and joy.
- From Malaysia Insider

Bazi Analysis

He is Xin metal daymaster person – showy, eloquent, everything you expect from a celebrity chef. For those who want to know more about what other daymasters represent, I like to point my readers to my friend Josephine’s blog and article about interpretation of daymasters.

He was born in a Pig month, and in the study of the 10 Gods, the Yang Water in the PIG represents the hurting officer. Now, if I can just convince Josephine to write an article about the 10 Gods! Hahahah…… Anyway, the hurting officer is an OUTPUT star that essentially demands attention, pretty much how celebrities or divas behave.

As a weak Xin metal person (as he was not born in season), resource and friends are very important elements to him. With resource and friends, wealth can be generated. For a metal person, wealth is represented by Wood. Let’s look at some key events in his life and see if this analysis matches up.

Again, relying on Wikipedia, you get to know his whole life. How wonderful the Internet is! The first thing you’ll note, is his childhood wasn’t that all great. By looking at the fire elements in the YEAR pillar and determining if that very element is favorable or not, you can already determine his luck during his first 15 years (estimate) of his life. Fire to Xin metal is a no no. Xin metal is already forged. It doesn’t need any more fire, not like the Geng metal element. I am also wondering if fire isn’t a favorite element, how did he get so successful through cooking?

According to Wikipedia, he was 19 when he started paying attention to his culinary education. Guess what, he coincides exactly with the his 19 luck pillar for Metal (Xin)/Chou (Indirect Resource). As mentioned earlier, resource is also very important for a weak metal person. Both the stems and branch are important to him. Gordon Ramsay’s rise to fame begins here. It was during this luck pillar (1985-1994), that he started cranking his fly wheel (see my older article) and developed the experience and expertise which pretty much brought about his fortune and fame, when the timing was right.

This golden period started 1995, during his 29 luck pillar of Ren Yin (water tiger). The ren representing the hurting officer, and the wood in tiger was wealth. You could almost say that he received the recognition and wealth for the work he did during this period.

After he had returned to London (1993) he started running restaurants, which he began to take ownership. The interesting point to note, that it was through his acquaintances like Marco White and his father in law that helped propelled his wealth. I like to look at these people as robwealth, even though it is not present in the chart. My interpretation is that Xin metal people are like fine knifes. It’s very difficult for them to chop wood (wealth element). They need friends and partners to help them achieve that. Incidentally, Gordon’s father in law is also represented by his Indirect Resource (people in your life can be represented by 10 Gods, too) and resource is an important element to Gordon!

If you look at individual years, that would be times, where he had faced some challenging moment. Example in 1997, he left his a restaurant because of a dispute with some of the partners. A quick note: let me WARN all EMPLOYERS out there about this HURTING OFFICER type people. If you hire these people, they will leave you sooner or later, especially when the hurting officer becomes very prominent or you don’t acknowledge their work. It has happen so many times to me, no amount of money or persuasion can compensate this attribute of HO type personalities. Anyway, back to Gordon, 1997 was a Ding Chou year. Ding is Ying Fire and represents 7Killings. The xin metal hates this 7K so some negative outcome is expected during that year. But it was still a good luck pillar, and a great earth branch. Together with his father in law, he soon started his own chain of restaurants.

Let’s go back to the article. What happen in 2007. 2007 was a Ding Hai year (fire water). Both are unfavorable elements for him. He’d obviously have challenges during that year. And when the Pig meets Monkey month, it formed a Harm formation signifying an even more stressful moment, probably accented by people who may be considered ‘robwealth’ as August was a robwealth month (think of it, an article was written and this date was mentioned). I don’t think 2008 was any better, as Ramsay was born in the year of the horse. I didn’t have any horse friends who did well in their work during 2008 year of the Rat. Will he survive?

Of course he will. Looking at the current luck pillar, and the next, Gordon will continue to generate new wealth probably till he is 58! Maybe his Ferrari was RED is colour and did no good to him! :-)