Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thaksin the Political Master

There seem to be so many politicians in trouble today. I had written earlier about Chen, Taiwan’s Ex President. Even I have a few cases that I was requested to review, I like quickly highlight another millionaire politician, Thaksin Shinawatra.

I’ve visited Bangkok a fair bit in the last few years. I have even once literally dined in the same restaurant as Mr. Thaksin and his wife one Sunday evening. There was no entourage, probably a few body guards, but I didn’t see any, and folks in the restaurant didn’t rush over to greet him (as you would normally expect in Malaysia), in fact, no one did. He did smile to people who were stealing glances at the couple.

Recently, the exiled ex prime minister had announced that he had divorced his wife in Hong Kong on November 15, 2008. Many had speculated that it was because he had parked a fortune with her and it was done because he had an outstanding warrant of arrest and there was talk of extradition of Thaksin back to Thailand for trial.

This is Thaksin’s chart. I do not know his birth time, but his wife, the Direct Wealth, is clearly indicated as the Geng Metal in the spouse palace. Thaksin is a strong ying fire, as he is a ding fire born in the GOAT month. Again, metal is one of Thaksin’s favorite elements as it weakens strong fire. Geng metal, to be made useful needs to be forged by Ding Metal.

These arrangement of elements and their position indicate great love and affinity for each other in the chart.

It almost seemed that the divorced was an ‘arranged’ or orchestrated divorce rather than a divorce because of irreconcilable differences. Even though November was a Pig month and the Pig clashed with the Snake (spouse palace), it was Gui Hai month of water and water is another favorite element for Thaksin!

Monday, November 24, 2008

The Wrath of the Dragon and Dog

It was a lazy but productive weekend. Productive in the sense that I had managed to get a few more articles on to my blog despite feeling like doing nothing all day long. The key to getting inspired I guess is to find a case that may spark my curiosity on the accuracy of Bazi intepretations. From Google Analytics, I see that readers are interested in famous people like Obama or Cho, the Virginia Tech shooter. I’m not too sure if local politicians get traffic to the blog, but I am certain there is a significant interest in INTERNATIONAL politicians.

My television is usually turned to some Chinese news channel most of the time as my dad in law is very interested in things happening in China and Taiwan. Been handicapped by the fact that I don’t understand Cantonese or speak Mandarin, I usually don’t pay very much attention. But over the last weeks, they have been talking about Taiwan’s ex president, Chen Shui-Bian and how he had channeled some state funds to his personal accounts. Usually the Chinese channels are very visually explanatory. Plenty of diagrams in paved with pictures of people explaining how funds were diverted here and there etc. Difficult not to get curious about what really happen!

Did a wiki search, found Chen’s birth date and plotted his bazi chart. I would imagine a person of his stature, position, and knowledge would have consulted someone on his life path, and yet every action he did and took, essentially brought more trouble to him during unlucky periods.

Chen is a strong Geng Metal person as he was born in season. He is an extremely smart young man who graduated with distinction and ultimately ended up with a law degree. This is implied by the fact that Indirect Resource element is pronounced in the branches of this month and day branches. Indirect Resource usually means the person is very innovative in his thoughts and ideas. Yet it is these very two pillars of Dragon and Dog that will bring about his problems in the future.

The Geng Metal person is sharp, determined and strong willed. He knows what he wants in life and goes after it, maybe a little too aggressively in his case. You see, fire is power to a metal person. But fire of the SUN is not the ideal fire for a Geng metal. He needs Ding Fire, that signifies power and authority (and forges his Geng Metal). The Bing Fire is the fire of aggression. The Tiger – Dog branches also implies the horse is present thus presenting the fire of authority in his chart. He does have a sub Qi ding fire in the month of his month pillar. This person will have power in life!

Chen became politically involved in the 80’s during his 28 luck pillar of Ji Chou (pure earth) Technically Ji Chou (OX) is not a good 10 years pillar to be in as it technically only strengthens Metal. Already strong metal like to be weakened not strengthened further! These were tough years for him. He was jailed in 1985 for an article he had published in his pro-opposition magazine. Not only did he lose the election, it was also in this OX year, that his wife was hit by a truck causing her to be paralyzed from waist down.

What happened? Ox forms a destruction formation with the Dragon. The wife is represented by the Direct Wealth element found in the Dragon branch, which so happen is the spouse palace too! The Dragon and Dog already forms clash relationship inside the natal chart. When the 10 year luck pillar of OX came about coupled by an OX year, disastrous events took place.

His luck changed for the better as he entered his 38 luck pillar. After been released from prison he served as the legislative assistant to his wife and started practicing law. By 1989 he was elected and served as the executive director to the Democratic progressive Party Congress which had the support of some key government people. The Geng Yin luck pillar represented support from friends and money. The rest was history. By 2000 Chen was elected President and served 2 four year terms.

If there was one thing that I remembered and cherished in Bazi class, no luck is forever good or bad, and even in very good luck or bad, there will be a spot of the reverse! This is represented by the Taijitu symbol!

In March 19, 2004 Chen escaped an assassination attempt. March 19 was a Ding You (Fire Rooster day). Interestingly, Rooster combines with Dragon creating Metal; Rabbit (10 Yr LP) combines with Dog creating Fire. Fire and Metal, symbolizing gun fire!

2008 was when Chen’s luck ran out again. Chen is now in his LP of Ren Chen (Water Dragon). When the dragon emerges (and clash with the Dog), trouble signs (corruption charges etc) begin to appear. In fact, by mid 2007, the public was calling for Chen’s resignation. By the time 2009, the year of the OX, I predict you’ll see the more disastrous events for the ex President and his wife.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Between the SUN and the MOUNTAIN

Recently there’s been a lot in the news about the 2 women politician who is going after the head honcho position in the key women political organisation. I got a little curious after reading their interviews and decided to a little bit of research and pen my thoughts down on my blog.

I have travelled with one on an official business delegation trip and have encountered the husband of the other in the airport lounge in Los Angeles. That is as far as my personal experience with and knowing about them. The interview opened up a whole other perspective.

Like the SUN that spreads its light to everyone, no one can hide from the warm she emits. The SUN is an extremely regimented person, tolerant in nature, and has plenty to give. But don’t mess with her, she’ll rise again tomorrow and the following day, over and over again. SUN people have very cheerful and have a ‘sunny’ disposition, and make excellent leaders as people look up to her. They are straight shooters and call a spade a spade and the description in both interviews aptly describes her so well (so does her Bazi!).

For this SUN, she sits on Jia Wood, her Indirect Resource element or growth star. Her role in life is to affect growth and if you have seen her in action when she was a minister, you will have deep respect for her knowledge and the things she was doing.

She has an Eating God structure. Her output is all about doing ‘big’ things, so true for Bing Fire people. Her Bing fire also sits next to a Yang water (REN), with represent aggressiveness in the study of the 10 Gods. If you can imagine the SUN been reflected on the ocean, this only make her shine even brighter.

As for the MOUNTAIN, imagine a rocky mountain one. Beautiful if born at night. But this mountain is also rocky and sharp. The mountain harbors lots of hidden secrets and they are survivors as they have been around for a long time. Earth people are extremely very hardy. They are not moving, but once they start rolling, they are unstoppable. Think of a big bolder and you know what I mean.

The problem with earth people is they are contemplators. They think too much and reflect before deciding on any action. Again, the newspaper interview describes this mountain so precisely!

So…who will win next year? Maybe I should ask the baziqueen to give her views and pointers. My simplistic view of the whole election thingy is all about support. Support and not power. These are 2 already powerful women with different type approaches to the way they operate.

Here are the 2 charts. Who do you think will be the next chief?


The Mountain

Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Dashing Entrepreneur

I’ve known him for many years now. This guy has always been behind the scene. His projects are always to do with people and community. A straight shooting kinda fellow, I had a sense that he was beginning to get recognition for the efforts he has been putting in and when he decided to host GEW Malaysia, WITHOUT getting paid for the job, I thought he must have really lost it, or have something brilliant up his sleeve.

You see the GEW is organized and founded by the Kaufmann foundation in the US. But Kaufmann wanted to do it ‘entrepreneur’ style. If you took up the challenge to become your country’s hosts, you did it by raising your own funds through sponsorships. The way they gauged the success of the program in each country that hosted their own week was by the number of sponsors/partners and activities that took place. Guess what, Malaysia is #3, after the US and UK. Quite impressive, and it was so impressive that Kaufmann actually send some very high power senior reps to Malaysia for a couple of days during the launch.

Anyway, you can follow GEW Malaysia here. Ok, Back to the dashing entrepreneur. Here’s his chart.

This guy is a strong fire of the SUN person. Obviously very innovative and full of ideas and probably get his success from the relationships he cultivates. I derived the relationship part from the RobWealth element he is sitting on. This Bing Wu pillar is also my season and wealth pillar in my chart. The first thing that came into my mind is stick to this fellow, he’s going to help me weather the financial storm. In a matter of fact, we have already been doing some projects together, and there’s quite a fair bit of ‘kam cheng’ between him and me and both organizations.

He is born in tiger wood month no pun intended…(I don’t think he plays golf) which in the study of the 10 Gods depict innovative ideas. There’s also the Eating God and Friends as the sub Qi. So, this guy uses his innovative ideas and creative output to get his work done, usually through relationships that he has. Let me look at the relationships next.

On his left, there’s people with power and money that support him. The hour pillar has the Bing Fire in the branch indicating support or his friend. And in the stem of the same pillar you see the Direct Officer, indicating power.

On the right of him, there’s the EG (Eating God) in the stem, right next to him. A few ways to look this formation. EG for an entrepreneur can also represent his staff or people that work for him. He is close to them and they are the ones that carry out his innovative (Jia Wood in the branch) ideas. Over in the Year Pillar, you see more support from friends in the earth branch.

Money (Geng Metal) is also present in the chart. Indirect Wealth is the form of wealth that associated to entrepreneurs (or Malaysian Politicians).

I concluded that my dashing friend has a nice chart but is he destined for success in the future. I’ve refrained from usually trying to predict the future in my previous articles as I have yet to find some a similar person/chart that have at least the same destiny path.

Reflecting on the cases that I have gone through, I suddenly realize that I have seen this type of a chart before….look below.

Now, I’m beginning to get excited. I’ve done an analysis of Steve Jobs, so you can click here to see it. Since we were looking at ‘path’ I wanted to examine when Steve was at his pinnacle of his career. I’m an Apple fan. I started with the Macintosh and although I don’t have a Mac today (actually I did by a Mini Mac but found it not that useful because of the lack of software) I do carry an Iphone and have an Itouch and Ipod. In short, big fan lah! I assume the peak of Jobs career started when he launch the iPod in 2001. So, I started digging for more information to verify my hunch. During that 10 years (in his 46 luck pillar) he was also got a big stock options valued at US$20M from Apple, he sold Pixar (that he bought from George Lucas for US$10M) for US$7.4B, and iPod was officially the best selling digital audio device in the world at 150M sold! Wow. Steve’s pinnacle was indeed his Gui Water Rooster Metal 46 luck pillar.

Let’s go back to the dashing entrepreneur. Guess what, that is coming up. When this guy is 45, 2 years away, he would go through the same luck cycle! 2010 is also a Geng Yin year. How not to make money?

Global Entrepreneur Week Malaysia

It’s been quite some time since my last blog entry. Rest assured, I’ve not given up on this blog but I’ve been busy ensuring the coming pure earth years don’t put out my wealth pillars of fire! Another way saying ‘repositioning my company’ to weather the looming financial crisis!

Anyway…I was invited to speak last night on the topic of Feng Shui (Bazi) for Entrepreneurs for an event organized by GEW (Global Entrepreneur Week) Malaysia. It was at a night spot in Sri Hartamas and my ‘dashing’ entrepreneur friend was the host and organizer.

I was initially quite reluctant to speak as I still consider myself an apprentice still ways from a ‘master.’ But since this topic was quite close to my heart, I accepted the invitation. Obviously, my primary concern was I was definitely no Joey Yap or Lillian Too, I may bore the hell out of my audience! So I needed to make it interesting and my strategy was to ‘map’ some local entrepreneurs whom I have known very well to famous entrepreneur.

Ok, I had an interesting idea. What’s next? Everyone loves politics in Malaysia, and if you have been following this blog, I actually analyzed that many of our local politicians had similar structures to western businessmen charts! So I had to do a ‘political scene.’ With the current situation with bloggers in Malaysia, I decided to play it safe, and go with an anonymous settings – so no names!

It was important to tie everything together, as if I went directly into charts, almost no one without any experience or understanding in Chinese metaphysics is going to think I’m spinning all the way during my presentation. So I needed to at least give the audience some background and the barest possible basics. Believe me, holding the audience attention during this portion of the presentation, which lasted only 15 minutes was tough. A bunch on entrepreneurs, (yi wood on Hai water)(was looking at one start up VC’s chart and saw what he was nurturing) was a tough crowd to keep their attention. Even more so, I realize there were couple of tables with whisky bottles opened!

But when we came to the charts, I got their attention! J I will over the next few articles relate some of the analysis that I have done so stay tune.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Grand old man of Malaysia

After looking at a few younger politicians, it only makes perfect sense to look at Malaysia’s father of Modernization. The grand old man of Malaysia as he is fondly known, is Malaysia’s 4th Prime Minister. He was responsible for many things, one of which brought me back to Malaysia – The Multimedia Super Corridor. So, I’m not too sure whether to love him or hate him, but I truly believe Malaysia has benefited from his leadership. I remember him as a man of vision and action. He carries this little book and whenever he writes anything into it, action will surely follow!

Like so many Malaysians celebrities I do not have their time of birth, but Dr. M actually mentions his REAL birth date (somewhere, I can’t remember) so I would used that rather than his official one.

Dr. M is a Yi wood person born in Summer. So technically he (Daymaster) is NOT Strong or Prosperous (this is to support my believe that great people does not necessarily have to be strong or prosperous). If you look at his wood, he is supported NOT by water, but by earth, representing his indirect wealth. You’ll also find the elements representing his friends or support in the known pillars of his chart. Essentially, you could interpret this as having support from his rich buddies. It was his policy to enhance the progress of the nation through wealth building. Dr. M policies had made a lot of people rich and they in turn helped developed Malaysia to what it is today.

Dr. M’s approach has never been conventional. This is indicated by the Indirect Resource (Gui Water) right next to him. Water (representing wisdom) is critical for earth (representing wealth) to grow wood (him). The next important element that is not in his natal chart is the Bing Fire, we know for soil to grow wood water and Sunlight is critical. But I feel that fire is only secondary to water, as he was born in the summer season and he already gets his much needed warmth from the 2 goats in his chart. Furthermore, fire weakens the wood, so fire is not one of his favorite elements.

In Dr. M’s case, you’ll see that his resource is not rooted (unsure, because it possibly could be rooted in the hour pillar). However, from reading his bio, we know that he had a sound education as he father was a headmaster and had been quick strict with all his children. (My reference actually came from a cartoon biography by E.Yu)

Looking at his bio on wikipedia, you’ll note that Dr. M was elected as a member of parliament in 1964. But the following years, was an uphill battle for the young Dr. M. He had lost the following general election in 1969, followed by May 13 race riots and was sacked by the UMNO Supreme Council. His book The Malays Dilemma was banned in 1970. 1965, 1966, and 1967 were all fire years, an element that is not favorable to Dr. M, hence the uphill challenges.

Things began to turn after 1971, year of the metal pig, which primary chi is water. Dr. M rejoined Umno 1972, and was appointed senator 1973. 1974 he won the general elections and become the Minister of Education. In 1975 he became of the 3 VPs in UMNO. The water and wood years had helped Dr. M strengthened his political position in Malaysia. Wood obviously strengthens the daymaster, while water is an important resource to wood.

In 1978 Dr. M became Deputy Prime Minister and the Prime Minister of Malaysia in July 1981. All the key events took place during his 50 Luck Pillar, in the season of water. 1981 was a year of metal, a resource to Water. Metal in the study of the 10 Gods also represented power and authority.

As far as health was concern, Dr. M had several heart related surgeries. In 1989 he had a coronary artery bypass. 1989 was a earth fire year. In November 2006 he was again admitted to hospital for suffering a mild heart attack. 2006 was a fire earth year.

So, by just a simple understanding the person’s favorite and non favorite element, one can already predict the luck the person goes through in a particular year!