Friday, December 26, 2008

When is an Officer an officer? – Hero or war criminal

Taking a break from my Melbourne holidays, I started looking into a bazidiary email request from a persistent Romanian boxer ‘fan’. From the Wiki about this guy as well as googled news reports on him, I wasn’t too sure if this guy was a hero or war criminal. Anyway, my friend referred to him as ‘his hero’ and recently I was forwarded another case study where the ‘direct officer’ element was in question. The more I dug about this person by the name of Željko Ražnatović (or Arkan as he was known), the more I knew how important the direct officer was in determining the ‘righteousness character’ of this individual.

Here’s his chart. Again, without the birth time, a lot is concealed but the prominent element that I am looking at quite pronounced as his main structure.

For Gui water person, his direct officer element is Wu Earth (Yang Earth). Can you imagine big rocks trying to contain or control myst or rain clouds. Quite difficult isn’t it. Right away, you can see that there’s a problem here if the element isn’t a favorable one. It is important to note because different daymasters have got different ‘affinity’ to different elements, even though their 10 gods relationships are the same. (e.g. A Ding fire is rarely defiant even though the direct officer element is not a favor, as water puts out fire or a Geng metal daymaster REQUIRES the control and discipline of the direct officer ding fire to be able to be ‘useful’ but useful here does not mean ‘cannot be defiant’ as we can see in Mike Tyson’s case). Back to Arkan.

From Wikipedia, you will note that Arkan didn’t have a good child hood and had grown up in a ‘militaristic’ household with frequent beatings from his father. He was also frequently in jail and was involve in quite criminal activities in the 70’s and 80’s (may not necessary be perceive as bad luck) but definitely demonstrate a negative direct officer relationship. (You’ll see that fire (and wood) is NOT Arkan’s favorite element. For the first three 10 years luck pillar, it is all season of fire!

His luck changes when he enters his 35 luck pillar, as metal is a resource to his weak gui water. You’ll note that he begins to build his network of relationships during those periods and gain military strengths and prowess. Infact, Arkan became a popular icon to many Serbs and their enemies!

Arkan was assassinated on 15 January 2000 at 5pm by a police junior brigade member who had ties to the underworld. It was a Ji Mao year, earth wood, both negative elements for Arkan and a Ren You (water monkey) day. The monkey combines/destruct with the snake in Arkan’s day pillar. The fire in the snake and metal in the monkey indicates ‘gun shot’ and the combination creates water (thoughts and ideas). Ren Water (the day itself) is also the ‘robwealth’ element to a Gui daymasters indicating Arkan was probably assassinated by people who knew him or used him probably because he knew too much (water indicating wisdom).

It’s also a reminder that that even though you may be in big 10 year ‘luck’ periods there are dark moments you have to watch out for.

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