Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Thailand new PM – How long will he last?

I’ve been struggling to find a case worthy of discussion or at least provide me the interest to dig a little deeper into the case. While travelling to work this morning, my wife commented on the good looks of the new Thai PM. The first thing that came into my mind was how long would he stay in power? And with the political situation in Thailand, how did he come into power.
Googling though different news reports on ‘Mark’ Vejj as he is known, you will read about his ‘connections’ to powerful people that brought him to power. Not a good start. Next was to plot his bazi chart.

Found his birth date on wiki and proceeded to plot his chart. The first thing that pop out was his day pillar of Jia Shen. Flipping though some notes that I have scribbled while in bazi class, I came across the first thing that I wrote down. “Cut wood…not good in politics.” Ahem, we are talking about the new Prime Minister of Thailand.

Flipping through my database of people I know, the 2 people whom I know very well that have Jia Shen as their day pillars are the most difficult characters to deal with. Mind you, they are quite successful in what they do, but I can tell you straight in the face that I personally would not work with them as they are quite ‘unstable’ up there. But this can’t be true of the new Thai PM. Let’s look at their chart a little closer. Obviously, because I do not have the time of birth, there’s quite a bit of things that will cannot be revealed.

At the branch of the daymaster is the Geng Metal element that represents his 7Killings. On the stem of the month pillar, you’ll see the ever so important Xin metal representing his power or direct officer, which is quite apparent, as it is sitting in the stem. This itself doesn’t abode well with the character of this person. Outwardly righteous, but quite aggressive and cunning on the inside.

Another way to read the month pillar is the people who are close to him and use him (represented by the RobWealth element in the branch) have money (represented by Direct Wealth) and Power (represented by Direct Officer). These people constantly forge his metal (through the ding fire element) so that he can ‘chop wood’ which essentially is what needs to be done to this type of wood person. I can buy this angle, as there are adequate reports from different news sources to support this hypothesis.

On the year pillar, you see his supporters, who also bring money and resource, which is critical to his success.

He was elected as PM on December 15, a Ji Chou day. Essentially, wet earth. Next year is a Ji Chou year. Earth is wealth to a wood person. I can see he’ll be seeing ‘money’ next year. I suspect that would be the primary motivation of his supporters, too! 2008 is a Wu Zi year, earth water, quite a good year for him, especially more in a rat month (december). I guess to a weak wood person, water and earth is important. Water feeds wood, and earth ‘grows’ wood.

Reading his story on Wiki, you’ll see that there were many attempts to get him to power. He boycotted the 2006 elections, which Taksin had won but was later ousted by the army. He lost in 2007. And only when the ruling party was dissolve possibly through political influence, he came into power. He must some powerful people behind him!

2006 was a Bing Xu year. The Dog and Dragon clashed. Dog and Goat forms a punishment structure. Cannot possibly be good for him. 2007 was Ding Hai (fire water) year. Fire is important as it forges metal, but water in the base doesn’t help support fire. Furthermore, his power is represented by the Xin metal and not Geng Metal. Xin metal does like to be forged. Not good either. 2008 is earth rat year. The rat, monkey and dragon forms a water combo and that probably gave his enough water power to become PM.

If you ask me personally, it’s too difficult to sustain this type of luck through the coming years. Then again, you just never know. Maybe he’ll become another Taksin, as he would make a shrewed businessman and a country like Thailand may require that to propel it forward.


Josephine said...


You are getting better and better reading all the politician's chart. :)

DAVID YEK TAK WAI (email:yektakwai@hotmail.com) said...

This is a weak chart.
It is a dead wood to begin with.
Best, to be made as a furniture.
That is why he is good looking.
Authority may not be good to him.
Otherwise he would have been the PM. It takes him pain, just to get into the bandwagon of politics. Possible of being assassinated, if he is careless.

Now, in the JiaZi month, he raised up the pedestal. Why?

On the year pillar, you see his supporters, who also bring money and resource, which is critical to his success.

WuZi year, he is using lots of money to buy influence. Come JiChou, solid earth year, that is where trouble begins.

Look at it at an imagery approach, what is water and earth to a dead wood?

Hope this will add more flavour to the gravy


Chris Chan said...

Excellent analysis guys! The water to the dead wood was where the problem started. Water can't feed dead wood! but if you ask me, looks like a buried coffin! hahahahah...

DAVID YEK TAK WAI (email:yektakwai@hotmail.com) said...

Well said, chris...
Well said...

Look at the BING in Chinese.
Putting a person in a Coffin.

You are getting better in this.

TC said...

Hi, interesting to read your posts. I have a question, does Jia wood sit on top of Shen metal call dead wood no matter which season the person was born? To me, if he was born in in summer season although at the last month of summer. The fire element is still there, so Wood still need water to cool down. If he's born in Thailand then he already has fire naturally unless he's born in country like china which has 4 seasons. The Bing fire combine with Xin metal to form water as his luck pillar and the Wu zi year pillar has water. So this is an advantage to him. Unless he's born in Autumn and not in Fire-full countries.(south east asia countries) where metal is flourishing, then he probably needs metal to trim the wood down.
Also I think he probably has Geng or Xin metal stem in his hour pillar to form the so called Sha-Yin-xuang-shen combination to give him the power to be PM.