Monday, December 22, 2008

Money, money, money...

I was treated to Mamma Mia, the musical a few days ago, and it features Abba songs, one of which is “Money, money, money…. It was the premier night, a charity event, and the who’s who of society was there. I’m a big musical fan and I must say, this was one of the best productions I have seen. But I just don’t fit in with the crowd, no matter how I try.
This morning, my brother emailed me the birth date of Bernard Madoff, the American Jewish businessman that was arrested recently because had created a loss of about US$50Billion in cash and securities though his ponzi investment scheme. Maybe I should look at his Bazi and see what I can dig out of it.

Just a few days ago, one of my business development consultants came to me, and offered me a ‘deal of a lifetime.’ Whatever money you put in, your capital is ‘guaranteed’ and the investment pays you 3% to 5% per MONTH! Hah…I told him, it’s because of all this money creating schemes that ultimately created this global financial meltdown. Too much virtual money! The one thing I learn, if it’s too good to be true, keep your money far far away!

Anyway, back to Bernard’s chart. The first thing after plotting it that caught my attention was he was born on the same day as one of Malaysia’s prominent businessman politician that is seldom in the news today. Here’s the chart.
Xin metal person – showy, attractive, and with the Bing fire of the sun just next to him, definitely a person that can sell you anything! The Bing Fire also represents the Direct Officer in the study of the 10 Gods. By looking at this Direct Officer, you’ll see that It is sitting on the stem and not been rooted (meaning it doesn’t appear in the branches) you should already be a little wary about his appearance of ‘righteousness.’

In the branches, a full season of wood is present – Tiger, Dragon Rabbit. Wood to a metal person is wealth. Money, money, money! (I don’t know his hour pillar or it we could tell so much more about this person!) Since 1999 till 2008 is was in his Gui Hai 10 luck pillar representing Water luck. Water is the resource to wood, the wealth has plenty of suckers out there feeding his wealth element. Furthermore, there is a ‘Hai Mao Wei’ implied in the chart (during his 61 luck pillar), here’s comes the virtual money I was talking about earlier. The Wei or Goat is implied and the prominent element in the Goat is the Ji Earth, which represents the Indirect Resource – Innovative thinking. This innovative thoughts is ‘hidden’ but obviously important in his wealth generating scheme that he is propagating.

The Bing Xin combo in the stem also creates more resource to feed his wealth element. Wah, this guy is good. Lots of hidden innovative ideas but has appearance of sound investment scheme (from the Direct Resource) and that is grounded (reflecting his sound knowledge of the financial market place). From Wikipedia, he was also the former chairman of Nasdaq!
So what ultimately happen? If you understand how a ‘pyramid scheme works’ ultimately the folks at the bottom of the pyramid ‘pays’ for it. The only sure thing about a ponzi scheme, is there is a bust point. From a bazi perspective, it’s difficult to keep the wealth you generate (wood) using yourself (pen knife) to cut it. He should have left it to his peers ‘robwealth’ (Yang Metal) to do the work for him, probably would have faired a lot better.

Take a look at this news report on him.

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