Sunday, December 7, 2008

Landslide Tragedy - the Wood, Water and Earth connection

The Star headline this morning read – Buried Alive. Another landslide tragedy! I wonder when would people learn, or do something, even more so when something similar had happened before.

I had the opportunity to read my bazi classmate’s blog, about interpreting ‘Years of Turbulence.’ Maybe we can look at the time and date of these catastrophes and try looking close at it from a Bazi perspective. I've never really done this before, but maybe there's a few golden lessons from looking at these catastrophes.

I plotted out two charts – one of the Highland Towers tragedy that happened on 11 December 1993 at 1:30pm and the recent landslide tragedy at the same location on 6 December 2008 at 3:30am.

Take a look at the charts on the day of those tragedies. The first was of the most recent landslide tragedy.

The obvious resemblance is both charts are extremely wet – indicating the key culprit – RAIN. In the landslide tragedy, YANG EARTH is also very prominent. Just look at how the earth is arranged, almost as if this took place is a mountainous area where suddenly earth was brought down to ‘earth’ (from the day pillar branch). Looking closer at the branches where ‘Yang Earth’ is present, you see the other elements of water, wood and fire. This could mean it was an emotional (water) day of compassion (wood) where earth had put out the (fire) of life. 4 lives were lost that day.

Another way to see this would be trees (wood) were chopped (by metal) for property (earth) development and money (wood is wealth for metal). Obviously when there’s no wood to hold earth, and when rain(water) is plentiful, landslides happen.

Note: Personally, I've been thinking about 2009 year of wet earth. I'm a water person, and earth contaminate water, thus wood is important. I have wood in my chat, so that helps. Wood is my output, also denotes creativity. So, I guess, creative output (like my blog here) is critical from keeping my emotions from getting muddied! (if there was such a word)

What about the Highland towers tragedy where 48 lives were lost when one of the towers collapsed? The first thing that came to my mind when looking at the chart was the towers were represented by the tall Jia wood (using the same pictorial method as the first landslide case), and you will see the fallen Jia wood on the earth branch in the day pillar. Incidentally, there were 3 towers, and 1 tower actually collapsed. In the hour stem, it is also Wood! (probably indicating the other tower) The fire of the Sun is right on top the fallen wood, again probably indicating lost of lives (as people turn to God, fire of the Sun is also associated to religion etc.)

Why did it happened. Obviously water had a lot to do with it. But you could also see it as overall (usually in the year pillar) development in the area (Xin metal in the year branch) cutting Yi wood in the hour branch (could be represented as ‘clearing small trees’ for earth (property development) ultimately lead to loss of lives. (fire depends on wood as a resource, but when metal chop wood and expose earth that weakens fire, fire is put out).

I've been browsing the bookstore aisles where all the predictions for 2009 is beginning to appear. The one message that is very clear. 2009 is a good (and important year) for wood people as it represents wealth. I do hope my wood people don't take this opportunity to leave me in times of need. They seem to be getting new job offers. :-(

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Josephine said...

Hi, I have posted Bkt Antarabangsa tragedy as well. Then only noticed your post, hope you don't mind. Excellent analysis on the Highland Tower case.
Yes, next year would be a good year for strong wood people but then hopping from job to job are not good for wood people. They need to stay in one place and branch out from there. So if they one to hop to another job it's at their own peril. People come, people go most of the time but tough people stay on. Cheer up. ;-)